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Short:Super Nes Emulator
Author:Martin Johansson
Uploader:Samir Hawamdeh
Requires:Amiga with 68020, AGA, around 2.5 Mb free mem. and reqtools.library
Architecture:m68k-amigaos >= 3.0.0
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                   /¯¯¯¯¯¯\/\___  _______  ____/\
                   \  ___ /\    \/  ____ \/     /
                    \  \\/ / /\  \ /  \/ /\  / /
                   /\\  \ /  \ \  \\____/_ \ \/
                  / ¯¯¯  \\   \/  /  \/ / \/  \
                  \______/ \__/\_/\____/\_____/

                       *** MySNES 0.18b ***  

                       RELEASEDATE - 981115

                    Created by Martin Johansson
                   email: f94majo at


  Note: I'd like to know how MySNES works for you. You don't have
  to report bugs. Just e-mail me so I know how people use it, what
  settings you have for your computer etc.

  Martin Johansson, email: f94majo at
      (Please don't ask for commercial roms)


 New in MySNES 0.18 beta:
	* Some speed increase in gfx (mostly visible with frameskip 0)
	* Major speed increase in mode7 FX
	* Some speed increase in CPU
	* You can set screen height and vertical startpos. (use F6-F9)
	  This is very useful to speed up gfx.
	* Small fixes
	* ....

 New in MySNES 0.17 beta:
	* Bugs removed from 0.16b
	* Debugger included
	* You can choose cacheskip (read usage)
	* BIT-instruction corrected
	* Some HW-Regs corrected
	* When program can't decide HiROM or LoROM, you can press
	  left mousebutton for LoROM and right for HiROM.
	  This is necessary for DKC_2 (which only shows the intro)
	* Two simple mode7-demos included in the archive.
	* ....

 New in MySNES 0.16 beta:
	* You can load zsnes savestate-files
	* Filereq. only show rom-files
	* Remade some interrupt-code
	* Gfxmodes 0-7 now supported. mode7 WITH fx (scaling/2d-rotating)
	  But some effects use hdma to make it look like 3d-rotating, this
	  will not look right. For non-rotating plane I will make alot of
	  speedups some day.
	* Alot of small fixes

 New in MySNES 0.15 beta:
	* ROMs always loaded into FASTmem. Before it could often end up
	  in CHIPmem for some reason.
	* Hopefully removed bug that made MySNES hang up when loading a
	  ROM. It now works for me when using MCP1.30 with FASTrom=on.
	* Corrected a major mistake in my DMA-handler. It assumed that
	  only one channel was started at a time, so many dma-requests
	  where left-out.
	* Better tilecache which now detects all changes in gfx, and
	  updates necessary tiles after that. The texts in Zelda now
	  come up and a lot of background-animations are now visible.

 New in MySNES 0.14 beta:
	* New GUI with separate prefs-window (alot of new settings)
	* Faster GFX-routines (mostly for 030-users)
	* Added a new apu-skip method, much faster than old one and
	  seems to skip much more hang-up-loops.
	* A few fixes with DMA etc.

 New in MySNES 0.13 beta:
	* sprites were drawn in backward order, that is corrected now
	* up to 20% faster
	* better headerdetection, no need to have a 512-byte header
	* removed two cpu-bugs making LufiaI, Big sky troopers, ... run
	* fixed colorsettings => perfect colors in Alien3, Censor,
	  Intro-3, LufiaI, ...
	* fixed screenwrap for 32*64 screens. Jaki crush fully playable
	* screenwrap correct in FAST. Look at Gooftroop.
	* you can now press F1-F5 when using a CD32
	* screenupdates done differently (depth-first) so there is
	  no blinking anymore when scrolling

 New in MySNES 0.12 beta (there's alot, I know I'll forget some things):
	* new more reliable DMA-handler => Mario sprite-bug from 0.11
	  is gone, Pacman intro ok now, ...
	* CPU-speedups
	* removed a bug => no more disappearing sprites in Super
	  Mario World (you can now reach the first castle), Zelda
	  fully playable (earlier it could freeze sometimes),
	  sprites ok in Krusty Super Fun House, Super battleship
	  and much more ...
	* implemented correct emulation of regs. $4210-$4212 =>
	  smoother fading and scrolling in some cases and some
	  new games start: secret of the stars, sidepocket, ...
	* FAST now works to 80% on all screens-sizes. It only fails
	  when y_scroll > 256 (ex. Gooftroop)
	* full tileflip in FAST
 	* fastmode1 can be used in FAST
	* new option (Swap BGs) that is very useful when running Zelda
	  It draws BG1 and BG2 in reversed order. Try it in any castle
	  and see the difference (still no sprite-priorities)
	* fixed two bugs in the memorymapping
 	* changed the initial settings a bit
	* ....

 New in MySNES 0.11 beta:
	* remade the screenmode "SQUASHED". Check it out.
	* cd32-joypad supported
	* new read/write-routines => faster
	* a little sprite-fixes, pacman sprites much better
	* read from OAM/VRAM/WRAM added
	* mysnes.cfg saved to remember last directory
	* the new screenmode "FAST" worked on. Have a lot left though
	* pacman, breakthru & gooftroop playable
	* mode7 implemented (no fx or scrolling yet)
	* some mode7 regs implemented => rpg1.smc works as it should

 How to install.

	* copy directory "marble" and file "marble.font" to your
	  font-directory. I seem to have missed the file "marble/15"
	  in some earlier versions. If you can't find it, please mail me.
	  The prg crashes if the font can't be found.

	* start MySNES.EXE from CLI or WORKBENCH

 What is this?

 	This is (becoming) a SNES emulator for Amiga. It's written in 100% 
 	assembler but is still very slow (to be honest). I use 
 	AsmPro 1.14 and have an Amiga 1200, blizzard 1230 50 MHz without
 	FPU, a 2.5 Gb HD and 8 Mb FASTRAM (+ 2 CHIP).

	Before using this program, please note that:

	* it is still rather slow
	* it requires an Amiga with 68020, AGA, at least 2.5 Mb of ram
	  and reqtools.library
	* I take no responsibility for any damage this program may cause on 
	  your computer
	* I won't answer any rom-requests

 What is emulated?

	* All opcodes of CPU 65816
	* Mode 0-6, 7 (with FX) all with 8x8 tiles (not 16x16)
	  flipped in all dirs.
	* Screen size 32x32, 32x64, 64x32, 64x64
	* Sprites 8x8, 16x16, 32x32 (no flip), 64x64 (no flip)
	* NMI = vertical blank interrupt
	* IRQ, not perfect but helps some roms
	* Multiply/divide registers
	* Joypad 1 via keyboard or cd32 (see 4. Keys)
	* Autosave of battery backup
	* All 8 dma channels, modes 0, 1, 2, 3, 4
	* Read/write OAM/VRAM/WRAM


	* Amiga with 68020, AGA, around 2.5 Mb free mem. and reqtools.library
	* SNES-Roms

 How to use emulator


	* Prefs

		- Switch to prefs-page

	* Debug

		- Start the debugger

	* Save state

		- Not implemented yet

	* Load state

		- Load a ZSNES savestate-file
		  These are named *.zst or *.zs0, *.zs1, ....


	* Save

		- Save prefs in file "SYS:S/MySNES.cfg"
		  This will also save current rom-dir and state-dir.
		  This is NOT automatically saved anymore.

	* Static screens

		- When selected it only copies changes of the screen to
		  chipmem. It should be faster on games with static displays
		  like pacman etc.

	* Speedtrick 1

		- For future implementations

	* Speedtrick 2

		- For future implementations

	* Swap BGs 

	  	- Will reverse the order in which BG1 and BG2 are drawn.
	  	  This is very helpful in Zelda. Try it in castles. Outside
	  	  you can use this or disable BG1 (by pressing F1), 
	  	  otherwise you wont see through the rain.

	* Player input (PLAYER 2 NOT EMULATED YET)

		- Choose your input, keyboard or CD32

		- If you use CD32 then it's PAUSE-button = SNES' startbutton
		  and SPACE on kbd = SNES' selectbutton


	* APU-skipper

		- Choose method to skip communications with the Audio
		  Processing Unit. Old method=0. New in MySNES 0.14 is
		  method 1

		- method 1 improved in ver 0.17 
		  Now it should start metroid3

		- method 2 tries to simulate the apu block transfer
		  but doesn't seem to work correct yet

	* Save battery-backup

		- Remember to have this checked if you want to save your
		  progress in games.


	* Resolution

		- Choose LoRES or HiRES screen

	* Update method

		- Tilecache was known as FAST in version 0.13

		- Full will update all tiles in all bgs every update.

	* Copymode

		- How to copy data to chipmem.

		1. Full copies whole 256*240 screen

		2. Spaces (also known as scanlines) will copy every second
		   line. Much faster compared to 1 on a 030, but I
		   couldn't see any big difference on 060.

		3. Squashed also copies every second line but doesn't
		   leave any spaces between the copied rows, so the
		   screen looks squashed. Try this in HiRES.

	* Cacheskip

		- How often you want to update the BGs. Setting 0 make
		  them get updated before every frame update. It only
		  updates changes. This doesn't change smoothness
		  of the scrolling. Just animations and such things.

	* Frameskip

		- Number of frames to skip before every frame is rendered
		  frameskip = 0 => all frames are rendered

	* Hcycles% 

		- How many percent of the 206 horiz.machine cycles you
		  want to do before entering Hblank. Many demoroms only
		  need about 50.

	4.1 *** EMULATOR keys ***

	         F1 - BG1 on/off
	         F2 - BG2 on/off
	         F3 - BG3 on/off
	         F4 - BG4 on/off
	         F5 - SPR on/off
	-new-	 F6 - Start screen rendering 8 pixels higher up (if possible)
	-new-	 F7 - Start screen rendering 8 pixels lower (if possible)
	-new-	 F8 - End screen rendering 8 pixels higher up (if possible)
	-new-	 F9 - End screen rendering 8 pixels lower (if possible)
		F10 - Force screen on/off
	        Esc - quit emulator
	 Left Amiga - A button
	   Left Alt - B button
	Right Amiga - TopLeft
	  Right Alt - TopRight
	       Ctrl - Y button
	 Left shift - X button
	     Return - Start button
	Right shift - Select button

 Demos that show decent gfx


	* infinity.smc
	* unknown.smc
	* sonic.smc
	* intro-1.smc
	* intro-2.smc
	* intro-3.smc
	* magical.smc
	* censor.smc
	* taurus.smc
	* cdi.smc
	* dwarf.smc
	* tictac.smc	(fully playable!)
	* wa-chess.smc	(seems ok, I can't start playing in Snes9x either)
	* bluesky.smc
	* FinalFantasy 2	(only titlescreen)
	* smile!.smc
	* s-snake.smc	(playable!)
	* rpg1.smc
	* rapegame.smc	(playable!)

	* 15puzzle	(fully playable!)
	* Bioworm	(fully playable!)
	* Nuke		(playable)

	* jaki crush	(some gfxbugs)
	* zelda		(some gfxbugs)
	* super mario world (some gfxbugs, but seems fully playable)
	* super r-type	(can't start playing)
	* simcity	(gfx-priority problems but fully playable I think)
	* harvest moon	(extremely slow)

	.. (actually I know a lot more that starts now) ..

 Thanks to...

	* Morgan "A/NES" Johansson for codes, ideas and testing
	* Fredrik "A/NES" Schultz for programming books used in
	  optimization and maybe future PowerPC-coding
	* Savoury SnaX, author of SNEeSe (SNES emulator for PC), for docs
	  on the 65816
	* Yoshi, for the technical docs on SNES
	* Tomas Amsrud for the Icons and the AmigaGuide (it's great isn't it).
	* Jesper Svennevid for the competition with AmiSNESE, and good luck
	  with your new project.
	* Sidewinder who gave me a beta of a file
	* zsknight and _demo_ (ZSNES team) for showing me how their state-
	  files are designed
	* All other people that have helped

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[generic]               141696  876324  16.2% -lh5- ef38 Nov 15  1998 MySNES/MySNES.exe
[generic]                 1402    2502  56.0% -lh5- e770 Aug 16  1998 MySNES/
[generic]                 5356   12456  43.0% -lh5- af00 Nov 15  1998 MySNES/
[generic]                 1349    2531  53.3% -lh5- aaae Aug 16  1998 MySNES/
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