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Short:Kickstart for UAE that boots as a QL
Author:Mark J Swift
Uploader:polluks+aminet sdf lonestar org (Stefan Haubenthal)
Version:3.25 (beta s)
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QDOS Classic is a Sinclair QL emulator. It runs on Q40, Amiga and
now UAE via this Kick ROM. Note you don't need an Amiga Kick ROM
to boot UAE as a QL!

QL disks images have to be saved as RAW MFM in order to be
accessable by UAE.

This version doesn't check for memory upgrades.


Note TK2 is NOT included in this archive.

If you have a legal/spare version of TK2 patch it in to this kick ROM
at location $13200.


 KICK.ROM             - The KICK ROM
 UAEQLKickROM.readme  - This file.


BETA s - 28 AUG 02

* On the Amiga version, since v3.20 the first byte of every
  blitter screen refresh has flickered. (i.e at 8 places down the
  left of the screen). This is now fixed.

* Created a QDOS Classic Kickstart ROM for use on the UAE amiga
  emulator. Doesn't scan for memory expansions yet.

* No great changes to the Q40 version.

BETA r - 28 NOV 00

* Altered screen PAN routine to remove it's dependency on the
  MOVEP m/c instruction. QDOS classic software-emulates the
  MOVEP instruction for 68060 systems because MOVEP is not
  implemented on the 68060. This alteration solves a problem
  where PAN was noticibly slower on 68060 QDOS classic systems.

BETA q - 15 JUN 00

* Replaced O-tilde CTRL-SHFT-E with EURO symbol
* Improved BEEP routines slightly
* Fixed bug in SSS_SAMPLE routine. This routine now returns the
  correct value.
* Fixed start-up glitch on Amiga SSS routines
* SER device on Amiga implementation now uses custom LVL1 (send)
  and LVL5 (receive) interrupt routines to improve speed.
* Fixed bug in MT.DMODE routine. Should return original QL-like
  info when passed -1 in d0. Instead always returned the
  Minerva-like extended (2nd screen) info - which should only be
  returned if you ask for it - by passing $40 in d0. Must have
  introduced this bug in the OCT 95 release! -MJS

BETA p - 17 SEP 99

* Implemented SSS compatible BEEP command
* Peripheral ROM sources changed to compile with GST asembler
  (BASIC make file included)
* Removed THINGs. QPAC2 no longer needs a special BOOT program
  for QDOS classic. You should be able to use your old QL one.
* Minimised patch-code delay.
  Explanation: The main system ROM does not know about the
  hardware, so it is necessary for the external ROMs to patch
  into the system vectors.
  BOOTSTRAP patches the LVL2 int vector and redirects other ints
  through the LVL2 code which distinguishes between FRAME and
  EXTERNAL ints.
  CLOCK patches into TRAP1 for MT.RCLCK, MT.SCLCK & MT.ACLCK
  KEYBOARD patches into TRAP1 for MT.IPCOM
  SERIAL patches into TRAP1 for MT.BAUD
  SAMPLED SOUND SYSTEM patches into the LVL4 & LVL6 int vectors
  All this Redirection adds to the time it takes to process these
  vectors, this delay has been minimised as much as possible in
  this version.

BETA o - 19 JUL 99

* Implemented Q40 SER2.
* Implemented Q40 FLP2.
* Implemented an SMSQ/E compatible Sampled Sound System

BETA n - 03 JUN 99

* Fixed bug in direct sector read/write (e.g. Flp1_*D<n><d>)
* Tidied up SOFTROM code. Created SOFTROM_rext toolkit for
  Q40 systems that lack QDOS Classic.

BETA m - 26 MAY 99

* Fixed bug in Q40 memory check. 4mb & 20mb systems now work.
* F1 chosen automatically from F1/F2 screen if no key is
  pressed within 10 seconds.
* QubIDE times out properly if no hard drive h/w is present.

BETA l - 25 MAY 99

* Fixed bug where some function keys didn't work.
* Added some rudimentary support for Q40 sound.

BETA k - 30 MAR 99

* Fix to take account of PTR_GENs bad manners.
  PTR_GEN/WMAN combination now work.
* Some changes to allow QPAC2 to run, see QPAC2_boot and
  QPAC2_readme for example.
* Fixed bug in BREAK (<CTRL><SPACE>) that occasionally showed
  junk on screen.
* Fixed bug in SOFTROM that always showed junk on screen.
* <ALT><cursor key(s)> now repeats properly.
* Keyboard buffer is emptied at boot-time (hence slight delay)
  to fix some KEYROW problems from junk keystrokes.
* SERial now uses 2 stop bits for compatibility with QL (oops)
* By request, location $280a7 holds $11 to signify Q40 hardware
* Some documentation at last.

BETA j - 24 FEB 99

BETA i - 24 FEB 99

BETA h - 19 FEB 99

* By this time SER1, FLP1 and QubIDE implemented on Q40.

BETA pre-h - 98-99

* Sorry, history forgotten.

BETA - 24 JUL 98

* Various ammendments to the QDOS kernel ROM to remove residual
  amiga-only code.
* Implemented Q40 frame/polled interrupts
* Support for Q40 keyboard
* Support for Q40 real-time clock
* Renamed Amiga-QDOS as QDOS-Classic since project is no-longer
* First Q40 working beta copy sent to Peter Graf

  Note: The term 'Classic' was more-than-likely taken from an
  article in QL-Today by Adrian Ives, where he described his
  QL black-box as his 'QL-Classic'.

BETA - 26 JUN 98

* Received Q40 board from Peter Graf and began cross-platform


* Implement PAR
* Think up a good use for the NVR ram


  post: MARK J SWIFT    e-mail: msw at
        175 CHURCH STREET
        FY1 3NX

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