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Short:SopoBlock - Cute tiny MiniGL puzzler
Author:Jukka Varsaluoma (tusca at
Uploader:Jukka Varsaluoma (tusca nic fi)
Requires:game/think/SopoBlock.lha; util/libs/lucyplay5.lha
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[ Note from Aminet administrator: released in 2005, as found on the author's ]
[ now defunct website:         ]
[ Original OS3/WarpOS version available in game/think/SopoBlock.lha          ]
[ Install original WOS version, then replace executable with the one from    ]
[ this Archive. Copy lucyplay.l.main to LIBS:                                ]

--[ What it is ]--

SopoBlock is a fun, simple, addictive, cute and fast paced puzzler
that concentrates around removing different coloured blocks from
the playfield.
(Ooh, a completely new and innovative idea.)

Read the feature list, gameplay info and the FAQ for more info.

Check the homepage for screenshots and other cool stuff:

And remember:
I'm not responsible for anything this game causes to your
hardware, software or to your head. Use it at your own risk.
You have been warned.

--[ Features ]--

-Realtime 3d gfx (Warp3D/MiniGL)
-16bit stereo sound (AHI)
-Versions for both 68k and WarpOS
-Joystick support

--[ Distribution ]--

Please note!

SopoBlock is basically freeware, but for permission to include it on any
software collection (other than Aminet) _OR COVERCD_, please contact the author.
Also the archive must remain unchanged.

And if you like this little game, please send me some feedback
(via email or using the form at the website)

--[ Requirements ]--

Amiga with at least 68040 (PPC is supported via WarpOS) or compatible
Working Warp3D installation
Working AHI installation
Lucyplay.library by Oliver Gantert (version 4.0 included)

In theory it should run on AmigaOS4, but it needs Warp3D.
Please inform me if it works!

The game should also run on other compatible platforms/under emulation
with right setup (MorphOS, WinUAE).

--[ Usage ]--

The game can be started from icon, they are just simple scripts, open
them to an editor to modify the screen/window size or other options.

You can also start the sopoBlock from shell, there are two executables,
SopoBlock68k and SopoBlockWOS, both have same options:

-joy           Activates the joystick support.

-forcejoy      Try this if -joy displays an error message.

-width xxx     Width of the screen or window. (default: 640)

-height yyy    Height of the screen or window. (default: 480)

-window        Run the game in a window. (default: screen)

-vsync         Turns on the vertical synch. (default: off)

-16bit         15bit or 16bit screendepth. (default: 15bit)

-double        Double or triple buffering. (default: triple)

Start the game from the same directory where the "dada"-directory is located,
also some stack could be necessary.

--[ Gameplay ]--

You can choose to play with three, four of five colors.
With three colors the game is faster, but it's easier to remove the
blocks. With more colors it's harder to get rid of the blocks, but the
game is little slower and you get more points from removing the blocks.

Move that greenish thingy around the playfield and pick up different coloured
blocks and put them down so that 4 or more blocks of the same color touch
each other, so that they will disappear. More blocks you remove in a single
more points you get.

When carrying a block, you can only move in squares that are empty.

If you don't move block in a some time it will become darker. After it's
completely black, you can't pick it up anymore or even move over it.
There are two ways to revive blocks before they go completely black, by
picking them up or making block beside them disappear to "wake them up".

You can also pick up a bomb, that will explode right after you drop it.
When bomb explodes it will explode all other bombs and destroy all blocks
(also completely darkened ones) within it's range.

The game ends when the are too many darkened blocks in the playfield.
There is an indicator that tells when that happens. Right below the score
display there is a meter, when it's full, it's game over, man.
Remember that by removing the darkened blocks with bombs, the meter goes down.

(That sounded far too confusing. Try to play the game, it's much simplier
 than you might think after reading that mumbojambo...)


esc     - quit
g       - takes a screengrab
          (goes to ram: and is named "screenshotN.ppm", where N goes from 0 to

Keys at the numpad (8,4,6,2) and direction keys
(and joystick, if activated)                    - directions
Numpad (5) or space (of firebutton)             - picks up / puts down a block

--[ Bugs ]--

There was not really much game testing, so maybe there are few.
Please report the bad ones.

--[ FAQ ]--

Q: Joystick does not work!
A: Tried the -joy -option?

Q: It still does not work!
A: Try with -forcejoy -option.

Q: The screen flickers!
A: Try the -vsync -option.

Q: Why does the game crash?
A: Make sure the Warp3D works. (Do other Warp3D/MiniGL-programs work?)
   Make sure there is enough gfx-mem free.
   Increasing stack might also help(?)

   There really can be hundreds of reasons.

Q: Why is it so slow on my machine?
A: Make sure the Warp3D works.
   Make sure there is enough gfx-mem free.

   In a smaller screen/window it also runs faster.
   (Note also that fullscreen is faster that window.)

   The 68k version is slow on my machine (68040/25) when there are many
   blocks at the playfield.

Q: The game is too fast! What should I do?
A: There aren't anymore anything like the -delay -option, that
   was on previous games, because the game should now have a
   "maximum" speed. But if the game really is unplayably fast
   try to enable the vsynch with -vsynch -option, and if that does
   not help, contact me.

Q: There is a bug, only one sample plays at the time!
A: That's not a bug, at the moment Lucyplay doesn't support more channels.
   Maybe I should use AHI directly in the future...

Q: Why the gfx/sfx is crap?
A: Don't complain, it's free!

Q: What's with the name again? "SopoBlock"!?
A: Well, it didn't give any hits on Google.
   (Once again, "sopo" if a Finnish word with some dots removed.)

Q: Seems that this game (too) could have been just easily done in 2d?
A: Umm, next question please.

Q: What about version for AmigaOS4?
A: If this runs properly emulated, there no need. But possible future projects
   should have also OS4 native version, after OS4 comes out to BPPC or if I
   get A1 someday.

Q: What took you so long with this game?
A: This game has been basically ready since summer 2004, only some gfx and sfx
   were missing, but I was too busy to finish it before now.
   And I had to left out some good ideas to get the game done at all.
   (Sigh, just think about it: s***load of different bonuses, proper levels,
   camera angles, 3d effects, option to use more complex gfx, animated
   simultaneous two (or more!) player game etc...)

Q: And where is that WightFight, that was supposed to be ready "soon",
   about a year ago? When is it coming out?
A: Ahem, maybe never. The code is outdated, messy and buggy. And the game
   needs much more work to be playable.

Q: So, what are you doing next?
A: So many wonderful ideas, so little time (and motivation).
   Maybe I'll finish that damn WightFight. But I think I'll go on with that
   other project, called "Metallurgy", or AlyBox2 or better version of
   SopoBlock or something...

   But don't hold your breath, it might take quite long before anything comes

Q: Wow, I surely like what you are doing, is there anything I can do to help?
A: What are you waiting for? Send that feedback! Or donation!

--[ Donate ]--

If you have any extra money, please send that to victims of tsunami in Asia
via proper organizations.

After doing that, if you still have some coins lying at the bottom of your
and you want to see a wide smile on a starving students face, send me a small
I'll send a slightly improved version of d3GNOP and a tiny game "I, Meteor" to
donater who is crazy enough to send me anything. :)

Check the website for more info:

--[ Thanks to ]--

Jari Varsaluoma
Ina-Maria Repo
And to everyone who sent or is about to send feedback or donations

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[generic]                83414  183524  45.5% -lh5- 8b36 Jun 23  2005 SopoBlockOS4
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