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Short:Create Commodore 1541 floppy disk images
Author:besser82 at (Björn Esser), JackAsser, Krill, Claus
Uploader:polluks+aminet sdf lonestar org (Stefan Haubenthal)
Architecture:ppc-morphos; m68k-amigaos
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*** This is cc1541 version 4.0 built on Feb 24 2023 ***

Usage: cc1541 [options] image.[d64|d71|d81]

-n diskname   Disk name, default='cc1541'.
-i id         Disk ID, default='00 2a'.
-H message    Hidden BAM message. Only for D64 (up to 85 chars) or SPEED DOS
              (up to 20 chars).
-w localname  Write local file to disk, if filename is not set then the
              local name is used. After file written, the filename is unset.
-W localname  Like -w, but encode file in Transwarp format.
              Provide Transwarp bootfile as last file using
              "-f 'transwarp vX.YZ' -w 'transwarp vX.YZ.prg'"
-K key        Set an encryption key for Transwarp files, a string of up to 29
-f filename   Use filename as name when writing next file, use prefix # to
              include arbitrary PETSCII characters (e.g. -f "start#a0,8,1").
-o            Do not overwrite if file with same name exists already.
-V            Do not modify image unless it is in valid CBM DOS format.
-T filetype   Filetype for next file, allowed parameters are PRG, SEQ, USR, REL
              and DEL, or a decimal number between 0 and 255. Default is PRG.
-P            Set write protect flag for next file.
-O            Set open flag for next file.
-N            Force creation of a new directory entry, even if a file with the
              same name exists already.
-l filename   Write loop file (an additional dir entry) to existing file to
              disk, set filename with -f.
-L            Add dir entry without writing file (track and sector will be 0),
              requires a filename given with -f.
-B numblocks  Write the given value as file size in blocks to the directory for
              the next file. Not applicable for Transwarp files.
-M numchars   Hash computation maximum filename length, this must
              match loader option FILENAME_MAXLENGTH in Krill's loader.
              Default is 16.
-m            Ignore filename hash collisions, without this switch a collision
              results in an error.
-d track      Maintain a shadow directory (copy of the actual directory without
              a valid BAM).
-t            Use directory track to also store files (makes -x useless)
              (default no).
-u numblocks  When using -t, amount of dir blocks to leave free (default=2).
-x            Don't split files over directory track hole (default split files).
-F value      Next file first sector on a new track (default=0).
              Any negative value assumes aligned tracks and uses current
              sector + interleave - value. After each file, the value falls
              back to the default. Not applicable for D81.
-S value      Default sector interleave, default=10. Not applicable for D81.
-s value      Next file sector interleave, valid after each file.
              The interleave value falls back to the default value set by -S
              after the first sector of the next file. Not applicable for D81.
-e            Start next file on an empty track (default start sector is
              current sector plus interleave).
-E            Try to fit file on a single track.
-r track      Restrict next file blocks to the specified track or higher.
-b sector     Set next file beginning sector to the specified value.
              Not applicable for D81.
-c            Save next file cluster-optimized (d71 only).
-4            Use tracks 35-40 with SPEED DOS BAM formatting.
-5            Use tracks 35-40 with DOLPHIN DOS BAM formatting.
-R level      Try to restore deleted and formatted files.
              level 0: Only restore dir entries without touching any t/s links.
              level 1: Fix dir entries for files with valid t/s chains.
              level 2: Also add wild sector chains with valid t/s chains.
              level 3: Also fix dir entries with invalid t/s chains.
              level 4: Also add and fix wild invalid t/s chains.
              level 5: Also add reasonable wild single blocks.
-g filename   Write additional g64 output file with given name.
-a            Print command line options that would create the same directory as
              the one in the given image (for directory art import).
-U mapping    Print PETSCII as Unicode (requires Unicode 13.0 font, e.g.
              UNSCII). Use mapping 0 for ASCII output, 1 for upper case, 2 for
              lower case, default is 0.
-q            Be quiet.
-v            Be verbose.
-h            Print this command line help.

Contents of misc/emu/cc1541.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ ----------
[unknown]                    0       0 ****** -lhd- 0000 Aug 16  2022 cc1541-4.0
[unknown]                  270     626  43.1% -lh5- a541 Aug 16  2022 cc1541-4.0.gitattributes
[unknown]                  148     237  62.4% -lh5- f5b1 Aug 16  2022 cc1541-4.0.gitignore
[unknown]                  648    1087  59.6% -lh5- e71a Aug 16  2022 cc1541-4.0LICENSE.txt
[unknown]                  935    2712  34.5% -lh5- c08a Aug 16  2022 cc1541-4.0Makefile
[unknown]                 2663    6288  42.4% -lh5- 7d1f Aug 16  2022
[unknown]                  884    2899  30.5% -lh5- b4aa Aug 16  2022 cc1541-4.0bitbucket-pipelines.yml
[unknown]                 2670    5716  46.7% -lh5- 9334 Aug 16  2022
[unknown]                38439  188332  20.4% -lh5- 248e Aug 16  2022 cc1541-4.0cc1541.c
[unknown]                  500    2045  24.4% -lh5- ea5c Aug 16  2022 cc1541-4.0cc1541.sln
[unknown]                 1130    7379  15.3% -lh5- 281c Aug 16  2022 cc1541-4.0cc1541.vcxproj
[unknown]                  459     956  48.0% -lh5- 24b6 Aug 16  2022 cc1541-4.0cc1541.vcxproj.filters
[unknown]                 8257   86706   9.5% -lh5- b119 Aug 16  2022 cc1541-4.0test_cc1541.c
[unknown]                 1151    7455  15.4% -lh5- 6a2f Aug 16  2022 cc1541-4.0test_cc1541.vcxproj
[unknown]                  463     961  48.2% -lh5- 8662 Aug 16  2022 cc1541-4.0test_cc1541.vcxproj.filters
[unknown]                 7020    8128  86.4% -lh5- 1687 Aug 16  2022 cc1541-4.0transwarp v0.84.prg
[unknown]                 7003    8119  86.3% -lh5- 5c90 Aug 16  2022 cc1541-4.0transwarp v0.86.prg
[generic]                41428   89088  46.5% -lh5- 56f1 Feb 24 22:04 cc1541-4.0/cc1541
[generic]                43146   87504  49.3% -lh5- 0065 Feb 24 22:26 cc1541-4.0/cc1541.020
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ ----------
 Total        19 files  157214  506238  31.1%            Feb 25 04:45

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