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Short:IFF/ANIM-format Animation Player v1.3
Author:p.mcgavin at
Uploader:p mcgavin irl cri nz
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        CYBERANIM IFF/ANIM-format Animation Player v1.3	       9 Sep 1997

This program plays IFF ANIM3/5/7/8-format bitmapped animation files on
any Amiga+GfxCard with OS3.0 or higher and CyberGraphX V2.18 (40.89)
or higher.

In general, it can play any IFF ANIM3/5/7/8-format animation in a
different screen mode than intended.  It is most useful for playing
AGA 256-colour animations on an ECS Amiga with a gfx-card.

The files in this archive may be distributed anywhere provided they are
unmodified and are not sold for profit.

Ownership and copyright of all files remains with the author:

    Peter McGavin, 86 Totara Crescent, Lower Hutt, New Zealand.
    e-mail: p.mcgavin at


Uses an Intuition-friendly Screen.  You can flip it to the back with
left-Amiga M, while an animation is playing.

Plays either from ram or directly from disk.  Falls back to disk play
when not enough ram is available.

Uses an ASL ScreenMode requester.

Supports Extra-Half-Brite (EHB) animations.

Uses a double-height Screen and ScrollVPort() for double-buffering.
Dragging the Screen up and down (left Amiga left mouse button drag)
will reveal both buffers.  Note that this method of double-buffering
mightn't work properly before CyberGraphX V2.18 (40.89).  Make sure
you have an up to date version of CyberGraphX or you might see only
every second frame.

Optionally uses ChangeScreenBuffer() for double-buffering in
non-CyberGraphX modes.

Renders to fastmem bitplanes, then blits to the Screen using gfx-card
friendly BltBitMapRastPort().  Blits only the parts of each frame that
changed since the previous frame (actually the 2nd-previous frame).

Runs from either icon or shell.  Uses icon tooltypes for options (i.e,
WorkBench Icons/Information... menu item).

Playback speed can be controlled with F-keys.

Optionally loops animations without loop frames with no garbage or

Source code is included, so if something doesn't work you can fix it.


Does not support HAM or HAM8 in CyberGraphX modes (although they can
be played in the wrong colours).

Double-buffering is not synchronised with the gfx-card video beam in
CyberGraphX modes.  There seems to be no supported way of doing this.
My experiments seem to indicate that WaitTOF() still uses the native
chipset vblank, which is out of step with the gfx-card vblank.  If
flicker is a problem, as it is with certain animations on my GVP
Spectrum gfx-card, try using the WAITTOF option or try "setenv
CYBERGRAPHICS/CPUP2C 1".  However these will slow down animations and
other graphics operations.

Palette changes are not synchronised with the CyberGraphX video beam
either, so animations with palette changes may flicker too.

CYBERANIM doesn't cope with all anim7/8-format files, e.g, if the
first frame is a DLTA chunk instead of a BODY chunk.  CYBERANIM
expects anim7/8-format files to have a width that is a multiple of 32

CYBERANIM does not support masks, colour ranges or sound.  CYBERANIM
ignores unrecognised IFF chunks.

CYBERANIM doesn't seem to work properly for all AnimBrush animations.

Some corrupt anim files may crash CYBERANIM (although most won't).

Contents of gfx/show/CyberAnim13.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                  269     628  42.8% -lh5- 31b4 Sep  8  1996
[generic]                24943   45188  55.2% -lh5- f4a5 Sep  8  1997 CyberAnim/CyberAnim
[generic]                 4122    9402  43.8% -lh5- 5646 Sep  8  1997 CyberAnim/CyberAnim.doc
[generic]                  205     463  44.3% -lh5- de6c Sep  7  1996 CyberAnim/
[generic]                  299     615  48.6% -lh5- 9f29 May 31  1997 CyberAnim/
[generic]                 1620    3255  49.8% -lh5- 8009 Sep  8  1997 CyberAnim/CyberAnim13.readme
[generic]                17515   70051  25.0% -lh5- 0fd4 Sep  8  1997 CyberAnim/src/CyberAnim.c
[generic]                  292    1077  27.1% -lh5- d7be Apr 12  1997 CyberAnim/src/CyberAnim.h
[generic]                  100     334  29.9% -lh5- 2c76 Nov 19  1994 CyberAnim/src/math64.h
[generic]                  271     832  32.6% -lh5- 711d Nov 15  1994 CyberAnim/src/math64.s
[generic]                  396     908  43.6% -lh5- 78c8 Sep  8  1997 CyberAnim/src/smakefile
[generic]                  298    3223   9.2% -lh5- d8d6 Sep  8  1997 CyberAnim/src/unpack.h
[generic]                 2804   35512   7.9% -lh5- 2328 Sep  8  1997 CyberAnim/src/unpack.s
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total        13 files   53134  171488  31.0%            Sep  9  1997

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