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Short:The Best Tetris-clone around !!!
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Note: This documentation is included in the package

                          The Last Tetris v1.0(PAL)
                         (c) 1993 by Fredrik Lidberg

Due to the fact that I have never liked any of the Tetris-clones made for
the Amiga, I started coding my very own Tetris sometime in May 93 and it
is now, 23/7 1993, completed.

The Last Tetris is programmed in Assembler (of course) and everything is
nicely done (as nice as possible). It has been developed on an Amiga500+
(kick2.0) with 1MByte Chip and 2MByte Fast, it has also been tested on

There should be no problem running it on any Amiga-computer ranging
from A500 to A4000, on any 680x0-processor. If you however should have
some problems, please let me know.

The program will take over the System completely when it is run, but
it will give it back when you quit the game (no need to reboot).

Hiscores will be saved in the S: -directory in the file 

Enough memory to be run. (ca 300 KBytes)

The Last Tetris doesn't need any special kind of installation, but remember
that the hiscores are placed in the S: -directory.

No hiscore-file is included in this package, since you would never beat my
hiscores :)

To reset the hiscores just delete the hiscore-file 'TheLastTetris.hiscore'. 

STARTING The Last Tetris :
It can be started from CLI or Workbench (using it's icon)
without any problems.

HOW IS The Last Tetris PLAYED:
The purpose is to move the falling blocks around and to place them so
that full rows are made, making these full rows to vanish.

The following keys are used (always visible on the game-screen):

cursor-left    = moves block left
cursor-right   = moves block right
cursor-up      = rotates block
space          = moves block down

L              = rotates the level from 1-9 and then back to 1
N              = toggles NEXT on/off
P              = start playing the game, 
                 or toggle pause on/off when playing
Esc            = Quit the game,
                 when playing you will come back to the introduction-screens
                 when at the introduction-screens you will get back to the
                 system (Workbench or CLI).

Pressing the blocks down (using space) will give the following scores for
every down-movement. If NEXT is ON these scores are subtracted with 2 p.

level 1:       3 p
      2,3:     4 p
      4,5:     5 p
      6,7:     6 p
      8,9:     7 p

completing X number of full rows with one block:

1 row:        50 p
2 rows:      100 p
3 rows:      200 p
4 rows:      400 p    

There are no known bugs.

The Last Tetris is Cardware, meaning that if you like the game and copy it
you should send me a postcard, that way you can also tell me about bugs
you find, things you want changed, added or whatever.

Every response I get will encourage me to code a new game and/or improve
The Last Tetris in the ways you want.

The Last Tetris is copyright of Fredrik Lidberg 1993 and it may be
distributed as long as all of its files are included in their original
form without additions, deletions, or modifications of any kind, and only
a nominal fee is charged for its distribution.

Files included in this package:

TheLastTetris                 297564    bytes              3482    bytes
TheLastTetris.doc               4892    bytes           580    bytes

This software is provided "AS IS" without warranty of any kind, either
expressed or implied. By using The Last Tetris, you agree
to accept the entire risk as to the quality and performance of the program.
I take no responsability for any damages this program will make to
you, your family, your work, your computer or whatever.

If you have any suggestions, find any bugs or just like the program
tell me, on the back of a postcard (preferably):

Address:  Fredrik Lidberg
          Studentvagen 16:47
          752 34 Uppsala

e-mail:   t91fli at

I'm currently doing my military service, so I don't know if I get to
keep my e-mail-address. Besides I won't have much time reading e-mail.
Hopefully I will have enough time to code some new things for all you
Amigans out there.

Thanks, in advance, for all those lovely postcards all of you :)
are gonna send me.

And a big THANKS to  Frans 'Otis' Bouma  from InfoCorner for letting me use
his music (mod.sunnory), which is the theme-music.

And I also hope Ronny Selnes (I hope that's your name) doesn't mind that I
use his music (mod.peak flow) as the hiscore-music. Thanks.

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[generic]               101402  297564  34.1% -lh5- e045 Jul 23  1993 TheLastTetris
[generic]                 2227    4892  45.5% -lh5- 00af Jul 23  1993 TheLastTetris.doc
[generic]                  367     580  63.3% -lh5- 16e6 Jul 23  1993
[generic]                  325    3482   9.3% -lh5- c722 Jul 23  1993
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