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Short:Floppy Read Only CrossMAC Demo
Author:simonsm at (Michael Simons)
Uploader:simonsm garnet msen com (Michael Simons)
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The  demo  is a READ ONLY version of the CrossMAC FileSystem.  It also
will only allow access to the floppy drives, access to Hard Drives and
CD-ROMS have been disabled. 

Requirements to operate this DEMO:
AmigaDOS 2.0 or higher
---AND---  Amiga high-density drive to access Mac 1.44M disks
---OR---   Amax cartridge with Mac 800K drive
---OR---   Amax II plus/Amax IV card with standard Amiga drive.

                       The Mac File System for the Amiga

CrossMAC  is  an Amiga software product allowing you to read and write
Mac  formatted  disks directly from Amiga.  It fully integrates itself
into  the  Amiga operating system allowing your Mac formatted disks to
be accessed from virtually any utility or application.

A  properly  configured  CrossMAC  device will allow you to access any
file  on  an  Mac  formatted disk from any Amiga application.  Imagine
creating a TIFF graphics file on your Mac and bringing it over to your
Amiga  to  convert  it  to IFF graphics.  Other file types that can be
exchanged  include databases, spreadsheets, language compilers and CAD
programs, to name a few.

Mac formatted disks (HFS) are supported with following hardware:
    ·   Low-density, 800K floppies with either the Amax cartridge and
        a Mac 800K drive or the Amax II plus/Amax IV cards and
        standard Amiga floppies.
    ·   High-density, 1.44M floppies with an Amiga-compatible 
        high-density drive.
    ·   Hard drives with the appropriate Amiga hard drive controller.
    ·   Mac HFS-formatted CD-ROMs with the appropriate Amiga hard drive
Quasi-Mac formatted disks (HFS) are supported with the standard Amiga
    ·   Low-density, Amax 800K floppies.
    ·   Low-density, Emplant 800K floppies.
    ·   Amax and Emplant hard drive partitions.
Other features:
    ·   Support of both Mac data and resource `forks' as separate files.
    ·   Amiga <-> Mac translation of international text characters.
    ·   Disk changes are sensed automatically (if the drive provides
        the proper hardware signal).
    ·   Mac icons automatically displayed under Workbench.
    ·   Utilities to format, copy and check the integrity of Mac disks.
    ·   File salvation utility to try to recover files from a corrupted
        Mac disk.
    ·   Transparent support of MacBinary files.
    ·   Not copy protected.

If you enjoy the demo product and would like to order the full version
of  CrossMAC,  please  use the "Order_Form" program.  Fill out all the
information and send it to the mailing address for Consultron which is
displayed  at  the end of the "Order_Form" program.  Prices are listed
in  the  Read.Me file in the demo but hurry the special prices are for 
a limited time.

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