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Short:Flash (SWF) format IBrowse plugin v.1.61
Author:72207.463 at (Mike Steed)
Uploader:72207 463 compuserve com (Mike Steed)
Requires:68020+; IBrowse 2.4+
Architecture:m68k-amigaos >= 3.0.0
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FlashPlayer is a player for Adobe's "flash" interactive animation format,
also known as SWF. The flash format was originally invented as a very
bandwidth-efficient means for delivering animation across the Internet.
It has since grown into an interactive presentation format, complete with
its own scripting language.

Like most flash animation players for the Amiga, FlashPlayer is based on
the open-source SWF library by Olivier Debon. FlashPlayer has made many
improvements to the original SWF library, and has integrated it into an
IBrowse plugin. However, despite the improvements, FlashPlayer still
suffers many of the limitations of the SWF library, including limited or
missing support for many of the newer additions to the flash format.

This is the IBrowse plugin version of FlashPlayer. It works with IBrowse
2.4 or later to allow flash animations to be viewed as part of a web page.
A standalone version of FlashPlayer is also available; it is capable of
playing flash animations without the need for IBrowse.

The source code for both the FlashPlayer plugin and the modified SWF
library are available in a separate archive, FlashPlayerSrc.lha.


- Fairly complete support for Flash 1 through Flash 3 formats

  Most of these older animations will play pretty much as intended.

- Limited support for Flash 4 and up

  Does not support scripting, so while it will not malfunction when
  presented with a newer animation, it may not play it as intended. Newer
  animations may play just fine, however, if they don't use any of the
  unsupported features (I've seen Flash 8 and Flash 9 animations that work
  fine with FlashPlayer).

- Fully integrated with IBrowse

  Flash animations appear as part of the web page, and can interact with
  the browser as well as the user to load other animations, visit other
  pages, and even execute Javascript.

- Uses render.library and guigfx.library (included) for best image quality

  Plugins don't have access to the IBrowse rendering engine so, like the
  standalone FlashPlayer, the plugin uses these two libraries for its
  graphics output. This allows it to fully support any screen mode that
  IBrowse itself supports, including OCS, ECS, AGA, CyberGraphics, and
  Picasso 96. Uses dithering for improved display quality on color-mapped

- Uses AHI for flexible audio output

  Plays sound on any hardware for which AHI has a driver. Supports 16-bit

- Built-in decoding of MP3 sounds

  Contains an integrated version of the open-source MAD MP3 decoder; does
  not require mpega.library or other external decoder.

- Support for alternate hardware platforms

  Because it does not depend on native Amiga hardware for graphics or
  sound, the FlashPlayer plugin works with Amiga emulators and with the
  latest Amiga hardware.

- Configurable, for maximum flexibility

  Uses tooltypes to configure its operation (set the playback quality,
  enable or disable sound, streaming sound, and looping, adjust the sound
  buffer size, and set the diagnostic output level).

New for version 1.61:

- This is an interim release that fixes a bug that caused the plugin to
  crash when loading a small number of flash files under OS4. There was
  no problem under OS3.

- The plugin was compiled with optimization enabled, after it was
  inadvertently left off for version 1.6.

- There is no corresponding version of the standalone FlashPlayer, as it
  has neither of these problems.


- Does not support many of the newer additions to the flash format

  Chief among these is the scripting language first added to Flash 4, and
  extended in newer flash versions. Some animations depend on scripting and
  will not run without it, while others use it only as an enhancement, and
  can still be viewed to some extent even without scripting support.

- Limitations in the IBrowse plugin API

  As one of the first plugins for IBrowse, the FlashPlayer plugin uncovered
  some bugs and limitations in the IBrowse plugin interface. These will be
  addressed in future versions of IBrowse, but IBrowse 2.4 users will need
  to keep them in mind. Details are included in the documentation.

- Resource-intensive

  While the flash files themselves can be small, decoding and presenting
  them requires lots of memory and lots of processor cycles. This is in
  addition to the cycles that IBrowse itself needs to download and present
  the rest of the web page. A fairly high-end system is required to make
  practical use of the plugin, and even a 68060 is unable to play most
  animations at their intended speed (or to play streaming sound without

- No printing

  The IBrowse plugin interface does not currently support printing, so
  printing (via Postscript) a web page with a flash animation will result
  in blank space where the animation is supposed to be.


The FlashPlayer plugin requires at least version 2.4 of IBrowse (earlier
versions do not have an operational plugin interface).

As does IBrowse, the FlashPlayer plugin requires at least AmigaOS 3.0, and
a 68020 or better processor. The FlashPlayer plugin requires an FPU, and
guigfx.library and render.library (both included). It makes use of, but does
not require, AHI.

The FlashPlayer plugin is not available for the PowerPC, as I don't have a
PPC system to develop it on; however it runs under emulation on AmigaOS 4.


Mike Steed
72207.463 at

SWF library written by Olivier Debon; modified by Mike Steed

Contents of gfx/show/FlashPlayerPlugin.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[unknown]                 1854    2762  67.1% -lh5- 1d0f Feb 26 14:34
[unknown]                 7014   17992  39.0% -lh5- 4902 Feb 27  2000 FlashPlayerPlugin/copying
[unknown]                16501   44857  36.8% -lh5- d537 Feb 26 14:53 FlashPlayerPlugin/
[unknown]                 1978    2414  81.9% -lh5- 54a3 Oct 24  2009 FlashPlayerPlugin/
[unknown]                 1859    2762  67.3% -lh5- a32d Nov  9  2008 FlashPlayerPlugin/
[unknown]                22862   41956  54.5% -lh5- 6778 Sep 11  2002 FlashPlayerPlugin/Libraries/guigfx.library_68040
[unknown]                22896   41960  54.6% -lh5- a791 Sep 11  2002 FlashPlayerPlugin/Libraries/guigfx.library_68060
[unknown]                22861   41928  54.5% -lh5- 7165 Sep 11  2002 FlashPlayerPlugin/Libraries/guigfx.library_FPU
[unknown]                23487   52452  44.8% -lh5- 6413 May 24  1999 FlashPlayerPlugin/Libraries/render.library
[unknown]                23390   52244  44.8% -lh5- fdc8 May 24  1999 FlashPlayerPlugin/Libraries/render.library_68040
[unknown]                23362   52436  44.6% -lh5- 8419 May 24  1999 FlashPlayerPlugin/Libraries/render.library_68060
[unknown]               152105  248820  61.1% -lh5- c647 Feb 25 18:45 FlashPlayerPlugin/npflashplayer.library
[unknown]                 2453    3495  70.2% -lh5- ecbe Feb 26 14:13 FlashPlayerPlugin/
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total        13 files  322622  606078  53.2%            Feb 26 19:19

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