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Short:68k and PPC ports of winquake, v0.9
Author:Peter McGavin (p.mcgavin at
Uploader:Peter McGavin (p mcgavin irl cri nz)
Architecture:m68k-amigaos; ppc-warpup
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                            awinquake 0.9                   12 Mar 2000

This archive contains Amiga 68k and PPC ports of winquake, compiled as
directly as possible from ID Software's winquake source code.

On 24th Dec 1999 I learnt that ID Software had released the source
code of winquake, glquake, quakeworld and glquakeworld (on 21st Dec
1999) under GNU Public License (GPL) and made them available by ftp.
So I downloaded them and tried compiling winquake with SAS/C 6.58 for
the Amiga.  This archive represents my results after about 10 evenings
and 4 days.

winquake is well written and extremely portable, so it didn't take
long to get it working on my Amiga by cutting and pasting code from
other projects.  I expect other people are doing better ports, e.g,
Frank Wille and Steffen Haeuser.  However I hadn't seen any legal ones
when I started, and as it didn't take very long to get a base version
running, I thought I'd release what I've done.  If you're doing your
own port, feel free to take source code from mine, but remember
there's no guarantee.

Sorry I haven't even looked at the glquake and quakeworld source code

You can get all the original ID Software quake source from:

Source code of awinquake is necessarily in a separate archive on
Aminet.  The GPL license requires that the source code of all
modifications to Quake is made freely available.

Thanks to John Selck, Niels Froehling and others for the source code
they sent me for inclusion in awinquake, and sorry I haven't done very
much with it yet.


Several versions are provided, all compiled from the same source, but
with different compilers.  They are:

        awinquake:       SAS/C, 68020+
        awinquakeppc:    SAS/C+gcc, PPC, PowerUp or WarpOS+ppclibemu
        awinquakewos:    StormC, PPC, WarpOS
        awinquakevbcc:   vbcc, PPC, WarpOS

Also, Jarmo Laakkonen compiled awinquake with EGCS for WarpOS and
uploaded his version to Aminet as game/shoot/WarpQuake.lha.

All versions are OS-friendly and multitask.

All versions put up an ASL requester for the ScreenMode.

PPC versions use Joseph Fenton's PPC c2p routine from ADoomPPC and
triple buffering in AGA modes.  68k version uses Aki Laukkanen's c2p
routine in AGA modes.

Stereo sound effects are included using either audio.device or AHI.
Also CD audio for music works if you use ClickBoom's AmigaQuake CDROM.
You need cdplayer.library (from Aminet) for this.

Networking for TCP/IP is included.

awinquakeppc is mostly compiled with SAS/C scppc.  However, the
innermost rendering routines are compiled with ppc-amigaos-gcc.  This
results in a small speedup (about 3%) over compiling everything with

My modified source code should still compile for Linux (APUS),
Solaris, Win95, etc, with no changes --- untested.

Speeds up to 42.2 fps have been observed for "timedemo demo2" in
320x200 on a 233 MHz PPC Amiga 3000 with CyberVisionPPC.

I added a -fps option, but see the note below about bus speed before
you believe the numbers you see.


My 68k version is much slower than ClickBoom's commercial version.  I
use my 68k version primarily for debugging.  In fact I don't recommend
the 68k version at all.  Buy Clickboom's version.

No joystick yet, sorry.

Untested code.  Your mileage may vary.


A 68020+ Amiga running at least Kickstart 3.0, with at least about 16
Mb of fastmem.

An FPU is required.

You need either a gfx-card or AGA.  ECS alone is not sufficient.

A TCP/IP stack is required for networking, e.g, AmiTCP or Miami.
An ethernet card is strongly recommended.

I use a stack size of 500000 bytes.  I'm not sure what the minimum
stack size is.  150000 bytes is definitely too small.

An MMU is neither required nor used.

You need the Quake 1 PAK files and other support files from either a
commercial or shareware version of Quake.  Assuming you've already
installed AmigaQuake or a PC version, put awinquake or awinquakeppc in
the same directory as the original quake executable.

For CD audio, you need cdplayer.library from Aminet and an original
Quake CDROM.  The game searches for Clickboom's CDROM --- volume name
"QUAKE".  If your CDROM is labelled differently, you can use the
environment variables quake/scsi_device and quake/scsi_unit instead.
For example:

        setenv quake/scsi_device z3scsi.device
        setenv quake/scsi_unit   5


To enable mouse control, use -mouse.  To leave the mouse pointer
visible, use -mousepointer.

To enable CD32 joypad control, use -joypad.  You must have
lowlevel.library for this.  You need to bind the buttons yourself.
The buttons are located in AUX1 - AUX11.

AUX1  = left
AUX2  = right
AUX3  = up
AUX4  = down
AUX5  = red
AUX6  = green
AUX7  = yellow
AUX8  = blue
AUX9  = play
AUX10 = forward
AUX11 = reverse

Binding example: In Quake console type, BIND AUX5 "+ATTACK".

Thanks to Jarmo Laakkonen for writing the joypad code.


To enable AHI audio, use -ahi, otherwise awinquake uses two 8-bit
audio.device channels by default.  You must also have ahi.library
installed for AHI.  With -ahi, awinquake sends a 16-bit stereo audio
stream to AHI unit 0.

Use AHI prefs to select the AHI driver for unit 0.  If you installed
AHI properly, you can enter "AHI" at a CLI prompt to start AHI prefs.

Unfortunately AHI slows down awinquake quite a lot, especially with
the HiFi stereo++ AHI drivers.


If you get the message "file is not executable" when you start
awinquakeppc, try using runelf, or run another program that uses
ppc.library first.  Also, make sure the executable bit is set in the
file protection mask of awinquakeppc.  If that still fails, try a more
recent version of ppc.library, or use WarpOS + ppclibemu.

Random crashes, especially crashes on exit, may be caused by stack too
small.  Set a large stack, say 500000 bytes, especially if networking.
Use the AmigaOS STACK command to set the stack size before you start
awinquake or awinquakeppc.

The most buggy version is awinquakevbcc.  I suggest using awinquakeppc,
awinquakewos or Jarmo Laakkonen's WarpQuake instead.

There is a -mem option for allocating a different size heap than the
default.  For example, "awinquakeppc -mem 24" starts awinquake with a
24 Megabyte heap.  The default size is 8 Megabytes.  Some Quake
add-ons, such as Malice, require a larger heap.  Also, a larger heap
size reduces disk accesses.  If you are very short of memory, try a
smaller heap, e.g, "awinquakeppc -mem 6".

The game may "stick" for a few seconds every few minutes when the
cdplayer loops.  Sorry, no solution for this yet except -nocdaudio.

If the game reports the wrong bus speed at the start, as could happen
with WarpOS+ppclibemu, then the game will run at the wrong speed and
audio may sound broken up.  Furthermore, all reported times and fps
ratings (e.g, for timedemo demo2) will be wrong.  Override with, e.g
(for 66 MHz bus)

        awinquakeppc -bus 66666667

If the game takes too long to load, try using the AmigaOS ADDBUFFERS
command.  I'm told that changing from FFS to PFS3 is an even faster

The TCP/IP networking code seems to be rather flaky.  I successfully
used it over ethernet with other Amigas running awinquakeppc, other
Amigas running Clickboom's Quake and other PCs running Quake 1.06.
(awinquake is a port of winquake 1.09.)  However, sometimes the server
wasn't seen by the client looking for it.  In that case the solution
is to type in the IP number of the server.  Sometimes I wasn't able to
make a connection at all, or when I made a connection, the players
couldn't move.  Then, when I tried again later, it worked just fine.


On my A3000 + 233MHz PPC + CVisionPPC, the fastest combination is
awinquakeppc with PowerUP.  That's mainly because only awinquakeppc
has some hand-optimised assembly code.  The fastest version with
WarpOS is also awinquakeppc, but you need Frank Wille's ppclibemu for
that.  Jarmo Laakkonen's WarpQuake + WarpOS is nearly as fast with
-wpa8.  WarpQuake's chunkyppc.library support is slower than WarpQuake
-wpa8 on my system.


Another excellent Quake port by Steffen Haeuser, Frank Wille and
others is available from
They have also ported QuakeWorld, and there is a beta of GLQuake using
Warp3D there now too.  Their version is significantly faster than mine
and has more features.  However the version I tested seemed to have
more bugs (incorrectly placed weapon trails, problems loading certain
saved levels, sometimes missing or invisible enemies, etc) and only
has mono sound, but it's getting better all the time.


v0.9   12 Mar 2000

Calculate perspective every 16 pixels, like the x86 version of Quake,
instead of every 8 pixels.  That saves a lot of floating-point divides
and increases the speed of awinquakeppc by nearly 1 fps.

More assembly optimisations for 68k version from John Selck.  68060/50
"timedemo demo2" speed is up to 9.6 fps.

v0.8    3 Mar 2000

Implemented -ahi, stereo 16-bit sound.

More changes to PLL code.  Hopefully bus speed detection right for all
versions of both PowerUP and ppclibemu now.

Used lots of m68k assembly code from John Selck in 680x0 version,
which is up to 9.2 fps for "timedemo demo2" on 68060/50 now.

Miscellaneous speedup optimisations in all versions.

v0.7   19 Feb 2000

I introduced a stupid bug in the math routines at the last minute
before uploading v0.6 that made the player virtually uncontrollable in
awinquakeppc.  Fixed.

v0.6   18 Feb 2000

Many ELF loaders couldn't load awinquakeppc v0.5 because various
global symbols declared in amiga_socket_lib.s and amigacgxtagfns.s had
no type declared.  Goodness knows why it worked in v0.4 and not in
v0.5.  Anyway, added ".type symbol, at function" declarations to those
files and recompiled.  Also added ".size" directives.

Added optimised c2p to 68k version using Aki Laukkanen's
68060-optimised c2p routine from ADoom.

-nocdaudio is no longer required if cdplayer.library fails to open.

More changes to PLL code for calculating bus speed.  Now it seems to
work with ppc.library, but still needs -bus with WarpOS + ppclibemu

Aspect ratio fix accounts for LACE, HIRES and SUPERHIRES in native

Added -directcgx option.  This causes awinquake to render 3D scenes
directly into any gfx-card that supports cybergraphics.  Normally
awinquake renders into fastmem, then copies to the gfx-card with
WritePixelArray8().  On my system, -directcgx is much slower, because
gfx-card VRAM is uncached and Quake renders by bytes (pixels).  Also,
-directcgx flickers like hell, because there is no double-buffering.

Increased the maximum allowable resolution from 1280x1024 to
1600x1280.  Just for fun, try the slow 68k version in a 1600x1280
cybergraphics mode with -directcgx.  You can watch Quake draw
individual polygons.  Turn the 68k caches off for even more
enlightenment as to how Quake works...

Inner loop code of awinquakeppc is now compiled with gcc 2.95.2
instead of gcc, for a slight speed increase.

OS-call cache flushing optimisation tricks with PowerUp speed up
awinquakeppc slightly, hopefully without introducing any bugs.

Wrote some hand-optimised PPC assembly code to speed up awinquakeppc
slightly more.  Currently only awinquakeppc uses assembly
optimisations --- awinquakewos and awinquakevbcc still have none.  I
can't directly use the same assembly code in all versions, because
StormC and VBCC have different static variable access conventions to
SAS/C and gcc.

v0.5   30 Jan 2000

Memory heap was allocated twice.  Oops.  Fixed.  It should use a lot
less memory now.

Added native WarpOS versions awinquakewos and awinquakevbcc compiled
with StormC 4.0 beta and vbcc 0.7 respectively.

Added joypad support code and improved mouse control using Jarmo
Laakkonen's source code.

v0.4    7 Jan 2000

Should work under Kickstart 3.0 now.

Added -mouse and -mousepointer.

awinquakeppc should calculate the correct bus speed on PowerUp now.
WarpOS+ppclibemu still often gets it wrong.

Now writes config.cfg on exit.

Handles slashes and colons in directory names better.

v0.3    4 Jan 2000

Fixed the crash that occurred if you don't have cybergraphics.library

Added -mem parameter.

v0.2   30 Dec 1999

First Aminet release.


Thanks to John Carmack and ID Software for one of the best games ever!

Peter McGavin.  (p.mcgavin at

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