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Short:MUI based Minesweeper game V1.2
Author:gwhaite at (Geoffrey Whaite)
Uploader:gwhaite accsoft com au (Geoffrey Whaite)
Requires:MUI 3.6, WB 3.0
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MUIMine is a clear the mine field game similar to X-Mines on an
X-Windows machine or Minesweeper on MS-Windows.

The object of the game is to locate and flag all the mines in a
rectangular mine field and to uncover all the unmined cells in
the mine field.

Features of MUIMine include :-

  - Saves the best three times for each difficulty level.
  - Difficulty levels can be set up by the user, new levels
    may be added and existing levels (including the default
    levels) may be deleted or modified as the user wishes.
  - Game graphics are located in external files so they can
    be replaced or modified as the user desires.
  - It's freeware (who'd pay for it anyway ?).

Requirements :-

  - AmigaDOS V3.0 or later
  - MUI V3.6 or later (was deveolped under MUI V3.8 using
                       V3.6 autodocs, may work with earlier

Changes for V1.1 :-

  - Bug Fix. Fixed problem with formatting of the program info requester
    that prevented the translator's credits being displayed. Also
    reorganized the layout of the program info requester and made the
    program description string localized. Thanks to Christian Hattemer
    for the bug report and suggestions here.

  - Improvement. You can now use the right mouse button to uncover all
    the covered neighbors of a cell that has the same number of flagged
    neighbors as mined neighbors. Previously this could only be performed
    by using the SHIFT key with the left mouse button (this method is
    still available). Thanks to Denis Zwornarz for this great suggestion.

  - Improvement. Implemented a "Safe Start" option where the first cell
    uncovered in a game and its neighboring cells are always unmined.
    This option is stored as a tool type (SAFESTART) in the program's
    icon and is selectable via a check marked menu item. Thanks to
    Christian Hattemer for this suggestion.

  - Improvement. The image files used for rendering the various display
    elements of the main window (the mine field, the start button, the
    mines left display and the time taken display) can now be specified
    by tool types and selected from within the program using an image
    select configuration window. This also involved rewriting the bitmap
    handling by the custom class that use them so that the bitmaps may
    be safely changed while the program is running. Also changed code
    that locates the image files so that the program can correctly find
    them when the program directory is not the current directory.

  - Improvement. Now uses the program's icon for the app icon instead of
    the default MUI app icon. This is a direct result of having to load
    the icon to get access to its tool types for configuration data.

Changes for V1.2 (16/1/99) :-

    - Bug Fix. When an unmined cell without mined neighbors is uncovered
      all of its neighbors are automatically uncovered as well and if any
      of those cells has no mined neighbors then its neighbors are
      automatically uncovered as well, etc. This was achieved by calling
      the UncoverCell() function recursively which was very simple and
      worked. However if too large an area is uncovered this way then it
      is possible to overflow the stack causing the program to fail. To
      avoid this problem the uncovering of the unmined neighboring cells
      is achived itteratively instead of recursively allocating buffers
      from global memory instead of using the stack. This is more complex
      than the recursive method but does not cause a stack overflow.
      Thanks to Denis Zwornarz for this bug report.

    - Changed the copyright string to use '(c)' instead of the copyright
      character as this would display an inappropriate character in some

    - Includes the following extra images courtesy of Denis Zwornarz :-

            DigitsImage_DZ          DigitsImage_DZ_Quake
            FaceButtonImage_DZ      FaceButtonImage_DZ_Quake

    - Includes translations for the follwing languages thanks to the ATO :-

                Croation, Czech, Dutch, German, Italian,
                Portuguese, Slovenian

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