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Short:Simple Amstrad CPC emulator for the Amiga.
Author:crux at
Uploader:santagos dsi unimi it
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The files in this archive are the source and executable for an Amstrad CPC
emulator for the Amiga called CPE. There is also a more recent version of
CPE for MS-DOG PCs, which is a lot more advanced than this. I release this
with source in the hope that there are enthusiastic programmers out there
who'd like to work on it. You are permitted to use, modify and distribute
this program free of charge. You are forbidden to make profit with this
program, or claim that you wrote it. The original copyright must be kept
intact, unless you change the program completely (say, into a C64 emulator).
You may not use this program for military purposes. I doubt you'd want to.
Parts of this program are based upon Charlie Gibbs' SimCPM.

It would be nice if you could email me if you have made changes that
improve this program (but please use diff, I don't want huge assembler files
in my mailbox).

To compile this, I used A68k v2.71 and BLink 6.7 (both from some old Fish
disks). You'll have to make some changes to get it to work on something
else than a 68000, since it uses MOVE SR,D0 instructions. The right ifdefs
are already in the source (I hope they are right, never tested them)

What's worse than in the PC version:
  - Well, you can watch him paint the characters pixel by pixel on a
    7MHz 68000.
  - Interrupts are implemented by merely counting up to 300 instructions,
    and then interrupting.
  - No sound
  - Only standard video modes
  - No tape emulation
  - Floppy writes only work for 664 and are disabled
  - Unfortunately, the disk file format differs from the PC version.
  - Isn't sure about the value of PI

What's better:
  - Simple Z80 debugger on the workbench screen. Activated by
  - Multitasks! I just love the Amiga OS...

Other key combinations:
  - RALT-LALT: Exit immediately
  - CTRL-LSHIFT-LALT: CPC hard reset
  - CTRL-LAMIGA-RAMIGA: Well, you know...

 Acceptable. Runs many games I've tested. Some need the interrupt counter
 set a bit higher in the debugger (i1, i2, i3 commands).

What it needs:
  - ROMs. These must be on a volume called CPE: (just assign), and ought
    to be named just like on the PC version: LROM, UROM, ROM7.
    I don't include them for copyright reasons, just to be on the safe side.
    Although I have received emails giving me permission to copy them from
    both Amstrad and Locomotive, they didn't bother to send me a written
    permission. But the ROM files are widely available and there is probably
    no problem with distribution.
  - a diskfile called DRIVEA.DAT in the current directory. An empty one
    is provided
  - The compiled version included needs a 68000
  - 1 meg of memory
  - Patience. It's slooow.

This file is short. For futher information, read the source, or get the PC
version. It's on, just like this one.

Bernd Schmidt

Contents of misc/emu/amigacpe.lzh
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                20486   43612  47.0% -lh1- d8c7 Feb 14  1995 cpe
[generic]                  227     392  57.9% -lh1- ae8f Feb 14  1995
[generic]                13834   44610  31.0% -lh1- 02ff Feb 14  1995 cpe1.asm
[generic]                18200   74574  24.4% -lh1- 3917 Feb 14  1995 cpe2.asm
[generic]                 1826    6245  29.2% -lh1- 7f2d Feb 14  1995 cpe3.asm
[generic]                 4790  207440   2.3% -lh1- 8c62 Feb 14  1995 drivea.dat
[generic]                 1633    2909  56.1% -lh1- 6a02 Feb 14  1995 readme
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total         7 files   60996  379782  16.1%            Feb 22  1995

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