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Short:Atari ST and STE emulator for a68k
Author:Hatari Team
Uploader:303dmx hetnet nl (Michel 'DMX' Bagmeijer)
Requires:ixemul.library V48
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2009-09-05 : *** Version 1.3.1 ***

2009-09-05  Thomas Huth

	* doc/release-notes.txt:
	Updated release notes for version 1.3.1

	* Info-Hatari.plist,, doc/doxygen/Doxyfile, hatari.spec,
	readme.txt, src/gui-osx/English.lproj/InfoPlist.strings,
	Increased version number to 1.3.1

2009-09-03  Thomas Huth

	* src/floppy.c:
	Fixed HD boot drive when drive C: does not exist. TOS 2.06 was
	crashing during the boot process when drive C: did not exist, but
	Hatari wrongly declared this drive as boot drive.

	* src/gemdos.c:
	Fixed drive enumeration of GEMDOS HD emulation. Single partition
	GEMDOS HD emulation did not work anymore when an ACSI HD image was
	also used, due to some problems with the automatic drive letter

	* src/stMemory.c:
	Fix ConnectedDriveMask with multiple, non-contiguous GEMDOS

2009-08-25  Eero Tamminen

	* python-ui/Makefile:
	Fix to incorrect use of DESTDIR in python-ui installation

2009-08-17  Eero Tamminen

	* src/debugui.c:
	more compact debugger output (return to emulation msg)

	* python-ui/
	update copyright, fix trace settings names

	* python-ui/
	fix: debugger memdump/disasm show/save/load need now to use '$' for

2009-08-17  Thomas Huth

	* doc/compatibility.html, doc/manual.html:
	Improved the CSS of the manual and compatibility list. The "font-
	family:Fixed" did not work at all on Windows. Also cleaned up the
	CSS in general.

	* src/Makefile, src/gui-win/Makefile:
	The hatari icons for the Windows executable must not be put into an
	archive for linking.

2009-08-16 : *** Version 1.3.0 ***

2009-08-16  Thomas Huth

    * python-ui/
    Changed the website URL to the new home of Hatari at

    * python-ui/Makefile:
    Fixed installation of the python-ui

    * src/falcon/dsp_core.c:
    Silenced compiler warning about unused variables.

    * doc/release-notes.txt:
    Updated release notes for version 1.3.0

    * doc/doxygen/Doxyfile:
    Removed obsolete Doxygen settings.

    * src/screenSnapShot.c:
    Reworked a comment that confused Doxygen.

    * Info-Hatari.plist,, doc/doxygen/Doxyfile, hatari.spec,
    readme.txt, src/gui-osx/English.lproj/InfoPlist.strings,
    src/includes/main.h, src/memorySnapShot.c:
    Increased version number to 1.3.0

    * .hgignore:
    Added generated Doxygen files to .hgignore file

    * doc/manual.html:
    Added a note about changing the DSP option

    * src/sound.c:
    Don't save sound configuration options in memory snapshots.

    * src/dmaSnd.c:
    Scale DMA samples by factor 0.5 instead of 0.707. Since the YM
    samples are now pretty much normalized, we have to adapt the volume
    level of the DMA samples accordingly.

    * src/sound.c:
    Always remove the DC part of the YM samples. Normalizing the level
    of the YM samples makes it easier to mix them with the DMA samples

2009-08-16  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/compatibility.html:
    rg demo needs 14MB to work reliably

    * doc/manual.html:
    mention DSP continue in addition to CPU continue

    * src/breakcond.c:
    update breakpoint condition test code to latest changes

2009-08-16  Thomas Huth

    * src/debugui.c:
    Silenced compiler warning that happened with GCC 4.3

2009-08-16  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/emutos.txt:
    more emutos compatible gem/mono games

2009-08-15  Eero Tamminen

    * src/uae-cpu/newcpu.c:
    if exceptions aren't catched in debugger, show user a dialog about
    CPU halting

    * doc/manual.html:
    tell about Hatari variables support in conditional breakpoints

    * doc/release-notes.txt:
    note regs/vars showing on entering debugger

    * doc/todo.txt:
    add calculator, indentation fix

    * src/debugui.c:
    make debugger output more concise + add regs/vars info:
    - values command output as one-liner
    - show reg/var one-liner on entering debugger
    - show welcome only on first time

    * src/breakcond.c, src/debugui.c:
    fix PC and SR access for conditional breakpoints, add size to
    FUNCTION type define

2009-08-15  Thomas Huth

    * src/dmaSnd.c:
    Scale DMA sound samples by factor 0.707 instead of 0.5. This factor
    seems to be closer to a real STE. Thanks to Per Almered for the

    * src/configuration.c:
    Renamed LogDebug section back to Log to avoid breaking old config

2009-08-15  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/hatari.1, doc/manual.html, src/options.c:
    remove toggling of Pause key functionality with -D (it's redundant
    as one can set the Pause & Debug keys in config file)

2009-08-15  Thomas Huth

    * src/gui-win/Makefile, src/gui-win/opencon.c:
    Fixed compiling on MinGW

    * src/debugui.c, src/shortcut.c:
    Always return to window mode when entering the debugger. This fixes
    the problem that the emulator freezes in fullscreen mode when it
    enters the debugger due to a breakpoint.

    * doc/todo.txt:
    Added LMC1992 to the TODO list.

2009-08-14  Thomas Huth

    * src/video.c:
    Fixed palette problem in VDI mode. The code did not call
    Video_StoreFirstLinePalette() anymore - which is called from the HBL
    function, but since the HBLs have been disabled in VDI mode, this
    does not happen anymore. So HBLPalettes did not get initialized
    correctly in monochrome and TT/Falcon mode, and
    Screen_CreatePalette() then set the wrong colors.

2009-08-13  Thomas Huth

    * website/scrshots1.html, website/scrshots4.html,
    Updated website with Eero's latest screenshots (mainly STE).

2009-08-11  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/compatibility.html:
    update badmood & pmheretic/pmdoom notes

2009-08-11  Nicolas Pomarede

    * src/video.c:
    No need to handle $ff820a in VDI mode

2009-08-10  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/emutos.txt:
    add rebirth

    * doc/memory-usage.txt:
    fix typos

    * doc/compatibility.html:
    minor updates to 3 falcon program compatibility

    * doc/todo.txt:
    indent all subitems the same way + wrap to 80 columns

2009-08-10  Laurent Sallafranque

    * src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    FIX : some parts of SS stack (SSH+SSL). SSH moves are now
    increasing/decreasing correctly the stack. I've also masked to 16
    bits the SSH/SSL values.

2009-08-10  Nicolas Pomarede

    * src/includes/video.h, src/mfp.c, src/video.c:
    Use Video_AddInterruptTimerB when Timer B positions is changed in

2009-08-09  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/todo.txt:
    add debugger TODOs, collect screen TODOs together + list KÃ¥re's

2009-08-09  Nicolas Pomarede

    * src/video.c:
    Don't update HBL / Timer B interrupt's position when VDI mode is

2009-08-09  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/release-notes.txt:
    tune DSP notes based on todo, update/add debugging notes, add note
    about doc updates

    * doc/manual.html:
    large debugger section update, nice box for <pre> tags, minor fixes

    * src/breakcond.c:
    value accessor function/variable support in breakcond.c -> possible
    to break on specific place on screen:
    - changed regsize member to valuetype and define few enum values for
    - names for Hatari variables and functions can now be of arbitrary
    - support selecting value helper functions by name and calling them
    when checking for breakpoints.
    - help lists also the function variable names and values. This and
    above is a bit ugly as it requires casts which compiler cannot
    check for type safety
    - updated test code accordingly + fixed earlier breakage

    * src/configuration.c, src/debugui.c, src/includes/configuration.h,
    add support for configuring default number base (in debugger):
    - nNumberBase config setting added to configuration
    - Config file Log section renamed to LogDebug because of this
    - debugui value command can now change the default number base
    - in Str_GetNumber() the number prefix can be left out from values
    in the selected/default number base. When it's other than
    10-based, decimals need to be prefixed with '#'

    * doc/compatibility.html:
    add links for games which still have homepages, note about newer

2009-08-08  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/hatari.1, doc/manual.html, src/configuration.c, src/debugui.c,
    src/includes/configuration.h, src/includes/debugui.h,
    src/includes/main.h, src/main.c, src/options.c, src/shortcut.c, src
    Add always available shortcut for debugger:
    - rename config file keyDebug setting to keyPause and add new
    keyDebugger for the Debugger shortcut. By default debugger needs
    AltGr with Pause
    - as debugger is always available, rename bEnableDebug to
    bExceptionDebugging and move it from main.c to debugui.c
    - besides toggling bExceptionDebugging on -D option, switch whether
    pause or debugger functionality needs AltGr modifier when Pause key
    is pressed for easier debugger use
    - show in statusbar when console debugger is invoked
    - update -D option & shortcuts documentation

    * src/includes/log.h, src/log.c, src/options.c:
    improve option error and usage messages, especially for --trace in

2009-08-07  Thomas Huth

    * doc/manual.html:
    Added chapter about the debugger and cleaned up for version 1.3

2009-08-06  Nicolas Pomarede

    * doc/todo.txt:
    Add item on avi recording

    * doc/release-notes.txt, doc/todo.txt:
    Update release's notes for video changes

    * src/video.c:
    Don't update HBL/Timer B interrupt's position on the last line when
    freq or res are changed. This completes the patch from rev 2116 : as
    we don't call Video_StartHBL on the last visible line, we should
    also ensure that when frequency or resolution are changed on the
    last HBL (312 at 50 Hz) we don't update the HBL or Timer B position,
    else we'll get a crash as ShifterLines[ nHBL+1 ] is not initialized.
    (fix hatari's crash in TCB Guest Screen in Nostalgic-o-demo by

2009-08-05  Nicolas Pomarede

    * src/video.c:
    Correct wrong 'right-2' border detection when switching to 50Hz at
    cycle 372 (fix self calibration routine used in Lethal Xcess

2009-08-04  Thomas Huth

    * website/scrshots6.html:
    Added Laurent's new screenshots of Falcon DSP programs.

    * .hgignore:
    Added *.pyc file to .hgignore.

2009-08-04  Laurent Sallafranque

    * doc/todo.txt:
    Update the DSP TODO list

2009-08-03  Eero Tamminen

    * src/breakcond.c:
    allow breaking on specific internal Hatari variable values, show
    breakpoint number

    * src/falcon/dsp.c:
    catch also too long dsp register names

2009-08-01  Thomas Huth

    * src/dmaSnd.c:
    Fixed Falcon 16-bit DMA samples on little endian machines.

    * doc/compatibility.html:
    Updated 'Slayer' and 'Alive'

    * doc/todo.txt:
    Added some more TODO items.

    * src/fdc.c, src/hdc.c:
    Removed redundant double-checking for ACSI commands.

2009-08-01  Nicolas Pomarede

    * src/spec512.c, src/video.c:
    Remove unused code from previous video.c

2009-07-31  Thomas Huth

    * doc/todo.txt:
    Updated the DSP TODO list.

2009-07-30  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/compatibility.html:
    Use "Hatari version" column for Falcon games&demo compatibility
    tables too. Correct Hatari version for some Falcon apps (when first
    working/last tested not to work).

2009-07-28  Nicolas Pomarede

    * src/spec512.c:
    Better timings when changing colors with movem.l and movem.w Fix
    small glitches in Dragonnels Menu and in No Cooper Plasma, as well
    as spec512 slideshow in The Place To Be Again Demo.

2009-07-26  Matthias Arndt

    * src/str.c:
    * added missing include of stdio.h to make it compilable

2009-07-26  Thomas Huth

    * src/video.c:
    Fixed buffer overflow at the last HBL in monochrome screen mode.
    This buffer overlow caused performance problems and other side
    effects, especially on Mac OS X. Thanks to KÃ¥re Andersen for the

    * src/control.c:
    Fixed compilation when HAVE_UNIX_DOMAIN_SOCKETS is not defined.

2009-07-22  Nicolas Pomarede

    * src/video.c:
    Set default value for nFrameSkips to 0 (fix problem with OS X's

    * src/video.c:
    Correct an error in Video_ConvertPosition (rare case when reading
    video counter, mostly harmless)

2009-07-21  Eero Tamminen

    * src/statusbar.c:
    Fix: overlay drive-led did save&restore blits although showing it
    was disabled (when statusbar was also disabled)

    * doc/release-notes.txt:
    add note about debugger value prefixes (user visible change)

    * doc/manual.html:
    perf note about earlier versions

2009-07-19  Eero Tamminen

    * src/debugui.c:
    add new "value" DebugUI command for showing given value in
    bin/dec/hex base

    * src/debugui.c:
    Support number / address range prefixes in DebugUI:
    - use the new Str_GetNumber()/Str_ParseRange() instead of own
    - change remainging unsigned longs to (more correct) Uint32 for this
    - rename nBreakPoint variable to more descriptive BreakAddr

    * src/breakcond.c:
    Change to using the new Str_GetNumber() instead of own function

    * src/includes/str.h, src/str.c:
    Add Str_GetNumber() and Str_ParseRange() for parsing numbers +
    address ranges with prefixes

    * doc/manual.html:
    add perf note about spec512 mode and statusbar

2009-07-18  Thomas Huth

    * src/gui-osx/PrefsController.m, src/gui-osx/Shared.m,
    Removed the obsolete defines FALSE and TRUE.

2009-07-18  Eero Tamminen

    * src/debugui.c:
    remove non-ASCII chars from debugui output

    * src/breakcond.c, src/debugui.c, src/includes/breakcond.h:
    Breakpoints: proper condition match testing, fix multiple condition
    handling, RemoveAll function, improve comments&output

2009-07-18  Thomas Huth

    * src/dmaSnd.c:
    Check for illegal DMA sound buffer sizes.

    * src/control.c, src/includes/control.h, src/xbios.c:
    Added XBIOS remote control interface (for development only)

    * website/docs.html:
    Reworked the FAQ section.

2009-07-18  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/Changelog, python-ui/, python-ui/
    add Hatari UI help items to Hatari docs and Hatari & Hatari UI www-

    * doc/compatibility.html:
    move Capy to TT games, update two items

2009-07-18  Thomas Huth

    * doc/compatibility.html:
    Cleaned up the Falcon applications table and added some more
    comments about Apex.

    * src/falcon/hostscreen.c, src/falcon/hostscreen.h,
    Removed the unused 24 bpp converters.

    * src/main.c:
    Ignore mouse motion when position has changed right after a reset.
    TOS (especially version 4.04) might get confused when it receives a
    mouse event right after a reset and then play annoying key clicks.

2009-07-16  Nicolas Pomarede

    * src/video.c:
    When spec512 mode is off and color is changed after cycle 460, we
    consider the change should be applied on next line. This fixes old
    automation menu 002, where color is changed on each line on a med
    res screen ; as spec512 mode is not supported in med res yet, we
    must consider that any change after the maximum right border (cycle
    460) should be applied to line nHBL+1. Else, in the case where the
    colors are changed just before/after cycle 512, the result will
    flicker as the change will be applied to line nHBL or nHBL+1 instead
    of always using nHBL+1

2009-07-15  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/compatibility.html:
    compat updates: 32Mhz makes couple of demos work, add EKO demos,
    remove 2 of 7 Lazer demos

2009-07-14  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/manual.html, doc/todo.txt, python-ui/
    update docs: RS232 & MIDI I/O stable, IDE supported, GEMDOS multiple
    dirs etc

    * doc/compatibility.html:
    add (fake?) Pinball Dreams

    * src/options.c:
    bLoadAutoSave not needed for bSlowFloppy as that's not in memory
    save file

    * doc/hatari.1, doc/manual.html, python-ui/TODO, python-ui/,
    python-ui/, src/options.c:
    add --timer-d option, document it and support it in the python-UI

2009-07-13  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/manual.html:
    add a section on improving Hatari performance

2009-07-11  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/authors.txt, doc/release-notes.txt:
    update notes to latest Hatari version

    * doc/compatibility.html:
    went through rest of none/non-working programs + updated (DSP)

    * src/falcon/dsp.c:
    support PC and fix DSP_REG_SSH/SSL defines in

    * doc/compatibility.html:
    compatibility doc updates for latest DSP

2009-07-10  Eero Tamminen

    * src/breakcond.c:
    Warn if given address 23th bit isn't extended properly. Finetune

2009-07-09  Thomas Huth

    * src/video.c:
    Fixed the "--memstate is not working" bug. Shortcuts must be
    processed after the video interrupts have been re-started or the VBL
    interrupt might be marked as inactive in the memory snapshot.

2009-07-08  Thomas Huth

    * src/includes/control.h, src/uae-cpu/newcpu.c:
    Use 'true' and 'false' from stdbool.h instead of the obsolete

    * src/convert/high640x8.c, src/convert/low320x16.c,
    src/convert/low320x32.c, src/convert/low320x8.c,
    src/convert/low640x16.c, src/convert/low640x32.c,
    src/convert/low640x8.c, src/convert/med640x16.c,
    src/convert/med640x32.c, src/convert/med640x8.c,
    src/convert/spec320x16.c, src/convert/spec320x32.c,
    src/convert/spec640x16.c, src/convert/spec640x32.c,
    src/convert/vdi16.c, src/convert/vdi2.c, src/convert/vdi4.c:
    In the screen convert code, use 'true' and 'false' from stdbool.h
    instead of the obsolete defines.

2009-07-07  Laurent Sallafranque

    * src/falcon/dsp.c, src/falcon/dsp_core.h, src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    add : dsp instruction cycle count. Now DSP and 68030 are more
    accurate to each other.

2009-07-07  Thomas Huth

    * src/int.c:
    Added assertions to make sure that no invalid parameters get passed
    to the Int_AddInterrupt functions.

2009-07-06  Thomas Huth

    * src/int.c:
    Disabled unused function Int_AddRelativeInterruptNoOffset()

2009-07-04  Thomas Huth

    * src/debugui.c, src/dialog.c, src/dmaSnd.c, src/hdc.c, src/ikbd.c,
    src/int.c, src/joy.c, src/keymap.c, src/log.c, src/m68000.c,
    src/main.c, src/memorySnapShot.c, src/mfp.c, src/midi.c, src/msa.c,
    src/options.c, src/printer.c, src/psg.c, src/reset.c, src/rs232.c,
    src/screen.c, src/screenSnapShot.c, src/shortcut.c, src/sound.c,
    src/spec512.c, src/st.c, src/statusbar.c, src/tos.c, src/vdi.c,
    src/video.c, src/xbios.c, src/ymFormat.c, src/zip.c:
    Use 'true' and 'false' from stdbool.h instead of the obsolete

    * src/falcon/hostscreen.c, src/falcon/nvram.c, src/falcon/videl.c:
    In the Falcon code, now also use 'true' and 'false' from stdbool.h
    instead of the obsolete defines.

    * src/gui-sdl/dlgAlert.c, src/gui-sdl/dlgDevice.c, src/gui-
    sdl/dlgFileSelect.c, src/gui-sdl/dlgFloppy.c, src/gui-
    sdl/dlgHardDisk.c, src/gui-sdl/dlgJoystick.c, src/gui-
    sdl/dlgKeyboard.c, src/gui-sdl/dlgNewDisk.c, src/gui-sdl/dlgRom.c,
    src/gui-sdl/dlgScreen.c, src/gui-sdl/dlgSound.c, src/gui-
    For the SDL GUI code, now also use 'true' and 'false' from stdbool.h
    instead of the obsolete defines.

2009-07-04  Eero Tamminen

    * src/debugui.c:
    use Uint32 for (parsing) addresses in debugui.c like elsewhere in
    Hatari (as unsigned long would be unnecessarily 64-bits on 64-bit

    * src/breakcond.c, src/debugui.c, src/includes/breakcond.h,
    src/includes/debugui.h, src/memorySnapShot.c:
    store also debugging session state to memory snapshot (if needed,
    it's easy to disable this from debugui.c even at run-time)

2009-07-03  Eero Tamminen

    * src/breakcond.c:
    dummy DSP_ReadMemory() function for breakcond test code

    * src/breakcond.c:
    Inherit bit width & mask from the other side if not set, derive mask
    from bit width if not set. This removes the (worst) redundant
    warnings about mask mismatches.

    * python-ui/README:
    add Hatari UI www-page URL

    * python-ui/TODO:
    update Hatari UI TODO to latest Hatari version

    * python-ui/FILES:
    describe all Hatari UI source etc files

    * python-ui/
    update to latest hatari:
    - add missing command line options
    - use new long debugger commands instead of short ones for clarity
    - wait 0.2s before showing prompt so that Hatari output gets first

    * src/debugui.c:
    debugOutput needs to be initialized also when commands are called
    from control.c

    * src/breakcond.c, src/falcon/dsp.c:
    add/improve debugging code comments/documentation

    * src/breakcond.c, src/falcon/dsp.c, src/falcon/dsp.h:
    add DSP memory support to conditional breakpoints

2009-07-03  Nicolas Pomarede

    * src/breakcond.c:
    Allow IO addresses between $ff8000 and $ffffff to be used as
    indirect breakpoint addresses

2009-07-02  Eero Tamminen

    * src/breakcond.c:
    quote '%'

2009-06-27  Thomas Huth

    * src/video.c:
    Clear framecycles counter during reset. This fixes the problem on
    Mac OS X where the video endline interrupt timings suddenly went
    crazy after a reset or resolution switch from color to mono.

2009-06-27  Laurent Sallafranque

    * src/falcon/dsp_core.c:
    fix : ssi.cra_wordmask value in 24 bits mode fix : remove swap
    receive and transmit datas (crb_shifter defines the hardware way to
    get or send the data, but at end, the data is always MSB.....LSB)
    added some comments + code cleaning

2009-06-27  Thomas Huth

    * Hatari.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj:
    Added breakcond.c to OS-X project file.

    * src/gui-osx/PrefsController.m:
    Fixed typo

2009-06-24  Thomas Huth

    * src/gemdos.c:
    Fixed bug in Fopen when access mode was 3. Due to a missing comma,
    two strings were merged in the access mode table.

2009-06-21  Thomas Huth

    * doc/compatibility.html:
    Added Super Skweek.

    * src/m68000.c:
    Do not print bus error message when program probes for FPU co-
    processor since a lot of users got confused by the "Bus error at
    address $fffa42" message when a program tried to detect this co-

    * src/file.c:
    The header sys/time.h is required for compiling on Cygwin. Without
    sys/time.h the struct timeval is not declared.

2009-06-20  Nicolas Pomarede

    * src/blitter.c, src/fdc.c, src/ikbd.c, src/mfp.c, src/psg.c,
    src/spec512.c, src/uae-cpu/newcpu.c:
    Use Video_GetPosition in LOG_TRACE

    * doc/compatibility.html:
    Update some STF demos for Hatari 1.3

2009-06-19  Nicolas Pomarede

    * src/int.c:
    Fix a rare bug in Int_AddAbsoluteInterrupt that could cause Hatari
    to go in and endless loop. Int_AddAbsoluteInterrupt was not calling
    Int_UpdateInterrupt as it didn't seem necessary in real case, but if
    an interrupt is added to the list at the same time another interrupt
    is ready to be served, this interrupt will be lost, because
    PendingInterruptCount value will be lost. This fixes Dark Side Of
    The Spoon's loader by ULM, where an FDC command (implying
    Int_AddAbsoluteInterrupt) could sometimes happen at cycle 404 where
    Timer B interrupt should trigger. Timer B int would be lost and
    Hatari would enter an endless loop taking 100% CPU.

    * src/video.c:
    Replace remaining HATARI_TRACE with LOG_TRACE

2009-06-18  Nicolas Pomarede

    * src/video.c:
    Save/Restore ShifterFrame structure in memory's snapshot

2009-06-17  Nicolas Pomarede

    * src/includes/video.h, src/reset.c, src/video.c:
    Change Video_StartInterrupts to use Video_AddInterruptTimerB and
    Video_AddInterruptHBL instead of Int_AddAbsoluteInterrupt. Also
    starts the VBL's int with Int_AddRelativeInterrupt and
    PendingCyclesOver, as Int_AddAbsoluteInterrupt could be called from
    reset.c with an incorrect value for nCyclesOver (because
    Video_StartInterrupts has no defined value for nCyclesOver when not
    called from an interrupt handler).

2009-06-13  Nicolas Pomarede

    * src/ikbd.c:
    Fix merge conflict

    * src/ikbd.c:
    Test increasing int's cycles for sendind data

    * src/includes/video.h, src/mfp.c, src/video.c:
    More fixes to the new code, no more regression so far ; reorganize
    some parts to use common functions.

2009-05-28  Nicolas Pomarede

    * src/uae-cpu/newcpu.c, src/video.c:
    More generic tests to handle writes to $ff8260 Update Timer B's int
    position each time res/freq is changed

2009-05-08  Nicolas Pomarede

    * src/includes/video.h, src/video.c:
    Update HBL's int position and nCyclesPerLine each time res/freq is
    changed at a compatible position. HBL and nCyclesPerLine are now
    fully dynamic and can have different values on different lines.

2009-04-21  Nicolas Pomarede

    * src/includes/video.h, src/spec512.c, src/video.c:
    More generic tests to handle writes to ff820a
     - Start replacing FrameCycles by HBL/LineCycles in border tests
     - Always update DisplayStartCycle/DisplayEndCycle
     - Rewrite top/bottom border removal detection code to work with mixed
    50/60 Hz lines
     - Use Video_ConvertPosition in spec512 mode

2009-04-15  Nicolas Pomarede

    * src/includes/video.h, src/video.c:
    Start rewritting HBL handling and add correct video address
    calculation when mixing 50 and 60 Hz lines. (fix Omega Full
    Overscan, TCB overscan in Swedish New Year, DI screen in MindBomb,
    TEX screen in Syntax Terror)

    * src/psg.c:
    Read to the YM data register ff8800 was taking 4 more cycles than

2009-06-20  Thomas Huth

    * tools/
    Quote input file name so that script also works with spaces in file

2009-06-18  Eero Tamminen

    * src/breakcond.c:
    document binary decimal %-prefix. proper string-as-value support too
    complicated, remove it

2009-06-18  Thomas Huth

    * src/audio.c, src/bios.c, src/cart.c, src/cfgopts.c, src/change.c,
    src/configuration.c, src/control.c, src/createBlankImage.c,
    src/dim.c, src/fdc.c, src/file.c, src/floppy.c, src/gemdos.c:
    Use 'true' and 'false' from stdbool.h instead of the obsolete

    * src/gemdos.c:
    Tracing of the GEMDOS function now also shows the parameters of the

2009-06-18  Eero Tamminen

    * src/breakcond.c:
    parse binary (%10101) and ascii ("ICE) values

    * src/breakcond.c:
    parse DSP address spaces. address type can be checked for regsize
    and whether to use dsp from dsp_space

2009-06-16  Eero Tamminen

    * src/breakcond.c:
    make two mask checks warnings instead of errors, tigher other mask

2009-06-16  Thomas Huth

    * Visual.Studio/VisualStudioFix.c, Visual.Studio/VisualStudioFix.h,
    src/bios.c, src/blitter.c, src/dmaSnd.c, src/fdc.c, src/gemdos.c,
    src/ikbd.c, src/includes/log.h, src/includes/m68000.h, src/int.c,
    src/ioMem.c, src/log.c, src/mfp.c, src/psg.c, src/spec512.c, src
    /uae-cpu/newcpu.c, src/vdi.c, src/video.c, src/xbios.c:
    Simplified the macros for tracing. The trace macros all started with
    a prefix "HATARI_", which is quite meaningless when the whole
    project is called Hatari... So the functional macros now have got
    the prefix "LOG_" (since they are defined in log.h) and the constant
    macros use now simply the prefix "TRACE_".

    * src/includes/breakcond.h:
    Added missing header file breakcond.h

2009-06-15  Eero Tamminen

    * src/breakcond.c, src/debugui.c, src/falcon/dsp.c, src/falcon/dsp.h,
    support all registers for conditional breakpoints + fix DSP reg name

    * src/Makefile, src/debugui.c:
    integrate breakcond.c & conditional breakpoints with DebugUI and
    rest of Hatari

    * src/falcon/dsp.c, src/falcon/dsp.h:
    move DSP register code to separate GetRegisterAddress function for

    * src/debugui.c, src/includes/debugui.h:
    move CPU register code to separate GetRegisterAddress function for

2009-06-14  Eero Tamminen

    * src/breakcond.c:
    Add BreakCond_Command/Help(), CPU/DSP register parsing support &
    test code

    * src/breakcond.c:
    .size -> .bits (reg support preparation), crosscheck width/mask,
    make funcs static

    * src/falcon/dsp_core.h, src/falcon/dsp_cpu.h,
    src/falcon/dsp_disasm.h, src/falcon/nvram.h, src/gui-win/opencon.h,
    src/includes/midi.h, src/includes/rtc.h, src/includes/str.h,
    src/includes/utils.h, src/uae-cpu/hatari-glue.h, src/uae-
    add 'extern' keywords to 11 headers (out of the 93) missing them

2009-06-14  Thomas Huth

    * doc/compatibility.html:
    Added Super Sprint.

2009-06-13  Eero Tamminen

    * src/breakcond.c:
    trivial test for triggering breakpoints, fix addr size check

    * src/breakcond.c:
    Except for registers, BC parsing works now. Added parsing function

    * src/breakcond.c:
    fix tokenizing crasher, fix breakpoint removal crasher, code
    - move comparison matching to its own function
    - remove use of pstate member aliases argv/arg

2009-06-12  Eero Tamminen

    * src/breakcond.c:
    initial/buggy size/mask/register parsing (doesn't pass tests),

    * src/breakcond.c:
    use '&&' for boolean AND instead of '&', improved test & error

    * src/breakcond.c:
    indicate which parsed arg had the error, test output readability

2009-06-11  Thomas Huth

    * src/gemdos.c:
    Handle illegal Fseek modes.

2009-06-10  Eero Tamminen

    * src/breakcond.c:
    more parsing and testing functionality, bp listing/removing, var
    name finetuning

2009-06-10  Laurent Sallafranque

    * src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    removed 2 usued defines

    * src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    DSP condition code simplify. Code is easier to read and faster to

    * src/falcon/dsp.c:
    dsp memory dump fix: correct X and Y memory dump in debug mode

2009-06-10  Thomas Huth

    * src/gemdos.c:
    Fixed return value of Fseek when end of file has been reached. TOS
    returns -64 when a program tries to seek beyond the end of a file.
    This behavior is now emulated in the GEMDOS HD code of Hatari, too.
    This fixes the "EOF bug" in the program GFASHELL.

2009-06-10  Eero Tamminen

    * src/breakcond.c:
    switch to array of breakpoints having array of conditions, pass
    (most) parsing args in struct, move test code to end

2009-06-09  Eero Tamminen

    * src/debugui.c:
    Expect 'dm' DSP memspace arg to be separated from address. Improve
    help text.

    * src/breakcond.c:
    "complete" checking side, flesh out parsing code, start on test
    code, more docs

2009-06-08  Eero Tamminen

    * src/debugui.c:
    fix: debugger input needs to be trimmed of newline when not using

    * src/breakcond.c:
    add preliminary code for handling conditional breakpoints

2009-06-07  Eero Tamminen

    * src/debugui.c, src/falcon/dsp.c, src/falcon/dsp.h,
    src/includes/debugui.h, src/includes/main.h:
    Add DSP breakpoints & single stepping + minor DebugUI changes:
    - Add command shortcut to the main help
    - Finetune of some of the messages (state whether it's DSP or CPU etc)
    - Change DSP debug shortcuts back to 2 letters
    - typedef dbgcommand_t And add likely/unlikely gcc extension macros to
    main.h & use them in dsp.c when checking for whether to call

2009-06-07  Thomas Huth

    * src/debugui.c:
    Fixed the help text of the 'continue' command.

    * src/debugui.c, src/includes/debugui.h, src/uae-cpu/newcpu.c, src
    Added simple CPU breakpoint and single-step debugging possibilities.

    * src/log.c:
    Added 'none' trace option to be able to disable tracing from the
    debug UI.

2009-06-07  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/hatari.1, doc/manual.html, python-ui/, python-
    ui/hatariui, src/options.c:
    change sound freq limits to 6000-50066 and explain them in

2009-06-06  Thomas Huth

    * src/debugui.c, src/includes/debugui.h:
    Reworked debugger command parsing. Commands are now gather in a
    proper jump table instead of one ugly huge switch() statement.
    Parameter list is now generated with strtok() so that the commands
    can easier access them.

    * src/includes/main.h:
    Added ARRAYSIZE macro for calculating the size of an array.

    * Visual.Studio/VisualStudioFix.c, Visual.Studio/VisualStudioFix.h,
    config-default.h,, src/gemdos.c, src/includes/log.h,
    Renamed HATARI_TRACE_ACTIVATED to ENABLE_TRACING since this naming
    is more consistant with the other defines from config.h. Also
    enabled this option by default in config-default.h

    * src/gui-sdl/dlgSound.c:
    Fixed compiler warning about comparison between signed and unsigned

2009-06-03  Thomas Huth

    * website/links.html:
    Replaced defunct Pangaelin Willow link with

2009-06-03  Laurent Sallafranque

    * src/debugui.c, src/falcon/dsp.c, src/falcon/dsp.h:
    added : dsp memory debug mode. (dm [x,y,p]addr)

2009-06-03  Thomas Huth

    * src/falcon/videl.c:
    Removed wrong and unused VIDEL_COLOR_REGS_END constant.

2009-06-02  Laurent Sallafranque

    * src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    simplified and optimized ccr E, U, N, Z computing. One call is
    suffisant to compute the 4 bits.

    * src/falcon/dsp.c:
    Changed the registers display in dsp debug mode

    * src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    new code : added read SSH and write management

2009-06-02  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/compatibility.html:
    Aazohm needs joypad

2009-06-01  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/manual.html:
    add note about --grab and pause to mouse section

    * doc/hatari.1, doc/manual.html, src/main.c, src/options.c,
    add --grab option and release mouse grab when emulation is paused

    * doc/compatibility.html:
    cryview doesn't work with TT-emu

    * src/video.c:
    fix ST colreg address in comment

2009-06-01  Thomas Huth

    * src/ikbd.c:
    Increase the amount of cycles for sending keyboard data
    automatically. This fixes the mouse cursor in "Froggies over the
    fence" and "Dragonnels" demo.

2009-06-01  Laurent Sallafranque

    * src/falcon/dsp.c:
    added PC to dsp debugger

2009-06-01  Thomas Huth

    * src/ikbd.c:
    The byte which is sent by the IKBD after a reset command has to be
    delayed by 50000 cycles. Lotus Turbo Esprit 2 now does not crash
    anymore during its buggy start up sequence.

2009-05-31  Eero Tamminen

    * Makefile, python-ui/Makefile:
    install also python-ui

    * python-ui/
    convert string underlines (interpreted as kbd-shortcuts) to dashes

    * python-ui/, python-ui/, python-ui/hatari-, python-ui/, python-ui/
    support arbitrary sound frequency. scripts should be executable

2009-05-31  Thomas Huth

    * src/dmaSnd.c:
    Calculate frame position only once instead of two times when playing
    stereo sound.

    * src/dmaSnd.c:
    Scale down DMA samples before mixing with PSG sound so that they are
    at the same level. The song "On behalf of the Queen" by 505 should
    now sound better.

    * src/Makefile:
    Avoid linking the main executable if nothing has been changed at

2009-05-29  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/hatari.1, doc/manual.html, src/options.c:
    playback frequency can now be set to "any" value, update --sound

    * python-ui/hatari-icon.png, python-ui/hatari.png:
    add missing / necessary images back

2009-05-28  Laurent Sallafranque

    * src/falcon/dsp_core.h, src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c,
    removed X and Y external ram buffers (gain 64 ko) some code rewrote
    minor bug fixes

2009-05-24  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/TODO, python-ui/, python-ui/
    update python-ui TODO, fix Midi config names, update trace flags

2008-10-19  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/Changelog, python-ui/TODO, python-ui/, python-
    ui/, python-ui/, python-ui/
    - Implement peripherals dialog
    - Check sound output file extension as required by Hatari
    - disk -> floppy dialog
    - update TODO&Changelog

2008-09-29  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/TODO, python-ui/, python-ui/, python-
    ui/, python-ui/
    Implement support for paths and update TODO

2008-09-28  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/TODO, python-ui/, python-ui/, python-
    ui/, python-ui/
    - add support for auto frameskip, statusbar and overlay led and
    simplify the display dialog code a bit
    - remove support for multiple machine setups now that Hatari config
    loading (after startup) works, this makes the dialog easier to use
    - fix memory size setting
    - other minor changes

2008-08-28  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/Changelog, python-ui/TODO:
    - make changelog more readable
    - remove Hatari stuff from TODO list (some of is now implemented and
    rest discussed with Thomas)

2008-07-30  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/
    - support for older Pythons (non-derived class syntax)
    - check whether Hatari supports --control-socket option
    - support Hatari remote path setting and device toggling
    - add hatari-console help

2008-07-26  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/Changelog, python-ui/Makefile, python-ui/README, python-
    - Moved feature TODOs from source to new TODO file and added there
    also some issues found from Hatari too + things that Steem has
    - Added Changelog
    - README update

    * python-ui/, python-ui/, python-ui/,
    python-ui/, python-ui/hatariui, python-ui/,
    - Added recanim, recsound, config load/save and memory snapshot
    load/save features. If config changed in UI, give a temporary
    config file to Hatari whenever it's re-run
    - Fullscreen isn't anymore a toggle as user cannot use this option
    if Hatari is fullscreen... Removed fullscreen config option
    handling as it will be changed also directly from Hatari
    - To support drag&drop for the UI, it forwards non-option args
    (floppy name) to Hatari from the UI command line
    - Disk image and joystick settings to separate dialogs
    - Add dummy paths and peripherals settings dialogs
    - Check that Hatari supports --control-socket argument
    - Make dialog run() methods more consistent
    - Python code compatible to Python 2.4 (I'm testing with 2.5 which
    accepts '()' for classes not inheriting anything) and wrapper
    scripts to older SH (use exit when outside func body)

2008-07-11  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/Makefile, python-ui/hatariui, python-ui/hatariui.desktop:
    add desktop file, minor tweaks

2008-07-10  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/.cvsignore, python-ui/Makefile, python-ui/README, python-
    ui/hatariui, python-ui/
    - Add Makefile for installing and make script installable
    - Update README and add .cvsignore for local bytecompiled .py files
    - remove useless

2008-07-07  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/hatariui, python-ui/
    fix single row panel with actions

2008-07-06  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/hatari-ui, python-ui/
    old UI is now redundant

    * python-ui/, python-ui/hatariui, python-ui/,
    - fix: create_toolbutton utility
    - fix: make sound settings into a dialog
    - fix: fastforward & fullscreen initial state in actions
    - add new hatariui helper script
    - enable keyboard shortcuts when Hatari isn't embedded
    - make panels into actions and if user gives any on command line,
    add them to menu too
    - close by itself on a row is enough as a button, no need for
    toolbar + toolitem

2008-07-05  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/
    GtkSocket embedding the Hatari window needs to do Gtk focus grab for
    key events to go to Hatari (at all) when toolbars are used.

    * python-ui/
    Large refactoring for the new
    - get menus working + option to disable them
    - converted all buttons to toolbars and toolbar items and it mostly
    works, but it steals focus from Hatari!
    - slightly improved Hatari window resize handling

2008-07-03  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/, python-ui/hatari-ui, python-ui/,
    python-ui/, python-ui/
    - move text/click input buttons to separate dialog
    - move menu/actions stuff to new file which will
    eventually replace

2008-07-01  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/, python-ui/hatari-ui, python-ui/,
    - add borders, st-low zoom and fullscreen options support
      - controls for first two to display dialog, fullscreen as
    - fine-tune dummy menu texts

    * python-ui/, python-ui/hatari-ui, python-ui/
    - add dummy (for now) Hatari UI menu
    - move run-time display settings into dialog of their own as it's
    impossible to have slider in menu (for frameskip)

2008-06-26  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/
    better check for required Hatari support

    * python-ui/
    assert that Hatari supports the required --control-socket option

2008-06-25  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/
    - allow user to eject disks in peripherals dialog
    - support "use HD" option in machine config dialog
    - in both of these dialogs, batch the changes in one go to Hatari

    * python-ui/
    make new Hatari window size reading more robust against Hatari
    reboots and re-running (previously it could get stuck sometimes when
    Hatari was asked to reboot itself after re-running Hatari).

    * python-ui/
    - empty string key values should be shown and saved as "", not

    * python-ui/
    - more robustness for the case when user terminates Hatari
    - support for batching Hatari option changes
    - support for g/setting floppydir and whether to use HD

2008-06-24  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/, python-ui/, python-ui/
    request and process Hatari window size change messages from Hatari

2008-06-18  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/, python-ui/, python-ui/
    warn if Hatari configuration is missing and bail out

2008-06-16  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/
    bump version number

    * python-ui/
    smarter control resize policy

2008-06-15  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/, python-ui/, python-ui/,
    - "finish" configuration setup dialog and add support for all the
    required hatari variables
    - list (in comment) which Hatari variables are not yet supported
    - disable Hatari internal quit confirmation when starting Hatari

    * python-ui/, python-ui/hatari-ui, python-ui/hatari-
    - UI: support taking screenshots
    - console: add support for "savemem"

2008-06-14  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/, python-ui/hatari-ui, python-ui/
    add warm/cold reset/reboot button and dialog

2008-06-13  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/, python-ui/, python-ui/
    - fix default config value type (without saved config
    you got exception when trying to switch to disasm or memory dump
    - hide peripherals dialog faster
    - correct ConfigStore() constructor __doc__ method

2008-06-11  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/, python-ui/
    fix initial disk name

    * python-ui/README, python-ui/
    README improvements, note that UI needs saved hatari.cfg

2008-06-10  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/, python-ui/, python-ui/hatari-ui,
    python-ui/, python-ui/, python-ui/
    - move table helper functions from to
    - adapt to the new Hatari joystick settings option
    - add handling for the new Hatari disk options
    - add Hatari peripherals dialog (uses table helpers) and move disk &
    joystick settings there
    - refactor a bit so that can be given options
    with which it should run Hatari
    - comment code more

2008-06-08  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/, python-ui/
    add disk support now that Hatari got options for them

2008-06-07  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/
    decided on different/simpler setup dialog structure (still dummy

    * python-ui/, python-ui/, python-ui/,
    python-ui/hatari-ui, python-ui/, python-ui/
    - stupid oversight, Hatari configuration has after all sections
    with keys named the same (shortcut and joystick sections), needed
    to rewrite config handling to take this into account
    - added joystick emu selection
    - apply doesn't close trace settings dialog, only close will do

2008-06-06  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/hatari-ui, python-ui/, python-ui/
    - ">" can be used to put controls in multiple rows/columns
    - close button allowed only in panels

2008-06-03  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/, python-ui/
    - add blitter trace setting
    - shorten "Spec512 support" checkbox name (now that tooltips work)

    * python-ui/, python-ui/
    - USER isn't always defined, use PID instead in socket/file names

2008-06-02  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/, python-ui/hatari-ui, python-ui/
    small screen / N8x0 improvements
    - trace options are in three columns, not two
    - if close button is given for a panel, set its type as dialog

2008-05-30  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/README, python-ui/, python-ui/hatari-ui, python-
    ui/, python-ui/
    - add README
    - allow running the UI and debugger scripts from elsewhere than
    where the scripts themselves (and icon/logo images) are

2008-05-28  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/, python-ui/
    add support for trace settings loading and saving

    * python-ui/, python-ui/
    - fix cosmetic bugs in config file output (newlines between
    sections and capitalized True/False)
    - add checkpointing to configuration and change changed config
    variable checking/listing to use that. Checkpointing will be
    useful for Hatari configuration dialogs

    * python-ui/, python-ui/, python-ui/
    code documentation improvements:
    - prefixing more private methods with "_"
    - adding docstrings to more public methods

2008-05-27  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/, python-ui/
    code cleanup:
    - add docstrings to methods
    - prefix internal methods with "_" as is python convention
    - all dialogs take same __init__ constructor arguments and same
    number of run() method arguments

    * python-ui/
    code cleanup:
    - don't derive from HatariUIDialog unnecessarily
    - change helper methods that don't use other class methods or object
    variables into functions
    - prefix internal methods with "_" is is python convention
    - add docstrings to methods

2008-05-26  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/hatari-ui, python-ui/
    - fix panel button tooltips
    - another panel example to the hatari-ui script

    * python-ui/, python-ui/, python-ui/,
    More refactoring inspired by Pylint OO-style warnings:
    - move common / helper functions from to new
    - add there create_toggle() and create_button() and use these in
    debugger and hatari UI instead of methods
    - move class variable constants to their own Constants and UInfo
    classes, this makes sharing them more explicit
    - associate HatariControls instead of inheriting it in HatariUI,
    this makes the class roles more explicit (but there are some less
    clean things still)
    - prefix all internal callback methods in HatariControls with "_"
    (which is a Python idiom)

2008-05-25  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/
    - refactor address handling to MemoryAddress class from DebugUI
    class in preparation for additional memory area monitoring windows
    requested by Nicolas
    - ask user whether Hatari should be killed instead of just killing it
    - fix OO-style issues reported by pylint

    * python-ui/, python-ui/
    - fix few errors
    - move killdailog functionality to so that Debug UI can use
    it too
    - make paste timeout callback to a function from method (I'm
    assuming this guarantees the text paste object is not leaked)
    - fix OO-style issues reported by pylint

    * python-ui/, python-ui/, python-ui/
    - improve documentation (comments)
    - fix issues reported by pylint
    - take hatari configuration border settings into account when
    deciding on Hatari cli option

    * python-ui/hatari-ui, python-ui/
    - refactor widgets to new HatariUIWidgets class from HatariUI
    - user can now specify that control are in separate panel windows
    - updated Hatari frameskip only when users releases mouse button

    * python-ui/
    - fix TAB completion I broke earlier
    - fix more pylint warnings (put main code inside a function)

    * python-ui/
    - nicer resizing for dialogs
    - leave 0x prefix out from addresses in dialogs
    - kill Hatari on exit

    * python-ui/
    UI improvements:
    - trace settings to two rows
    - config changes list has scrollbars only when needed

2008-05-24  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/
    - add memory load and save dialogs & functionality
    - refactor the existing classes for this a bit

    * python-ui/
    add note and question dialogs, some improvements

2008-05-21  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/
    - add event and debugger shortcut handling to hatari-console
    - resolve few pylint warnings

2008-05-20  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/, python-ui/
    - improve doc strings
    - enable configuration file saving
    - create config file on save if it doesn't exits (under ~/.hatari)
    - read/write Debug UI options from/to configuration file
    - bind enter to applying options in options dialog

    * python-ui/, python-ui/, python-ui/
    Prepare for DebugUI and HatariUI configuration handling:
    - generalize Hatari configuration handling code and move it to to a
    new file
    - split Config class to ConfigStore and ConfigVariables classes
    - ConfigVariables class makes accessing the configuration variables
    nicer as they are now class attributes and have proper types
    instead of being just strings. The code checks/enforces the Hatari
    types (bool, int, string) on them
    - ConfigStore class then takes care of loading/saving of
    configuration and its changes
    - Renamed ConfigMapping class left to into
    HatariConfigMapping and adapted it to the configuration handling

2008-05-19  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/
    make changed settings dialog text area size itself sensibly

2008-05-17  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/, python-ui/
    - use todo and error dialogs in debug UI
    - add options dialog for number of lines on screen
    - use different address skips in memdump & disasm modes
    - get distinct lines from hatari instead of concatenated data
    - remove "Default" button as useless (when monitor windows are added)
    and set Registers as default mode (+ get address from PC register)
    - lots of fixes to how address changes are calculated

    * python-ui/
    - add TodoDialog and ErrorDialog
    - baseclass improvements

2008-05-13  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/
    - Support arrow keys and page up/down as Nicolas requested
    - Added buttons corresponding to page up/down address change
    - fixed TODO dialog close button
    - fixed address entry size

    * python-ui/, python-ui/, python-ui/
    - make debug UI work also as standalone
    - move Hatari output file open and read from to

2008-05-11  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/
    remove extra space

    * python-ui/
    when Hatari is stopped again, let Hatari decide from which address
    to do the disassemble/memdump (hopefully that's PC)

    * python-ui/
    - <<, <, >, >> buttons work now
    - user can set the address also
    - add button for default address and option
    - show dialogs for all TODOs

    * python-ui/
    - fix debugui startup, try deleting the log file only if it exists
    - make register dump just one of the dump modes
    - fix the dump widget to monospace font and make it not to resize
    the debugui window if the widget is smaller than the available
    space, only when there's too little space

    * python-ui/hatari-ui:
    convenience script for launching with all options

    * python-ui/
    improvements to embed window size option matching

2008-05-10  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/
    fix text to monospaced

    * python-ui/
    - add code for reading Hatari debugger output. fifo had problems,
    but a regular file seems to work as well for now
    - the window hide/show works now properly and there are labels for
    showing the debugger output and address, but they need still a lot
    of fixes and almost none of the buttons do anything yet

    * python-ui/
    fix hatari-stop/cont

2008-05-09  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/
    improve text/key insert button tooltips

    * python-ui/, python-ui/, python-ui/
    - add initial dummy debugger UI
    - instead of using SIGSTOP on Hatari process, use the new hatari-
    stop and hatari-cont remote commands, this allows Hatari to
    receive debugging commands while emulations itself is disabled
    - fix bug from paste dialog refactoring
    - other minor changes

2008-05-08  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/, python-ui/
    - support inserting strings in addition to keycodes
      - refactored code in paste dialog to a class of its own for this
    - allow user to specify separators between controls
    - add tooltips automatically to controls
    - improved help
    - some other minor changes

2008-05-07  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/, python-ui/
    - do dialog hide in dialog classes instead of caller
    - add dialog for pasting text to Hatari (after fixing that at Hatari

2008-05-05  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/, python-ui/, python-ui/
    - complete configuration change support for now
      - show at exit which configuration options were changed and allow
    user to select whether to save or discard them
    - fix frameskip value (Gtk scale widget returns float instead of int)

2008-04-30  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/, python-ui/, python-ui/
    - refactored all the configuration variable handling/mapping from
    Hatari and HatariUI classes to the new ConfigMapping class. This
    way the other classes don't need to know anything about the config
    variable names etc.
      - when Hatari options having corresponding config variable are
    changed, using ConfigMapping sets the new value also to internal
    config variables hash
    - take a copy of the original config vars and add functions for
    listing what was changed and to revert the changes. These can be
    used from the QuitSaveDialog
    - config variable names are uniq, so simplified their handling a
    bit, section->variable mapping is needed only when saving the

2008-04-28  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/
    add controls for Spec512 and Sound

    * python-ui/, python-ui/, python-ui/
    start on setup dialog (currently dummy one) and some other minor

2008-04-27  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/, python-ui/
    - move all dialogs to their own .py file as separate classes
    - fix latest command line parsing changes and improve its error

    * python-ui/, python-ui/
    - add support for buttons that simulate doubleclick, rightclick and
    keypress (requires my patch from hatari-devel to Hatari)

2008-04-26  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/
    removed the glade file too

    * python-ui/, python-ui/
    - moved Hatari socket writing from to
    - glade doesn't really help that much and gives less control, so I
    just wrote code for all the dialogs I created earlier with glade
    and discarded the glade stuff
    - rewrote how the UI is created; user can now specify all controls
    in the UI (from the provided set of them) and whether they are at
    left/right/top/bottom. Got rid of the Shortcuts & HatariUI
    separation at the same time

    * python-ui/
    fix frameskips config var name

    * python-ui/, python-ui/
    - hatari commands are separated by newlines
    - add buttons for debug and trace to the UI
    - add dialog for selecting which tracings options are enabled

2008-04-24  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/, python-ui/
    - add UI support for actually controlling hatari when it's running
    - maxspeed Hatari option was renamed to fast-forward
    - fix GtkRange stealing Hatari keyboard focus

2008-04-22  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/
    allow multiple options and their parameters on same line

    * python-ui/, python-ui/
    socket should be user specific

    * python-ui/
    console, not ui

    * python-ui/
    add support for Hatari control socket

    * python-ui/
    This is now about ready:
    - Added support for all Hatari command line options
    - Args given when console is invoked are forwarded to Hatari
    - Hatari is started immediately and console exits if Hatari isn't
    anymore running

    * python-ui/
    add readline using hatari-console test program

2008-03-30  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/
    finish UI side of the first shortcut widgets. (it's best to do some
    modifications to Hatari to get them actually to do something as
    synthetizing Hatari shortcut keyevents wouldn't be that reliable)

2008-03-29  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/

    * python-ui/
    start adding shortcut button support + better command line parsing

    * python-ui/, python-ui/
    give Hatari options that make best out of the space it's embedded

    * python-ui/, python-ui/, python-
    - about dialog should be dialog and dialogs are not resizable
    - configure dialog updates
    - change layout so that hatari container window size is not changed
    and if it is, resize it
      -> TODO: larger window should be OK... (works fine on N810 now)

2008-03-12  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/
    remove TODO that's done

2008-03-08  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/, python-ui/
    - neither hatari nor config classes are singletons anymore
    - configuration loading, saving and showing
    - setting and getting of config key values
      - they work as strings as there's no map of the key types like in
    Hatari itself
    - when embedding the window, guarantee that emulated machine is
    either ST or STE to make sure window size will be correct hatari-
    - fix to closing of the UI

2008-03-04  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/
    support different embed window sizes, hatari supports now borders

2008-03-03  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/
    get correct Hatari config path

2008-02-25  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/, python-ui/
    Embedding of Hatari window is now optional

2008-02-23  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/, python-ui/
    add configure dialog for Hatari with non-working content

    (pretty far from working... First is needed conf loading, creating
    rest of the conf UI in glade, then backend code for that, saving new
    config, creating suitable Hatari config lines from the configuration
    in case its not saved etc.)

    * python-ui/, python-ui/
    * email address
    * handle window close button & Hatari exit question correctly

    * python-ui/, python-ui/
    * Refactor Hatari instance and configuration handling to new file
    * Change button orders and change dummy maxspeed button to
      * Do Hatari pause/unpause functionality
    * Add fullscreen option and usage to the UI
    * Add icon & title back to mainwin
    * Set Hatari socket widget bg to black and remove bg image stuff
    * Fix Hatari restart handling

    * python-ui/tests/README:
    update, embedding works

    * python-ui/, python-ui/
    * Mainwin:
      - write in python as Glade cannot handle it properly
      - remove it from the glade file
    * Update glade file from glade-2 to glade-3
    * Add configure and maxspeed placeholder buttons

2008-02-22  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/, python-ui/tests/pygtk-hatari-embed-
    Widget embedding Hatari needs to be GtkSocket (which Glade doesn't
    support) and CAN_FOCUS needs to be *unset* for any other widgets
    taking input. Then keyboard works in Hatari.

    * python-ui/tests/
    support testing the Hatari itself embedding and more widgets

    * python-ui/, python-ui/
    some testing changes...

2008-01-27  Eero Tamminen

    * python-ui/, python-ui/, python-
    ui/, python-ui/tests/README, python-ui/tests/pygtk-hatari-, python-ui/tests/
    Telling the SDL to embed itself didn't work, neither did work
    embedding the Hatari window from PyGtk code. Results of these tests
    are in the tests/ subdirectory.

    I added some "meat" to the hatari-ui and next I'm going to try doing
    the embedding from the Hatari code itself...

    * python-ui/, python-ui/, python-
    add original Hatari pygtk UI to CVS

2009-05-24  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/compatibility.html:
    fix typo

2009-05-24  Thomas Huth

    * src/falcon/videl.c:
    Clear horizontal scrolling HW registers during reset. This fixes the
    distorted screen after doing a warm reset in the "Fever week" demo.

2009-05-22  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/compatibility.html, doc/emutos.txt:
    compatibility updates. New "TT/Falcon utilities" section

2009-05-21  Thomas Huth

    * website/links.html:
    Added link to Hatari for the Wii

2009-05-20  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/compatibility.html:
    more URLs for Falcon games. Couple of extra DSP demos work

2009-05-20  Laurent Sallafranque

    * src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    Scaling mode added into read_accu (A or B) and limiting improving.
    This increase a lot ApexJpeg picture rendering (colors are much
    better now)

2009-05-17  Laurent Sallafranque

    * src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    fix : display correct write value in dsp->host transfer ($FFEB) in
    debug mode

2009-05-15  Laurent Sallafranque

    * src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    Optimization in move l: decoding

    * src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    fix : correct move S,D register masking (this corrects a move a,n5)
    for example

2009-05-14  Eero Tamminen

    *, doc/manual.html, src/main.c:
    optionally measure performance using user time (time spent only by
    Hatari process) which provides
    *much* more accurate results than the use of SDL_GetTicks() "wall

    * doc/compatibility.html:
    add Logitron Falcon games to list

2009-05-13  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/compatibility.html:
    madness is STe demo, add links to Falcon games + other updates

2009-05-12  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/compatibility.html:
    some things work now better, update falcon compatibility

2009-05-06  Laurent Sallafranque

    * src/falcon/dsp.c, src/falcon/dsp.h, src/falcon/dsp_core.c,
    first implementation of SSI receive data. Lot's of code to add here

    * src/falcon/dsp.c, src/falcon/dsp_core.c, src/falcon/dsp_core.h,
    Temporary fix : reinsert internal detection of frame sync. This
    should be set by the DMA crossbar. Temporary fix : remove of
    TX_INTERRUPTION_WITH_ERROR Willie's adventure works again

2009-05-05  Laurent Sallafranque

    * src/dmaSnd.c, src/falcon/dsp.c, src/falcon/dsp.h,
    src/falcon/dsp_core.c, src/falcon/dsp_core.h, src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    rewrite of SSI emulation. Added external frame sync from DMA (pin
    SC2), prepared receive data

2009-05-03  Eero Tamminen

    * src/debugui.c:
    check length of string scanf reads to prevent stack smashing, remove
    redundant code (scanf appends zero) + use standard strchr()

    * website/links.html:
    fix typo & funet link

2009-05-02  Thomas Huth

    * doc/images/discs.png, doc/images/floppydisks.png,
    doc/images/harddisks.png, doc/images/main.png,
    doc/images/newfloppy.png, doc/images/sound.png,
    doc/images/system.png, doc/manual.html:
    Updated 'System', 'Floppy', 'Hard disks' and 'Sound' dialog
    descriptions in the manual.

    * src/gui-sdl/dlgSystem.c:
    DSP emulation mode can now be chosen in the GUI.

    * src/configuration.c, src/fdc.c, src/gui-osx/PrefsController.m, src
    /gui-sdl/dlgFloppy.c, src/gui-sdl/dlgSystem.c,
    src/includes/configuration.h, src/options.c:
    Moved the 'Slow down FDC' option from the 'system' configuration
    section to the 'floppy disk' configuration section (where it belongs

    * src/gui-sdl/dlgSound.c:
    Support more sample sound frequencies in GUI.

2009-05-02  Laurent Sallafranque

    * src/debugui.c, src/falcon/dsp.c, src/falcon/dsp.h:
    added : dsp debug set register (option dr reg=value)

2009-05-01  Thomas Huth

    * src/audio.c, src/configuration.c:
    Make sure that nAudioFrequency has always a valid value, also when
    sound is disabled (thanks to KÃ¥re Andersen for the hint).

    * Hatari.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj:
    Removed araglue.h from Xcode project and enabled DSP emulation.

    * website/links.html:
    Revised the hyperlinks and added some new links

2009-05-01  Laurent Sallafranque

    * src/debugui.c, src/falcon/dsp.c:
    removed the TODO for dsp disasm Eero removed yesterday and I readded
    by mistake tonight.

    * src/debugui.c, src/falcon/dsp.c, src/falcon/dsp.h,
    src/falcon/dsp_core.c, src/falcon/dsp_disasm.c:
    fixed some minor bugs added dsp disasm dump registers (command dr in
    the debugger) modified dsp disasm program to display correctly
    instructions in 2 words added some comments

2009-04-30  Thomas Huth

    * src/falcon/dsp.c:
    Made dsp.c compilable again when ENABLE_DSP_EMU is not set

    * src/gui-osx/PrefsController.m:
    Made OS X Prefs compilable again (fixed issue with sound playback
    frequency variable).

    * src/gui-sdl/dlgFileSelect.c:
    Use PATHSEP instead of hard-coded (forward) slash.

2009-04-30  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/release-notes.txt:
    add more things into devel version release notes

    * doc/authors.txt:
    list Laurent's and Kenneth's latest work in authors.txt

2009-04-29  Eero Tamminen

    * src/debugui.c:
    DSP disasm completed, remove TODO

2009-04-29  Laurent Sallafranque

    * src/falcon/dsp_core.c, src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    temporary fix : remove stack pointer management to let Build in
    Obsolescence "run". It bugs anyway.

    * src/falcon/dsp_core.c:
    Bug corrected in defines for debugging mode + added
    DSP_DISASM_HOSTCVR for host commands.

    * src/falcon/dsp_disasm.c:
    dsp disasm : change the way traces are displayed. We now display
    "pc: opcode disassembled_instruction"

2009-04-28  Laurent Sallafranque

    * src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    fixed register masking in parallal move + A and B registers in BCHG,
    BCLR, BSET, BTST, JCLR, JSCLR, JSEt, JSSET + code optimisations. At
    least 2 more demos are working : HMMMM and _ demo.

2009-04-26  Eero Tamminen

    * src/debugui.c, src/falcon/dsp.c, src/falcon/dsp.h:
    make DSP disassembly continue work, use consistent CamelCaps

2009-04-26  Laurent Sallafranque

    * src/falcon/dsp.c, src/falcon/dsp_disasm.c, src/falcon/dsp_disasm.h:
    dsp.c added : use of dsp_disasm instruction length to disasemble
    correctly the memory.

    * src/debugui.c, src/falcon/dsp.c, src/falcon/dsp.h,
    compil bug correction + added instruction length in DSP disasm code

    * src/debugui.c:
    Added : DSP debug dd command.

2009-04-26  Thomas Huth

    * src/control.c, src/uae-cpu/build68k.c, src/uae-cpu/gencpu.c:
    Fixed compiler warnings about ignored return values.

    * src/audio.c, src/change.c, src/configuration.c, src/dmaSnd.c, src
    /gui-sdl/dlgSound.c, src/includes/audio.h,
    src/includes/configuration.h, src/options.c, src/sound.c,
    Directly save audio frequency in configuration structure instead of
    saving an index into a fixed table. This way it will be easier to
    support more frequencies later.

2009-04-26  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/hatari.1, doc/manual.html:
    add --run-vbls to documentation + a section on performance measuring

    * src/includes/main.h, src/main.c, src/options.c, src/statusbar.c:
    add simple support for Hatari performance measuring:
    - count VBLs when fast-forward is used; output speed when Hatari's
    - add option to exit Hatari after given number of VBLs is reached
    - remove frame-skip max limit (useful with above when skip=VBLs)

2009-04-23  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/memory-usage.txt:
    updated memory usage doc to latest Hatari

    * doc/compatibility.html:
    sonol. demo works, tron2 doesn't always start with dsp

2009-04-22  Laurent Sallafranque

    * src/falcon/dsp_core.c:
    compil error in DSP trace mode fix

    * src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    Fixed again SR register restoring after a DO loop.

    * src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    bug fixed in SR restoring at end of do loop. Only bit LF must be

2009-04-21  Laurent Sallafranque

    * src/falcon/dsp_core.h, src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c, src/falcon/dsp_cpu.h:
    Fixed stack pointer (push, pull and exception). When dream become
    reality demo now works.

2009-04-19  Eero Tamminen

    * src/debugui.c:
    address increase TODOs for DSP stubs

    * src/debugui.c:
    get rid of compiler warnings and isRange boolean

    * src/debugui.c, src/falcon/dsp.c, src/falcon/dsp.h:
    parse DSP addresses for DSP debugger stubs:
    - generalize range parsing to a new parseRange() function
    - add range parsing to DSP stubs
    - improve the parsing error and DSP stubs TODO messages a bit
    - in the stubs check whether DSP is enabled
    - add new DSP_GetPC() function for the DSP disassemly stub
    - add example for outputting DSP regs/disasm/memdump on debugger

2009-04-19  Laurent Sallafranque

    * src/falcon/dsp_disasm.c:
    fixed move and movem in debugger + code optimization

2009-04-19  Eero Tamminen

    * src/debugui.c:
    add stubs for DSP debugging commands

    * src/debugui.c:
    trivial debugger enhancements:
    - simplify memdumping code by allowing a default address for it
    - add example+comment for setting disasm/memdump address and
    outputting them whenever debugger is invoked
    - do default log setting only once per session

    * doc/compatibility.html:
    Quickly tested most of the Falcon games & updated info:
    - moved Capy under TT as it's (supposed) to work there too
    - hexagon and cavemania regressed
    - added info on sound to many games
    - added gemplay & great programs
    - other updates

2009-04-18  Laurent Sallafranque

    * src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c, src/falcon/dsp_disasm.c:
    Fixed A and B registers tests in functions xxx_reg( (like
    jsclr_reg). Solonuminezcenz demo is full working now.

2009-04-18  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/compatibility.html:
    Several games and demos started working with Laurent's latest
    update. Checked which (DSP needing) games/demos have working sound
    with Thomas' DSP/sound support addition.

2009-04-17  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/compatibility.html:
    Compatibility list updates for Laurent's DSP/sound fixes

2009-04-17  Laurent Sallafranque

    * src/falcon/dsp.c, src/falcon/dsp_core.c, src/falcon/dsp_core.h:
    Some SSI Code cleaning.

    * src/falcon/dsp_core.c, src/falcon/dsp_core.h, src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    Double buffering of HostPort Transmit and Receive (TXhml, RXhml,
    HTX, RTX). Sonoluminezcenz fractal mountains are working now.

2009-04-17  Eero Tamminen

    * src/options.c:
    update descriptions for IDE and GEMDOS hd emu options.

    * src/dmaSnd.c:
    *DspOut* variables don't need to be global

2009-04-15  Thomas Huth

    * src/falcon/videl.c:
    Added Videl horizontal fine scrolling for 16 bpp and 32 bpp.

    * src/falcon/videl.c:
    Use default target color depth instead of always 8 bpp for Videl

    * src/falcon/hostscreen.c:
    Fixed Dprintf debugging statements

    * src/falcon/hostscreen.c, src/falcon/hostscreen.h,
    Moved bitplaneToChunky funtion to videl.c and made it static so that
    compiler can optimize better.

2009-04-14  Laurent Sallafranque

    * src/falcon/dsp.c, src/falcon/dsp_core.c, src/falcon/dsp_core.h,
    src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c, src/falcon/dsp_cpu.h:
    remove of threaded code.

2009-04-13  Thomas Huth

    * src/falcon/dsp_core.h, src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    Moved the pc_on_rep variable into the dsp_core_t structure.

2009-04-12  Thomas Huth

    * src/falcon/Makefile:
    Fixed build with DSP disabled (ENABLE_DSP_EMU=0)

    * src/falcon/Makefile, src/falcon/dsp.c, src/falcon/dsp.h:
    Replaced DSP_EMULATION macro with ENABLE_DSP_EMU

    * src/falcon/hostscreen.c:
    Forgot to remove some remains from araglue.h ...

    * src/dmaSnd.c, src/falcon/dsp.c, src/falcon/dsp.h,
    src/falcon/dsp_core.c, src/falcon/dsp_core.h, src/memorySnapShot.c:
    DSP state is now saved to the memory snapshots, too. Also moved to
    the SSI struct variable into the dsp_core_s structure so that it can
    be accessed from outside of dsp_core.c, too (needed for saving the
    SSI data to the snapshots).

    * src/gemdos.c, src/memorySnapShot.c:
    Fixed memory snapshot which was broken by new multiple GEMDOS
    partitions code.

    * src/gemdos.c:
    Fixed bug in the new single-/multi-partition detection code.

    * src/falcon/hostscreen.h:
    Removed obsolete file araglue.h

    * src/falcon/araglue.h, src/falcon/dsp.c, src/falcon/nvram.c:
    Removed obsolete file araglue.h

    * src/falcon/dsp.c:
    Added proper Doxygen-like function comments.

    * src/gemdos.c, src/includes/configuration.h:
    Detect GEMDOS HDD single-/multi-partition mode automatically.

2009-04-11  Thomas Huth

    * src/falcon/dsp_core.c:
    Shift DSP SSI data according to word size. First DSP based sound
    applications are working now (e.g. DSP MOD player from bITmASTER)!

2009-04-10  Sébastien Molines

    * src/gui-osx/SDLMain.m, src/gui-osx/Shared.h, src/gui-osx/Shared.m,
    MacOS: Made alerts always display in Cocoa rather than SDL

    * src/gui-osx/PrefsController.h, src/gui-osx/PrefsController.m, src
    /gui-osx/SDLMain.nib/classes.nib, src/gui-osx/SDLMain.nib/info.nib,
    MacOS: Added IDE HD control in prefs window

2009-04-10  Thomas Huth

    * src/uae-cpu/hatari-glue.c:
    Sourcecode beautification

    * src/gemdos.c, src/includes/configuration.h, src/includes/gemdos.h,
    src/stMemory.c, src/tos.c, src/uae-cpu/hatari-glue.c:
    Patch #2713 : Multiple GEMDOS HDD Drives. GEMDOS HD emulation can
    now support multiple partitions. It's still disabled by default, set
    MAX_HARDDRIVES in configuration.h to 23 to enable it. Thanks to K.V.
    Kaufman for the original version of this patch!

    * src/scandir.c:
    Fixed bug in scandir() on Windows. Thanks to K.V. Kaufman for the

    * src/gemdos.c:
    Cleaned up superfluous white spaces

2009-04-10  Sébastien Molines

    * src/falcon/dsp.c:
    Fixed build break when DSP_EMULATION is not defined

    * Hatari.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj, src/gui-
    osx/SDLMain.nib/classes.nib, src/gui-osx/SDLMain.nib/info.nib, src
    MacOS: Updated XCode project, updated prefs dialog to open on 1st
    tab and tidied it up

2009-04-10  Thomas Huth

    * src/dmaSnd.c:
    Mix SSI transmit samples into sound output buffer.

    * src/falcon/dsp.c, src/falcon/dsp.h, src/falcon/dsp_core.c,
    Added interface for reading SSI TX values.

    * src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    Silenced compiler warnings

2009-04-08  Laurent Sallafranque

    * src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    dsp : bug correct in fast interrupt. HMMM runs better (but still not
    displays correctly)

2009-04-07  Laurent Sallafranque

    * src/falcon/dsp_core.c, src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    dsp : 2 bugs corrected in dsp_jsclr and jsset + 1 bug in ssi code
    (frame divider value must be incremented by 1) + some code clean up

    * src/falcon/dsp_core.c, src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c,
    rewrite of dsp opcode decoder and split of many function to increase
    dsp speed

2009-04-02  Nicolas Pomarede

    * doc/compatibility.html:
    Update note for "No Buddies Land".

    * src/video.c:
    Add support for another empty line method by switching res hi/lo
    (fix the game No Buddies Land)

2009-04-02  Eero Tamminen

    * src/includes/log.h:
    VC6 fixes from Kenneth for tracing (VC6 doesn't support C99 /
    variadic macros)

    * Visual.Studio/VisualStudioFix.c:
    VC6 fixes from Kenneth for tracing

2009-04-01  Laurent Sallafranque

    * src/dmaSnd.c, src/falcon/dsp_core.c, src/falcon/dsp_core.h,
    First implement of SSI transmit data in network mode. Few more
    programs which were freezing at startup are running now. Still lot's
    of code to write.

2009-03-31  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/authors.txt:
    Move Laurent to developers, add Kenneth as contributor, fix my

2009-03-30  Laurent Sallafranque

    * src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    Rework of DSP alu opcode decoder to increase speed

2009-03-30  Thomas Huth

    * src/gui-sdl/dlgJoystick.c, src/gui-sdl/dlgScreen.c, src/gui-
    sdl/dlgSystem.c, src/int.c, src/joy.c, src/shortcut.c:
    Uses enum types instead of normal integers. (Thanks to K.V. Kaufman
    for the patch)

    * src/keymap.c:
    Fixed simulated SHIFT key modifier. (Thanks to K.V. Kaufman for the

    * src/Makefile:
    Fixed Makefile for building with MinGW.

2009-03-29  Laurent Sallafranque

    * src/falcon/dsp_core.c, src/falcon/dsp_core.h, src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    added first (still empty) functions and code for SSI support

2009-03-29  Thomas Huth

    * doc/compatibility.html:
    Patch Timer-D must be disabled for Jambala

2009-03-28  Thomas Huth

    * src/change.c:
    Reset when changing IDE hard disk images

    * website/index.html:
    Fixed typo in the text of the website. (Thanks to Christoph Fritz
    for the patch)

    * src/gui-sdl/Makefile, src/gui-sdl/dlgDisk.c, src/gui-
    sdl/dlgFloppy.c, src/gui-sdl/dlgHardDisk.c, src/gui-sdl/dlgMain.c,
    Split disk dialog into two, one dialog for floppies and one for hard
    disks. This way there was now enough space in the hard disks dialog
    to add configuration entries for the IDE hard disk image, too.

    * src/gui-sdl/dlgMain.c:
    Reworked main dialog to gain additional space for new buttons.

2009-03-28  Nicolas Pomarede

    * doc/compatibility.html, doc/release-notes.txt, src/includes/video.h,
    src/mfp.c, src/video.c:
    When timer B is in event count mode, add support for start of line
    events. This very rare mode depends on MFP's AER and allows to
    trigger a signal when display starts on each active line. (fix Seven
    Gates Of Jambala by Thalion)

    * src/includes/log.h, src/log.c:
    Add 'io_all' option for --trace

2009-03-27  Thomas Huth

    * src/dmaSnd.c, src/includes/dmaSnd.h, src/includes/int.h, src/int.c:
    Added framework for DSP transmit timer.

    * src/dmaSnd.c, src/includes/log.h, src/log.c:
    Added tracing support for DMA / Falcon sound.

2009-03-26  Thomas Huth

    * src/dmaSnd.c, src/includes/dmaSnd.h, src/ioMemTabFalcon.c:
    Added (still empty) wrapper functions for Falcon sound subsystem.

2009-03-25  Laurent Sallafranque

    * src/falcon/dsp_core.c, src/falcon/dsp_core.h, src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    DSP interrupts code optimisations.

2009-03-25  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/manual.html:
    more info on HD drivers. Instead of HTML list, have separate
    sections for Mtools and loop device HD image host access.

2009-03-24  Eero Tamminen

    * tools/
    major hd image creation updates:
    - use "sfdisk" instead of "parted" as for that the partition type
    can be specified exactly (DOS FAT16, not VFAT)
      -> partitions are now compatible with Cecile
    - Create files originally as sparse to reduce disk churn
    - More error checks and verbosity
    - minimum working disk size can be 5MB

2009-03-23  Thomas Huth

    * doc/manual.html:
    Corrected some typos

2009-03-22  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/compatibility.html, doc/emutos.txt:
    Added a couple of working and non-working (Falcon) games.

    * doc/manual.html:
    move GEMDOS HD emu first, add new section on accessing HD image on
    Linux as the last section on hard disk support.

    * doc/emutos.txt:
    2 gem games to emutos list

2009-03-21  Eero Tamminen

    * tools/
    check that disk size is sensible, align partition size for mtools

2009-03-20  Thomas Huth

    * src/ide.c:
    Removed debugging code (not required anymore).

    * tools/
    Use 'mklabel' command instead of 'mktable' for older versions of

    * doc/compatibility.html:
    Added Jaguar XJ220 to compatibility list

    * tools/
    zip2st script does not need 'rename' anymore

2009-03-18  Eero Tamminen

    * tools/
    better variable names + partition size sanity check

    * tools/
    add HD image creation usage examples

    * Makefile:
    more informative Makefile error messages

2009-03-18  Laurent Sallafranque

    * src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    dsp code synch with aranym

    * src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    fix for update Rn with modulo : Modulo mode must take care of
    multiple buffers when Nx register = modulo

2009-03-18  Eero Tamminen

    * tools/, tools/
    support POSIX shell syntax subset implemented by Ubuntu's Dash shell

2009-03-16  Thomas Huth

    * .hgignore:
    Added 'missing' file to ignore list.

    * config-default.h,, src/file.c:
    Added test for availability of select() function

    * Makefile-default.cnf, config-default.h, src/file.c:
    Some changes for compiling Hatari on the Wii. (based on the patch
    from Yohanes)

    * src/Makefile:
    Ensure that Makefile.cnf exists before trying to compile anything.

2009-03-15  Thomas Huth

    * src/falcon/hostscreen.c, src/falcon/hostscreen.h:
    Removed unused code and cleaned up.

    * src/gui-sdl/dlgAlert.c, src/gui-sdl/dlgDevice.c, src/gui-
    sdl/dlgDisk.c, src/gui-sdl/dlgFileSelect.c, src/gui-
    sdl/dlgJoystick.c, src/gui-sdl/dlgKeyboard.c, src/gui-
    sdl/dlgNewDisk.c, src/gui-sdl/dlgRom.c, src/gui-sdl/dlgScreen.c, src
    /gui-sdl/dlgSound.c, src/gui-sdl/dlgSystem.c, src/gui-sdl/sdlgui.c,
    src/main.c, src/psg.c, src/reset.c, src/rs232.c, src/rtc.c,
    src/scandir.c, src/screen.c, src/screenSnapShot.c, src/shortcut.c,
    src/sound.c, src/spec512.c, src/st.c, src/statusbar.c, src/str.c,
    src/tos.c, src/uae-cpu/build68k.c, src/uae-cpu/fpp.c, src/uae-
    cpu/gencpu.c, src/uae-cpu/memory.c, src/uae-cpu/readcpu.c,
    src/unzip.c, src/utils.c, src/vdi.c, src/xbios.c, src/ymFormat.c:
    Replaced obsolete RCS IDs

2009-03-15  Laurent Sallafranque

    * src/falcon/dsp_disasm.c:
    Sync DSP disasm code from aranym

2009-03-13  Thomas Huth

    * src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    Missing type for parallel move 0

2009-03-12  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/emutos.txt:
    4gewinnt compatible with EmuTOS

    * doc/compatibility.html:
    Parallel move fix fixes grid on DSP JPEG decoded images.

    * src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c, src/falcon/dsp_disasm.c:
    sync parallel move fix from aranym.

    * src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    Sync interrupt functions simplification from aranym. Includes also
    hi interrupt host transmit/receice data interrupt updates.

    * src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    Sync read_memory*() functions simplification from aranym.

2009-03-11  Thomas Huth

    * src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    dsp56k: Deal with the JMP in interrupt case

    * src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c, src/falcon/dsp_disasm.c:
    dsp56k: Fix case for a X:R parallel move which has nearly same
    opcode as MOVEP

2009-03-10  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/compatibility.html:
    Papa Was a Bladerunner uses DSP

2009-03-08  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/compatibility.html:
    Falcon demo sorting by group like elsewhere. Minor corrections to
    group names from

    * doc/compatibility.html:
    more falcon demos

2009-03-07  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/compatibility.html, doc/emutos.txt:
    Add more TT demos & organize them like other demos. Couple of other
    minor updates too.

2009-03-04  Thomas Huth

    * Visual.Studio/VisualStudioFix.c:
    Patch #2689: The main() handling on Visual Studio needs some more
    minor tweaks.

2009-03-04  Eero Tamminen

    * tools/, tools/
    Show user what scripts are doing, do cleanup in exit handler (exit
    handler is able to do cleanup also in error cases). Also, create
    harddisk image with single "parted" command.

    * tools/
    add initial script for creating a harddisk image

2009-03-03  Thomas Huth

    * src/gui-sdl/dlgAbout.c:
    Center program name in title dialog

    * src/sound.c:
    Cleaned up white spaces.

2009-03-01  Eero Tamminen

    * src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    separate read_memory_p() function for reading DSP_SPACE_P memory
    addresses to improve performance.

2009-03-01  Thomas Huth

    * src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    Fixed scaling mode tests

    * src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    dsp56k: RND instruction properly used with scaling modes. (fix from
    Laurent Sallafranque)

    * doc/compatibility.html:
    Added Exterminator and No Buddies Land

2009-02-28  Thomas Huth

    * tools/
    No need to change file names to uppercase when using
    MTOOL_NO_VFAT=1. Mtools can be instructed to _not_ create VFAT
    entries by setting the MTOOL_NO_VFAT environment variable.

    * Visual.Studio/VisualStudioFix.c, src/main.c:
    Added WinMain handling

    * Visual.Studio/VisualStudioFix.c, Visual.Studio/VisualStudioFix.h:
    Updated file header with license information

    * config-default.h:
    Include VisualStudio.h in default config.h

    * Visual.Studio/VisualStudioFix.c, Visual.Studio/VisualStudioFix.h:
    Added files for compiling with Visual-C. Thanks to Kenneth Kaufman
    for the patch!

    * src/falcon/dsp.c:
    Assert that dsp_core is always initialized, also without explicit

2009-02-27  Nicolas Pomarede

    * src/includes/video.h, src/video.c:
    Support 0 byte line when switching hi/lo res on STE (different
    timing than STF) (fix Lemmings screen in Nostalgic-o-demo)

2009-02-27  Thomas Huth

    * src/falcon/dsp_disasm.c:
    Merged DSP disassembler changes from Aranym repository:
    - Fix register update in parallel move
    - We really don't care about count on same instruction

2009-02-25  Thomas Huth

    * src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    Small optimization for DSP movec instruction. The sixth bit is
    always set in the movec instructions, so the code can be simplified
    a little bit. Thanks to Laurent for the hint!

2009-02-25  Nicolas Pomarede

    * src/video.c:
    Correct missing end of line timer B interrupt in the case where
    display is stopped with a hi/lo switch. (fix flickering raster in
    Dragon Ball part in Blood disk 2 by Holocaust).

2009-02-25  Eero Tamminen

    * src/falcon/dsp_core.c, src/falcon/dsp_core.h:
    make dsp_core_dsp2host & dsp_core_host2dsp static, they're used only
    in dsp_core.c.

2009-02-24  Thomas Huth

    * src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    Optimized dsp_movec() a little bit. (Thanks to Laurent for the

    * src/falcon/dsp_core.c, src/falcon/dsp_core.h, src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    Removed SCI code (not used on Falcon) and cleaned code. Thanks to
    Laurent Sallafranque for the patch!

2009-02-22  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/emutos.txt:
    tested new Falcon stuff with EmuTOS

2009-02-22  Thomas Huth

    * src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    dsp56k: write_memory functions use 16 bits addressing, no need to
    mask or use 32 bits value

2009-02-22  Matthias Arndt

    * src/joy.c:
    Tabified joy.c again

2009-02-22  Thomas Huth

    * src/falcon/videl.c:
    Mask out unused bits of the resolution registers instead of clipping
    the resolution artificially.

    * src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    Some trivial optimizations to the read_memory and write_memory

    * .hgignore, src/Makefile, src/falcon/Makefile, src/gui-sdl/Makefile,
    Always execute "make" in the sub-folders. So far the sub-folders
    were only entered by make when one of the *.c files changed. Now
    they are always tested, to be able to re-built files also when there
    has been a change to a header file. To ease this built environment,
    all object files are now linked into an archive in the subfolders.

    * src/falcon/dsp_core.c:
    Remove FORCE_EXEC hack, should buffer host interface transfers

    * src/falcon/dsp_core.c, src/falcon/dsp_core.h, src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    dsp56k: Use function pointers also for checking semaphore

2009-02-22  Nicolas Pomarede

    * src/includes/m68000.h, src/mfp.c, src/uae-cpu/newcpu.c, src/video.c:
    Add better traces for timer B in event count mode.

2009-02-21  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/compatibility.html:
    add couple of falcon games & demos more and update others

2009-02-21  Thomas Huth

    * src/change.c:
    Re-initialize the IDE subsystem if necessary. Thanks to Jerome
    Vernet for the patch.

    * src/configuration.c:
    Save the IDE settings to the configuration file, too. Thanks to
    Jerome Vernet for the patch.

2009-02-21  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/compatibility.html:
    added couple of falcon demos and names for all groups

2009-02-20  Eero Tamminen

    * src/change.c:
    cosmetic: do both DSP checks the same

    * src/statusbar.c:
    fix assert. SDL_Gui decides font size based on screen+statusbar

2009-02-19  Matthias Arndt

    * src/configuration.c, src/includes/configuration.h,
    src/includes/joy.h, src/joy.c:
    Small joystick handling patch

    - added constants ATARIJOY_BITMASK_UP etc to make code more readable
    - added configuration option bEnableJumpOnFire2 per joystick
    - Joystick button 2 can now optionally act as JOY UP instead of
    pressing SPACE

2009-02-18  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/compatibility.html:
    couple of additional (non-working) demos

2009-02-17  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/compatibility.html:
    added links to rest of falcon demos and checked their DSP

    * doc/compatibility.html:
    more links, demo name corrections

2009-02-16  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/compatibility.html:
    added some links, newbeat apps work now better with DSP

2009-02-14  Thomas Huth

    * src/falcon/dsp.c, src/falcon/dsp_core.c, src/falcon/dsp_core.h,
    src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c, src/falcon/dsp_cpu.h:
    Merged changes from Aranym: Add flag to run with/without thread

    * src/scandir.c:
    INVALID_HANLDE_VALUE is already defined in winbase.h on MinGW, too,
    so there is no need to re-define it.

    * src/falcon/hostscreen.c, src/falcon/videl.c:
    Added some sanity screen size checks to the VIDEL emulation.

    * src/falcon/dsp.c:
    Temporary hack to get ROT3DBMP.PRG and BOUND2.PRG running, too.

2009-02-13  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/compatibility.html:
    updated games/demos that work (better) with latest DSP upates

2009-02-13  Thomas Huth

    * src/change.c:
    Only re-initialize the DSP if really necessary

    * src/falcon/dsp_core.c, src/falcon/dsp_core.h, src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    More DSP patches by Laurent Sallafranque.
    - Changed C++ comments to normal C style
    - Removed some debugging code
    - Preparation of the functions for DMA, SSI and SCI

2009-02-12  Thomas Huth

    * src/falcon/dsp.c, src/falcon/dsp.h, src/falcon/dsp_core.c,
    src/falcon/dsp_core.h, src/uae-cpu/newcpu.c:
    Glued the new single-threaded DSP code to the 68k CPU emulation

    * src/falcon/dsp_core.c, src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    Fixed compiler warnings

    * src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    Sourcecode beautification: Changed indentation in dsp_add56 and

    * src/falcon/dsp.c, src/falcon/dsp.h, src/falcon/dsp_core.c,
    src/falcon/dsp_core.h, src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c, src/falcon/dsp_cpu.h,
    Big bunch of DSP fixes from Laurent Sallafranque. DSP thread has
    been removed (will run from main thread), no more Mutex and
    Semaphores. This should help to get the host interface timing
    sensitive DSP programs working, too. Also added DSP interrupts.

    * src/change.c:
    Reverted the last patch (argv can remain const char **) and applied
    a proper fix for the problem (free() takes a void* as argument)

2009-02-13  Nicolas Pomarede

    * src/rs232.c:
    Fix crash 'division by 0' when timer D data register $fffa25 is 0
    and rs232 is enabled. A data value of 0 should be interpreted as 256
    (same as in mfp.c)

2009-02-11  Eero Tamminen

    * src/file.c:
    use matching return type

    * src/mfp.c:
    int -> interrupt_id in mfp.c functions calling interrupts

2009-02-10  Eero Tamminen

    * src/gemdos.c:
    remove redundant code, check for missing PATHSEP

    * src/gemdos.c:
    "new" is reserved word in C++

    * src/msa.c:
    use SDL types in msa.c like code elsewhere does

    * src/scandir.c:
    replace ifdef with TODO. Code should include correct header,
    whatever that is for Windows.

    * src/gemdos.c, src/scandir.c:
    move INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE where it's needed (Windows code) and
    define it only if needed (Cygwin, not VC?).

2009-02-08  Nicolas Pomarede

    * doc/todo.txt:
    Add note for spec512 mode in mid res.

    * src/includes/video.h, src/uae-cpu/newcpu.c, src/video.c:
    Handle a very rare case of simultaneous HBL exceptions. If a pending
    HBL triggers an exception because SR becomes < $2200, then any new
    HBL signal occuring during the 56 first cycles used by the 68000 to
    prepare the exception for this pending hbl should be ignored. (fixes
    top border flickering in Monster Business and colors flickering in
    Super Monaco GP)

2009-02-08  Thomas Huth

    * src/spec512.c:
    Fixed Spec512 palette bug that occured when CurrentInstrCycles were
    not a multiple of 4. This fixes the color bugs in the scroller
    screen of the Fuzion CD 02.

2009-02-07  Thomas Huth

    * src/gui-sdl/Makefile:
    Extend list of include paths so that gui-sdl files can find
    config.h, too.

    * src/file.c, src/ide.c, src/includes/control.h,
    src/includes/stMemory.h, src/memorySnapShot.c, src/paths.c,
    src/stMemory.c, src/zip.c:
    Cleaned up header file include statements. config.h is now included
    from main.h, so there is often no need anymore to include it
    directly from other files.

    * src/includes/main.h:
    Switched version string back to development string

    * config-default.h:
    Define inline to __inline for Visual-C

    * src/change.c, src/falcon/araglue.h, src/falcon/dsp_core.c,
    src/file.c, src/gemdos.c, src/gui-win/hatari-winicon.rc, src/ide.c,
    src/includes/log.h, src/includes/main.h, src/main.c, src/paths.c,
    Applied some patches from Kenneth Kaufman to make Hatari better
    compilable with Visual-C

    * src/falcon/dsp.c:
    Replaced call to non-existant function showPC with m68k_getpc()

    * src/falcon/nvram.c:
    Do not redefine debug macro. The D(x) macro is already defined in
    araglue.h, so there is no need to redefine it in the nvram.c file.

    * src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
    Fixed parallel X: Y: move "Read S2" register access (thanks to
    Laurent Sallafranque for the patch)

2009-02-04  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/emutos.txt, doc/manual.html:
    Update EmuTOS notes to new Hatari features, improve text

    * doc/manual.html:
    Add Thomas' IDE usage instructions to manual with some additional

    * src/psg.c, src/spec512.c, src/uae-cpu/newcpu.c:
    ';;' -> ';' (clean out extra ';' characters)

2009-02-03  Thomas Huth

    * website/scrshots6.html:
    Added more DSP screenshots by Laurent Sallafranque

2009-01-31  Nicolas Pomarede

    * doc/release-notes.txt, src/includes/video.h, src/mfp.c, src/video.c:
    Handle a rare case where 'move.b #8,$fffa1f' to start the timer B
    overlaps the end of line signal. In the case where the write is made
    just a few cycles before the actual signal for end of line, we must
    ensure that the write was really effective before the end of line,
    else we should not generate a timer B interrupt for this line.
    (fixes Pompey Pirate Menu #57)

2009-01-30  Thomas Huth

    * src/falcon/dsp_disasm.c:
    Replaced sprintf with strcpy to get rid of compiler warnings with
    newest GCC versions

    * src/hdc.c, src/includes/hdc.h:
    Added proper error checking for fwrite and fread in the HDC code.

    * src/wavFormat.c:
    Reworked WAV recording code. 1) Simplified the writing of the header
    structure. 2) Bytes per second value was wrong, it's fixed now. 3)
    Added proper return value checks for all calls to fwrite().

    * doc/todo.txt:
    Added DSP emulation TODOs by Laurent Sallafranque

2009-01-29  Jean-Baptiste Berlioz

    * src/blitter.c:
    fix blitter_fileid and comments overwritten by mistake.

2009-01-29  Eero Tamminen

    *, src/control.c:
    Test SDL_config.h presense.

    If SDL_config.h is missing, just assume SDL doesn't support X11.

    * src/control.c:
    SDL_config.h isn't always present, include it only if HAVE_X11

    * src/main.c:
    ignore all unnecessary events, not just joystick motion

2009-01-28  Thomas Huth

    * src/debugui.c, src/paths.c:
    Check return values to avoid possible errors.

    * website/news.shtml:
    Display the news from the BerliOS project page, too.

2009-01-28  Jean-Baptiste Berlioz

    * src/blitter.c:
    Fix blitter.c version.

    * src/blitter.c:
    Improve blitter implementation and cycles counting.

2009-01-27  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/compatibility.html, doc/emutos.txt:
    links to TT demos + TT-highres slideshow. Updates

2009-01-26  Eero Tamminen

    * doc/compatibility.html:

    * src/main.c:
    Process all motion events before returning from event handler.

    This way analog joystick movements don't slow down Hatari input
    event processing and emulated mouse behaves more responsively on
    slow machines (or e.g. under Valgrind).

2009-01-25  Eero Tamminen

    * src/control.c:
    X11 stuff isn't enough, SDL X11 videodriver is also needed

2009-01-24  Nicolas Pomarede

    * src/video.c:
    Remove test code

    * src/video.c:
    Better detection of lines with 2 bytes removed on the right by
    switching to 60 Hz before the end of a 50 HZ line. Some old demos
    are not restoring 50 Hz immediatly (which could distort the image on
    some TV/monitor), but at the start of the next line (fixes menu in
    BBC 10 games compilation).

2009-01-24  Eero Tamminen

    * website/docs.html:
    alsa-midi.txt -> midi-linux.txt rename

    * tools/
    add usage example

    * doc/alsa-midi.txt, doc/midi-linux.txt:
    rename alsa-midi.txt to midi-linux.txt, add contents, better titles

    * doc/images/devices.png, doc/manual.html:
    update manual devices section

Contents of misc/emu/hatari_a68k.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                 1304    1655  78.8% -lh5- ce50 Sep 13  2006
[generic]                 3346    3540  94.5% -lh5- 23bd Jan 24  2009 hatari/doc/images/discs.png
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[generic]                  288     439  65.6% -lh5- 9a5d Aug 16 20:44 hatari/tools/hmsa/floppy.h
[generic]                 1129    3102  36.4% -lh5- 58c2 Aug 16 20:44 hatari/tools/hmsa/hmsa.c
[generic]                  298     461  64.6% -lh5- f4a6 Aug 16 20:44 hatari/tools/hmsa/hmsa.h
[generic]                  259     454  57.0% -lh5- 7d77 Aug 16 20:44 hatari/tools/hmsa/Makefile
[generic]                  584     997  58.6% -lh5- a6ab Aug 16 20:44 hatari/tools/hmsa/readme-hmsa.txt
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