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Short:Best Amiga CP/M 2.2 Emulator
Author:"Bill Haygood " <bill at>
Uploader:"Jay S. Siegel" <ka2csh comcast net>
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From: Jay S. Siegel
          PO BOX 401
          HINES  IL  60141-0401

Date: Monday, February 2, 2009

What this is:
This is the best CP/M ver. 2.2 emulator for Amiga  computers.  It is run from
the CLI (Command Line Interface) shell.

There are CPU-specific versions of the program for the 68000, 68010, 68020,
68030, 68040 CPUs, & a generic version (AMIGAZ80.ALL).  If you have a 68060
accelerator, use the 68040-specific CPU version.

The program is written in C, so don't expect assembler execution speeds.

I believe that the author, Bill Haygood told me that the screen format this CP/M
emulator uses is an ADM3 (?) or something like that.  It's definitely not using
Osborne screen control characters.  I asked him about that.  Just something to
keep in mind when installing WordStar 4.0 or dBase 2.43*, both of which I
legally own, under this emulator.

A Little History Lesson:
This is not the latest version of AmigaZ80.  I believe Bill Haygood told me that
he had eventually stopped  at  a version that ran CP/M 3.0 (aka: CP/M Plus), but
had lost all sources.  This is the version I got from David A. J. McGlone of
Lambda Software.  David used to publish "The Z-Letter", a CP/M newsletter. 
David was selling this AmigaZ80 emulator at the time.  I believe that AmigaZ80
was reviewed in issue #36 of  David's Z-Letter.  That's one of the few issues of
the Z-Letter that I don't have.  This is my own personal version I received at
the time in exchange for sending him the MS-DOS version of SpellBinder in a
swap, which was sometime in the late 1990s.

I had received verbal approval to upload this to the public domain during my
conversation with the author, Bill Haygood, 2 to 3 years ago from today since he
no longer:
1) sells it
2) supports it
3) can find any of its source code, sadly.

Bill originally had the domain & gave it up to someone else not
related to him at all & moved his domain to for those of you who
might be interested in researching it on  It appears that
shortly after I contacted him, he no longer updates his site, nor returns
e-mails.  I don't know if he's even alive at this point.

The reasons it took me so long to finally upload this to AmiNet were that I had
so little time & had so very much on my plate, plus, I had forgotten to get
around to it.  Sorry.  Better late than never!

It's really quite simple.
1) Just make a directory, such as Work:Emulators/CPM2.2
2) COPY the appropriate CPU version into that newly created directory AS: Z80
3) copy the rest of the non-CPU files as is over to that newly created directory

Voila!  You're done with the installation!

Executing the Program:
Firstly, read the Authors_READ.ME file.

I cheated a bit.  I created an icon for the Z80 program itself that starts from
the Shell.  I entered the following parameters on after the program's name to
look something like this:

Z80 -disk a disk.cpm -boot -banks 16 -lpt prt: -clock -tz +6

Parameters translated:
1) -disk a disk.cpm = Make the A: drive the disk.cpm file
2) -boot = Boot from the first bootable drive
3) -banks 16 = The maximum amount of memory that CP/M 2.2 can handle - i.e. 16
banks of 64K
4) -lpt prt: = Assign the Amiga's (line) printer.device to CP/M 2.2's prt:
(printer) device.  This will also work with the CTL-P toggle
5) -clock = Install the software real time clock
6)  -tz +6 = Time Zone (from Greenwich?).  In my case USA Central Standard Time
(CST) would be -6.  I don't know why in the Authors_READ.ME file Bill's got +8
for PST (Pacific Standard Time).  I thought it should be -8 instead, no?

To terminate the program, enter HALT at the A> prompt -OR- press the F10
function key.

Bugs noted:
1) The -tz option cannot be followed with a negative number, even though the
Authors_READ.ME shows that it clearly can.  What was Bill thinking here?
2) N.B.: This program is *NOT* asynchronous task-friendly, unfortunately.  It's
single-tasking, just like CP/M is.  Do not attempt to multitask with this
program running.   I warned you!
3) I'm sure there are more, just haven't found them yet. ;-)

Contents of misc/emu/AmigaZ80.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                51106  142088  36.0% -lh5- dc1b Mar 30  1995 amigaz80.000
[generic]                50678  142088  35.7% -lh5- 7c8a Mar 30  1995 amigaz80.010
[generic]                50510  141480  35.7% -lh5- 94ff Mar 30  1995 amigaz80.020
[generic]                50510  141480  35.7% -lh5- 94ff Mar 30  1995 amigaz80.030
[generic]                49982  140668  35.5% -lh5- ab15 Mar 30  1995 amigaz80.040
[generic]                50633  145244  34.9% -lh5- 84ff Mar  6  1995 amigaz80.all
[generic]                 4933   17966  27.5% -lh5- d689 Mar  6  1995 Authors.README
[generic]                95631  221184  43.2% -lh5- 2c13 Mar  6  1995 disk.cpm
[generic]                 1401    4715  29.7% -lh5- 91b8 Mar  6  1995 menu
[generic]                 2261    4483  50.4% -lh5- 6009 Feb  2 21:36 Uploaders.README
[generic]                  664    1085  61.2% -lh5- fa07 Feb  2 21:36
[generic]                   50      96  52.1% -lh5- 9986 Mar 29  1995 z80.ram
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total        12 files  408359 1102577  37.0%            Feb  2 21:43

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