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Short:Game Maker Amiga Player&Maldita Castilla
Author:thellier at (Alain Thellier)
Uploader:thellier free fr
Version:1.2(March 2017)
Requires:RTG system
Architecture:m68k-amigaos >= 3.0.0; ppc-amigaos; i386-aros
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The Game-Maker Amiga Player was created to allow the great game "Maldita
Castilla" ro run on an Amiga
Maldita Castilla is a free game from LocoMalito in the spirit of "Ghost'n

V1.2 Several fixes every where :-) especially for bosses bugs
So now works well almost every where :-)  but dont know if game can be completed
Transparency bug fixed in OS4. Trainer mode added. Gaurodan game also works a
few now...
V1.1 Still buggy but less....
Aros port from OS3 version :-) 
( Due to bytes ordering this version has needed some adjustements in bytecode
engine and variables/functions relocating )
Fix the background draw a "black area" OS4 bug : still buggy but less visible
Fix the cybergraphics/p96 mess : now OS3 need cybergraphics / OS4 use Picasso96
Fix the "memory-tracker output when quitting" bug (just disabled)
Fix for GML bytecode: access StackId/StackIdArray variables correctly when value
is now on top of stack after an operation
Fix for GML bytecode: "dup" now works correctly also in sub programs
Fix for GML bytecode: "div" floats now works correctly
Fix for GMAP-os3 running on OS4 :no more purple background (related to PNG
More explanations in this ReadMe about localisation & other games & FAQ
Added a list of supported GML variables & functions

Private Sources

GMAP the "Game Maker Amiga Player" is a kind of emulator that allow to run games
(currently one game) made for the PC directly on an Amiga
Game-Maker is a PC application for creating games.
The OS3 version need RTG, a fast CPU for blitting and so only works inside
The OS4 version use compositing for blitting/display
Both versions need loooots of RAM (min 128MB) : not my fault the game is
designed this way with Game Maker :-(

GMAP regroup several features :
1) A native Amiga game engine that draw maps made from tiles, display instances
of objects (hero,ennemies,platform,...)
made from sprites(animations) detect collisions, manage sound, timing, keyboard,
joystick, etc....
2) A Game-Maker loader that load data from an existing GM game
Only binary games archives (game app) that contain the keyword FORM are loaded
(so Hydorah game dont works)
3) A partial implementation of the GML langage. GML is the programmer API to
make games with Game-Maker
: now 140 functions are implemented. 
All the functions needed for Maldita Castilla are here. But other games may miss
some critical(or not) functions
4) A virtual machine for playing Game Maker byte-code. 
Games are compiled in a pseudo assembler format called GML bytecode
This virtual machine is able to execute GML bytecode operations
It can also access Game-Maker engine's variables and GML functions. 
It implement also the needed special features like hierarchic
instances(parent/child), with, all, other, self,etc....

So as you can read GMAP is more an emulator than a simple game engine
Also Maldita Castilla is not an Amiga port but the original PC game running in
this emulator

Some things still dont works as they should but I am giving up
It is an emulator made from a single man : a too big task even for me :-/

Check if you have datatypes for .WAV .PNG and lots of RAM
OS3 version use/need cybergraphics
OS4 version use picasso96
Start GMAP 
Select maldita_castilla.exe
Open a screen or else will use a window (32 bits screen preferred)
Warning: Using sounds/music make GMAP much more unstable (Datatypes fault...)

key ' ' (space) is fire
key <-- (backspace) is jump
arrow keys are up,down,right,left

key 'J' use a joystick

key 'z' Frame Skip 1 to 5 : dont draw all the frames, may cause some problems
for jump/collision on chains
key 'b' goto previous room 
key 'n' goto next room 
key 'm' goto room+2 
key 'g' grab a room (screen grab)
key 'q' quit
key 'w' window/full screen
key 'p' pause
key 'P' pixels filtering (OS4)
key 's' Sound On/Off
key '+' Sound ++
key '-' Sound --
key 't' Trainer
key 'l' Lifes++
key 'h' Health++
key 'H' Weapon Hack : several collisions per weapon
key 'Z' Frame Limit : wait n times for WaitBOVP();
key 'k' Delay Limit : call Delay(DelayLimit);

Included are some scripts for testing GMAP options
s  dont load/play sounds (no sound version) so use less memory
o  load/play OggVorbis sounds with oggdec conversion (full version)
w  use Warp3D as renderer but is buggy (w3d version)

Some bugs may prevents to finish some levels so skip them with 'n'
The game is localized in French in data/maldita_castilla.loc
English users can remove this file
You can also translate maldita_castilla.loc or maldita_castilla.eng to your own
and save it as data/maldita_castilla.loc 

Other games may works to some extent but they will certainly miss
some GML functions or variables not implemented in GMAP
GMAP reports at game startup what is missing 
So you just need to:
- download a game maker game (try PC or Linux version or whatever) 
- then unpack it
- You should obtain several files (player, dll, icons, readme, etc...)
- among them the biggest is the game archive: the only file you need for GMAP
- but only game archive that contain the keyword FORM are in the supported
format compatible with GMAP
Abbaye des Morts,Gaurodan,EFMB are games that works a few with GMAP but are not
fully playable

Q: Which Screen mode ?
As it is an old school game but made from 32 bits textures so I use

Q: Why Maldita Castilla open a screen 2 times ?
GMAP ask naturally for the screen mode for his Engine then Maldita Castilla GML
code contain itself a choose screen mode call

Q: Why no AGA version ?
All textures are 32 bits alpha. 
   Yes, they can be converted to 256 colors or even 64 colors
   But the sprite sheets are 2048x2048 so will not fit in a basic Amiga RAM
anyway ...
Q: Yes but ?
All the sprites and tiles in Maldita Castilla are stored in only 3 spritesheets
as big as 2048x2048 pixels or 1024*2048. 
They will need be to be reorganised/stored in smallest spritesheets (one per
level) : this is a huge works to make code smart enough to do that

Q: Yes but but ?
There are more than 43MB of .wav files used in Maldita Castilla for

Q: So we should better port Maldita Castilla as a pure Amiga port ?
Maldita Castilla sources are not available. So feel free to rewrite it yourself
(all from scratch) if you want

Q: Using a joystick ?
key 'J' allow to use a joystick
Just adjust your OS4 or WinUAE preferences to use your pad and it will works
Specifically on OS4 plug your Trustmaster pad then adjust it in
Prefs/AmigaInput/LowLevel:Port n - Pad

Q: Can I use Game Maker PC to write a game that will works with GMAP on an Amiga
Yes Theorically but you will need to use only the supported GML variables &

Q: GMAP sometime hang during a sound
Datatypes usage is buggy so only the no sound version is safe

Q: GMAP is too fast in WinUAE
As there is no vsync in some UAE config you should type 'k' to add a delay

Q: What is weapon hack ?
Normally when a weapon hit a monster it disapear but this hack prevent that so a
weapon cause several hits on a boss :-)
This hack may cause some bugs (like cant grab a new weapon) so use it

Q: How do I localize Maldita Castilla to my langage ?
French is default langage in maldita_castilla.loc
You can rename maldita_castilla.eng to maldita_castilla.loc for English
For other langages just translate maldita_castilla.eng (or french
maldita_castilla.loc) to your maldita_castilla.loc

Q: The French translation seems not to be a basic translation from English ?
Yes phrasing was adapted to looks like a french faery tale. 
So some monsters have differents names: 
Nuberu become Tempestaire: an evil guy invocating storm for racketing peasants
Zarrampla become Arassas: a kind of snake or salamander from the Alps folklore
Tarasque get back his original name as it is a French aquatic monster

Q:What are the difference between options 'z' 'Z' 'k' ?
If game is too slow type 'z'
If game is too fast type 'Z' if this dont works type 'k'


Contents of misc/emu/GMAP.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ ----------
[unknown]                 4206    6483  64.9% -lh5- 9344 Jun 10  2016
[unknown]                  149     200  74.5% -lh5- 1b12 Dec 15  2015 GMAP/config.ini
[unknown]                 2338    5287  44.2% -lh5- da9c Feb 28 10:31 GMAP/data/maldita_castilla.eng
[unknown]              46201117 49242378  93.8% -lh5- e3ce Jul  6  2015 GMAP/data/maldita_castilla.exe
[unknown]                51647   51647 100.0% -lh0- bd8f Aug 28  2015 GMAP/data/maldita_castilla.jpg
[unknown]                 2373    5357  44.3% -lh5- 8206 Mar  3 14:50 GMAP/data/maldita_castilla.loc
[unknown]                  137     185  74.1% -lh5- e57e Jun 10  2016 GMAP/
[unknown]                 2383    5668  42.0% -lh5- 8063 Jul 26  2016 GMAP/
[unknown]               108792  287443  37.8% -lh5- c522 Jul 26  2016 GMAP/GMAP-aros
[unknown]                 3441    6742  51.0% -lh5- fa10 Jul 26  2016 GMAP/
[unknown]                 1598    5268  30.3% -lh5- e5c9 Feb 22 11:30 GMAP/GMAP-GML-support.txt
[unknown]                67862  144920  46.8% -lh5- c442 Mar  3 14:34 GMAP/GMAP-os3
[unknown]                 3449    6751  51.1% -lh5- 79b8 Jul 26  2016 GMAP/
[unknown]                97778  276682  35.3% -lh5- 37f6 Mar  3 16:24 GMAP/GMAP-os4
[unknown]                 3438    6742  51.0% -lh5- b82b Feb 17 12:47 GMAP/
[unknown]                 3952    8499  46.5% -lh5- b8ca Mar 15 13:46 GMAP/GMAP.readme
[unknown]                 3683    5831  63.2% -lh5- ea88 Oct 21 13:41 GMAP/
[unknown]                   62      64  96.9% -lh5- 33f4 Mar 15 13:24 GMAP/gmk/ReadMe.txt
[unknown]                  136     178  76.4% -lh5- e6f4 Dec  8 13:12 GMAP/
[unknown]                 2385    5668  42.1% -lh5- fea5 Jul 26  2016 GMAP/
[unknown]               146813  290624  50.5% -lh5- ae07 May 27  2012 GMAP/oggdec68k
[unknown]               208451  365704  57.0% -lh5- 9f2c Feb 19  2016 GMAP/oggdecos4
[unknown]                  139     186  74.7% -lh5- 3600 Jun 10  2016 GMAP/
[unknown]                 2385    5668  42.1% -lh5- 1d89 Jul 26  2016 GMAP/
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ ----------
 Total        24 files 46918714 50734175  92.5%            Mar 15 17:19

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