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Short:LCD game conversion
Author:anbjorn.myren at (Anbjorn Myren)
Uploader:anbjorn myren gmail com (Anbjorn Myren)
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v1.5  - TimeDemo mode added.
v1.46 - Corrected strap-cut point calculation error. 
		Speed adjustments. Adjusted barrel and beam rates.
        Display the time when Not playing.
        Using dedicated audio channels 5-8 for all samples. 
		Added shortcut "F" to toggle window border.		
v1.45 - Fixed a timerissue for beams movements. Added resumetimers if
		un-pausing via Game A/B buttons.
        Beam "supermove" added. Classic scoring mode added.
v1.44 - Fixed a bug in the touch buttons.
v1.43 - Changed the beam moving routine so that it moves just after 
        barrels. Changed Mario jump just before beams movement
v1.42 - Mario speed adjustent, removed redundant waitstates
v1.41 - Many speed adjustments to match the original game. 
        Beam rates for Game A and Game B changed. 
	    Keyboard repeat rate adjusted to match press&hold speed. 
		Barrel at thrird position not removed after cutting straps.
		Extra life at 300 points when you have no misses. 
		ACL button now optionally clears highscores.
v1.3 - Fix to avoid Mario getting hit while in air, changes to avoid
       two barrel in a row. 
v1.2 - Various changes to be more true to the original game. 
       Improved sounds, CHANCEMODE etc, read below for more info. 
v1.1 - Changed score display refresh. Icon file changed.
v1.0 - First aminet release

Donkey Kong is a remake of a LCD game in the Game&Watch seriers made
by Nintendo. 
The pupose of the game is to free the girl that have been captured by
Donkey Kong. To acheive this Mario must jump barrels and avoid
the beams until he reaches the upper level. Here Mario must activate
the crane and jump and grab the hook at the right position.
Then Mario will grab one of the the four straps holding the platform 
where the Donkey Kong is standing. When all four straps are loose, the
Donkey Kong will fall down and Mario will earn the girls affection.

For controlling the player, use the onscreen buttons or keyboard if 
1 = Start Game A
2 = start Game B
M = Toggle Mute
P = Pause/About
LEFT or A = Left
RIGHT or D = Right
UP or W = Up
DOWN or S = Down
SPACE or J = Jump
C = ACL (display all sprites on screen and prompt to clear scores)
F = Turn on/off window border.
G&W logo = This will toggle the classic scoring mode.
(which makes the score go to zero after 999 point)

Game B is a bit more challenging than Game A, with more barrels on 
screen and more frequent beams.

Just unpack the archive to any location and run it.
Note that the supplied icons are png icons.

68020 CPU and, gfx card and 20MB free RAM. The game is made with 
Hollywood, so an accelerated Amiga is recommended. 
For MorphOS, AmigaOS4 or Arosx86 computers, the requirements should be
met for most setups.
It is possible to scale the game window to your wish, but keep in mind
that scaling might slow down the game. If this happens, I recommend to
quit and relaunch the game, and then leave the window as is.

How to play:
To start the game, select game type by pressing the A or B button.
Press jump key/button to show the player, or the player will apear
after 8 seconds.
When the game is running, you will use the direction keys to 
move the player. The jump key is used to avoid the barrels or to catch
the hook.
The barrels can only be passed by jumping at specific places, or they
can be passed in the ladder. Follow the path to the upper ledge, 
then press LEFT to activate the crane. If one is fast, the crane hook
can be reached imidiately after activating the crane, or one can wait
until the hook takes one more swing before it deactivates. Press JUMP
to go for the hook. 
Mario will then return back to the startposition.

The button labeled TIME is used to Pause the game if running. If the
game is not running, the About window will be shown.
The tiny Alarm button will toggle the sound on/off.
The button labeled ACL will show all available sprites on screen for a 
short time.
The About/Pause button will display the About screen if the game is not
There is a hidden button in the area where HighScore A is shown. 
Clicking it will hide / show the highscores.

Rules of the game:
Running into a barrel, or standing in the way of a moving barrel will
cause a lost life. Jumping into a beam, or walking past a beam will
also take one life. Falling off the upper ledge, or jumping without 
hitting the hook will cause one life lost.
After a miss, press the jump button or wait 8 seconds before Mario
apears automaticly at the startposition.
At 300 points one extra life is given. If you have no misses at 300
points, the CHANCE TIME mode will be activated. The score will start to
blink and the earned score will be doubled until next miss.
If one manage to reach 999, 1999 or 2999 points, one extra life is 
earned. Maximum are 4 lives. (this does not apply for classic mode)

Jumping a barrel in the lowest area gives 1 point, jumping a barrel at 
the path above gives 2 points.
Grabbing the hook at the upper screen will give between 20 to 5 points. 
When all 4 straps are removed, the gorilla falls is 20 more points.

Thanks to Luca 'MADrigal' Antignano ( for
letting me use his soundsamples in the game.
And thanks to Jethro Percento for betatesting.

This game is released for free for the Amiga/Win/MacOS. 
Android version available at request for anyone who purchase and give
a fair rating for any of my other google play releases. 
(Search google play with keyword amy66dev)

Any feedback would also be welcome.

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