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Short:Exhumed / Powerslave
Author:Lobotomy Software, JonoF, EDuke32 team, port by Szilard Biro
Uploader:col lawrence gmail com (Szilard Biro)
Architecture:m68k-amigaos >= 3.0.0
Kurz:Exhumed / Powerslave
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Destination: The ancient Egyptian city of Karnak. Alien forces possessing
horrifying powers have sealed off the once thriving community from all outside
contact. As a covert operations specialist, you have been trained for all forms
of contingencies. Nothing can prepare you, however, for the nightmare you are
about to enter...

- 68060 processor with FPU
- Kickstart 3.0
- AGA chipset or RTG card
- 16 MB Fast RAM
- 30 MB disk space (+ more for the audio tracks)

Unsupported features:
- multiplayer

Visit this site for links to the full and demo versions:
Both Exhumed and Powerslave are supported, but avoid the public betas of the
Copy the following files into the game's drawer:
- DEMO.VCR (attract mode demo, optional)
- BOOK.MOV (intro movie, optional)
The GOG release of the game doesn't contain BOOK.MOV in an extracted form, only
on game.gog and game.ins which is a renamed bin/cue CD image. As an alternative
you can obtain BOOK.MOV from the Powerslave Demo.
Do not copy SAVEGAMEA.SAV from the DOS version as it's incompatible, and will
cause the game to crash when you try to start a new game or load an existing

If you have completed the original game, check out Return to Ruins, a fan-made
3 maps mini-episode:
Since this replaces the original levels, it's recommended to keep it in a 
separate drawer.

Performance considerations:
FFS is quite slow at seeking in large files which can lead to pauses in-game
when new data has to be loaded from the DAT file. It can be improved by adding
more buffers, but it's recommended to run the game from a PFS or SFS volume.
The texture/sound cache is also sensitive to memory fragmentation, so if you
have 32 MB or less memory, it's best to start the game after a clean reboot.
To enable the framerate counter open the console with [~], type "showfps 1",
then press Enter, and close the console by pressing [~] again.

Vampire V2 users:
If the 060 executable doesn't work, please use the 040 executable.

The game defaults to stereo Paula DMA audio, but AHI is also supported for
sound card users.
For AHI, after the first start open PCEXHUMED.CFG in a text editor, and in the
[Sound Setup] section set FXDevice = 8 and ReverseStereo = 1. The game will
use the Music Unit for sound playback, make sure it's properly configured in
the AHI prefs. To switch back to Paula, change both values back to 0.

For the CD audio tracks PCM WAV files are supported. I recommend 22 KHz
8-bit mono, which is a good balance between sound quality and size. The music
is streamed from memory, so it might not fit if you have less than 32 MB RAM.
Modern releases of the game come with the music tracks in Ogg Vorbis format,
which can be converted to WAV using various tools like FFmpeg, SoX or Audacity.
I have also uploaded a converted WAV music pack to my site:

In-game console:
The original game had very little in the way of settings, so this port relies
mostly on console commands for configuration. The console can be opened with
the Tilde [~] key by default. You can use the PgUp and PgDn keys on the numeric
pad to scroll the text.

Changing resolutions:
To change resolutions, use the "vidmode <xdim> <ydim> <bpp> <fullscreen>"
console command. Only 8 bpp modes are supported.
- "vidmode 320 240" changes the resolution to 320x240
- "vidmode 640 480 8 0" switches to 640x480 windowed mode
- "vidmode 320 200 8 1" switches to 320x200 fullscreen

Keyboard bindings:
You can use the "bind <key> <function>" and "unbind <key>" console commands to
bind keys to various functions. Keep in mind that one function can only have
two keys bound to it, so older binds will be overwritten.
- "bind q jump": makes Q the jump key
- "unbind q": deletes the bind from the Q key
- "bind showkeys": list all the key names
- "bind listsymbols": list all the available functions
- "bind": list all the current key bindings
You can also view and change the key bindings in the [KeyDefinitions] section
of PCEXHUMED.CFG with a text editor.

Keyboard and mouse controls, controllers:
The default keyboard mapping is a mix between the modern style PCExhumed and
original DOS controls, to facilitate both mouse + WASD and keyboard/controller
only  play styles.
To toggle Mouse Aiming, press the [U] key in-game.
To toggle Auto run mode, press the Caps Lock key.
The game also supports 7-button CD32-compatible controllers. It's recommended
to turn off mouse aiming and auto run when playing with the controller or the
keyboard only.

Controller mapping:
For controllers the default button mapping is the following:
- Red: fire
- Blue: strafe
- Double Blue: use inventory item
- Green: run
- Double Green: jump
- Yellow: open
- Double Yellow: crouch
- Play: next inventory item
- Reverse: previous weapon
- Forward: next weapon
- D-pad: movement

The game asks the OS for the best Mode ID for a given resolution, but this
can lead to unexpected results if there are unused monitor drivers in
Devs:Monitors. I recommend putting these away into Storage:Monitors, but if
this is not possible, you can use these tooltypes to force specific modes:
- FORCEMODE: filters the available modes via the mode name. possible values:
- FORCEID: forces a specific mode, the value is a Mode ID in hexadecimal format
Palette #0 is a bright color in Exhumed, so you can end up with bright white
areas outside the game's screen. Depending on the resolution this can be quite
large on RTG if the driver doesn't emulate border blanking.

Windowed mode:
You can play the game in window on high color (15-bit) or better RTG screens.
The game will still render in 8-bit color, the higher color depth is required
to avoid the expensive color remapping necessary on paletted screens. This is
not a issue in fullscreen, as the game can freely change the palette of its
custom screen.
To release the mouse pointer bring up the in-game console. This is bound to
the Tilde [~] key by default. To override which public screen the window opens
on, you can set the "PUBSCREEN" tooltype.

Source code:

Special thanks:
- PowerSlave / Exhumed: Lobotomy Software
- Build Engine: Ken Silverman
- PCExhumed: sirlemonhead, Nuke.YKT, NY00123
- JFBuild, JFAudioLib, JFMACT: JonoF
- EDuke32: the EDuke32 team
- 68030+ assembly: Dante/Oxyron
- 68060 optimizations: Cosmos
- 8-bit C2P routines: Kalms

- the FX device and reverse stereo are now saved in the CFG, so it's possible
  to use AHI
- removed some unused joystick clutter from the CFG

- initial release

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