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Short:Textures for Imagine3.FP
Author:Michael Rivers
Uploader:Joop vandeWege Medew ENTO WAU NL
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What follows is the doc which is included with the archive:

           June 30,1994

  Alpha, SetAttrb, Flicker, FogMap & BumpBuffer textures
   copyright 1994, Michael Rivers

         ShareWare fee: $5(US) or more

  Send Money/Suggestions to:
     Michael Rivers
     4302 Wisconsin Court
     Tampa, Fl, USA, 33616  

  I can be E-mailed at
     mrivers at

These textures require the Amiga floating point
version of Imagine 3 (Impulse).

This textures are freely distributable 
as long as the following criteria are met:

1. All the following files are in the archive:

2. No fee is charged by a non-profit distributer
   except media & mail fees and the reciever pays
   the shareware fee.
        -- or --
   (with my permission)
   Or the distributer pays a "bulk" shareware fee
   of my determination, and may distribute it with
   a commercial or non-commercial package, and 
   reciever is not required to pay the shareware fee.

Alpha Texture (v1.1)
  History: 1.0 initial release.
           1.1 astetical fixes.
               (the numbers indicating which entry
                is valid for each operation were wrong) 
           1.5 Now works with Bumps. And allows simple
               restoring of attributes.

Type: Color, Filter, Reflection, Fog, Bump.

Multi-Operation texture/brush composition texture.


Operation:      Operations this instance of the texture will do: 0 will
                save all the current attributes of the object into a
                buffer, 1 will composite two buffers, 2 will do tinting
                and shading, 3 will simply restore a buffer(no compositing)
                to the object

Valid Entries for Operation 0 (Save):

Buffer A(0-9):  This is the buffer number in which the objects
                color,filter,reflectivity etc are to be saved.

Valid Entries for Operation 1 (Compose)
Buffer A & B(-1,0-9):   these are the numbers of the Buffers to composite.
                        -1 means to use the current color,filter, etc.

Mix Amount(0-1):        this affects how transparent Alpha Buffer A is,
                        0 is completely opaic, and 1 is completely

AlphaChan(-1,0-9):      This specifies which buffer to use as a 
                        alpha-stencil, use -1 to use the current
                        color of the object 

Alpha Strength(0-1):    This specifies the strength of the AlphaChan,
                        at 0 the transparency level is taken from
                        Mix Amount, 1 will take the transparency
                        level from the AlphaChan (keying off the
                        the average of R,G,& B of the stencil).
                        Intermediate values will mix the two.  
Color Alphas:
  Red Alpha     | These are similar to Alpha Strength but key or the red,
  Green Alpha   | green, or blue of the stencil, and the results only
  Blue Alpha    | modify the red, green, or blue.

Attributes:       what attributes the texture will affect.  the values
                  may be added together to modify multiple attributes.
                  ex: for color and filter would = 5.   

Valid Entries for Operation 2 (Tint and Shade):

Buffer A:       Which buffer to modify. -1 will use current colors
                of object.

Buffer B:       Which buffer will be used for the tint/shade map.
                -1 will use current colors of object.

Mix Amount:     How strong the tint/shade map is. a value of 1 will give
                results as follows:

                 Buffer A             Buffer B           result
                   red                 white         =    white   
                   red            grey(128,128,128)  =     red
                   red                 black         =    black  

                lower values will have less pronounced effects.

Valid Entries for Operation 3 (Restore buffer):

Buffer A:       Which objects attributes to place on the object.
                valid values 0-9

Attributes:     Which Attributes to apply to the object from the buffer
                for multiple attributes add the attributes values together

Example Attribute lists

This will composite the checks and fireball textures 50/50:

  Checks  - default settings
  Alpha   - Operation 0, Buffer A 0
  Fireball- default settings 
  Alpha   - Operation 0, Buffer A 1
  Alpha   - Operation 1, Buffer A 0, Buffer B 1, Mix Amount .5,

  Checks  - default settings
  Alpha   - Operation 0, Buffer A 0
  Fireball- default settings 
  Alpha   - Operation 1, Buffer A 0, Buffer B -1, Mix Amount .5,

This is how a stencil can be used:

  Checks  - default settings
  Alpha   - Operation 0, Buffer A 0
  Fireball- default settings 
  Alpha   - Operation 0, Buffer A 1
  A brushmap with various shades of grey, used for stencil.
  Alpha   - Operation 1, Buffer A 0, Buffer B 1, Alpha Chan -1,
            Alpha Strength=1, Attributes=1

Composing textures with bumpy attributes is more difficult:

  BumpBuffer - Operation=0, Buffer=0
  Leather    - default settings
  Alpha      - Operation=0, BufferA=0
  BumpBuffer - Operation=1, Buffer=0
  SetAttrib  - Set Color as you prefer
               (bathtile.itx uses the color already on the object
                for the color of the tiles, so this texture is
                used to change the object color,refl... so previous
                textures won't show through the bathtile)  
  BathTiles  - rotate axis on X 90 degrees
  Alpha      - Operation=0, BufferA=1
  (insert a greyscale picture or texture for the alpha channel here)
  Alpha      - Operation=1, BufferA=0, BufferB=1, AlphaChan=-1,
               Alpha Strength=1, Attributes=9 (Color+Bumps,1+8)

SetAttributes texture

this texture allows you to set certain attributes of an object. It was
created because many of Impulse's textures (like wood) use the
color,filter, refl, etc values already on the object, which makes the alpha
texture difficult to use.

FogMap texture

History: 1.0 original
         1.1 the fog len is now scaled when the object is scaled(sized).

takes the color of the object to determine the fog length

Black Fog Length : Fog length where the object is black
White Fog Length : Fog Lenght whare the object is white

Note: The objects Fog Length must be non-zero in order for
      this texture to work

Flicker Texture

this texture causes the objects attributes to flicker
between those already on the object and the attributes
specified in this requester.

the foglen value of this texture will have no effect
unless the objects foglen is greater than 0

BumpBuffer Texture

this texture is used to save and restore the bumps of
an object.  It is required when using the Alpha texture
to composite bumps this is because bumpy textures modify
the bumpiness of the object, so if a bump is already their
it may make it more bumpy, or even flatten out the bump.
thus,this texture can be stuck in the texture/brushmap at
priority 1 to save the bumpiness of the object(or the
flattness in this case), a bumpy texture can be placed at
priority 2, anf finallt this texture can again be applied
at priority 3 to restore the flattness of the object.
Although the Alpha texture itself can be used for this
purpose, this texture was created to reduce confusion
in the texture/brushmap list.

Operation: what this instance of the texture does.

Buffer: which buffer to store or restore the bump.

Contents of gfx/3d/AlphaTexture.lha
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[generic]                 3207    5540  57.9% -lh5- 8fb9 Aug 11  1994 Alpha.itx.040
[generic]                  276     491  56.2% -lh5- 0ff8 Aug 11  1994
[generic]                  486    1000  48.6% -lh5- f550 Aug  7  1994 BumpBuffer.itx
[generic]                  281     491  57.2% -lh5- 262f Aug  7  1994
[generic]                 1261    2388  52.8% -lh5- 4e22 Jul  4  1994 Flicker.itx
[generic]                  279     491  56.8% -lh5- d2b1 Aug  7  1994
[generic]                  465     964  48.2% -lh5- feec Aug  7  1994 FogMap.itx
[generic]                  280     491  57.0% -lh5- 9610 Aug  7  1994
[generic]                  570    1264  45.1% -lh5- 2561 Jun 30  1994 SetAttrb.itx
[generic]                  281     491  57.2% -lh5- be4c Aug  7  1994
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