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Short:UAE-ADF Mount+Unmount Workbench-Interface
Author:hippie at [ Ralf Steines AKA Hippie2000 ]
Uploader:hippie cheerful com [ Ralf Steines AKA Hippie2000 ]
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$VER: UAE-App 0.1.5 by Hippie2000

UAE-ADF Mount+Unmount Workbench-Interface

What's New?

    As of version 0.1.5, the program will no longer be launched from WBStartup.
    The executable is called "UA" now for good, and its location is C: from now
    A new command "ua startup" was added to launch the server from user-startup.
    Configuration no longer comes from the icon tooltypes, but from environment
vars,     which get created/modified by a comfortable installer script. The
installer script     preserves existing configuration from now on, just this
time you will have to enter     hostpath and hostslash again. UAE-App is now
availlable in two versions, the     normal one which just contains all my work,
and the "fat" version which includes     all optional files, to allow an
"installation in one go" with just answering two     questions. The
documentation has been improved, and an amigaguide version has     been
included, with basic online help features in the GUI.


    UAE-App is a Commodity integrating the DF0: - DF3: ADF disk emulation
control     of UAE in the Amiga-OS. It provides the entire scale of Amiga
User-Interfaces,     to make ADF disk emulation handling as simple as possible.
A popup GUI for all     functions is provided, as well as a shell scripting
interface. Archiving and     dearchiving functions are implemented to handle
gzip/zip/dms compressed disk     images with or without GUI.


    UAE-App requires at least V37 of the Amiga-OS (Kick 2.04/Workbench 2.04),   
 running on any port of UAE which allows to mount parts of the native host    
filesystem as amiga volumes. It was successfully tested with recent Windows,    
Linux, Mac and Amiga ports of UAE. UAE-App does not require any special    
libraries, just those which are part of the AmigaOS. However, if you want     to
enable the optional archiving support functions you need to have the    
GZip/UnZip/xDMS executables in your C: directory and of course ixemul.library   
 in your libs: folder. If you do not already have these files present, you
should     consider to download the "fat" version, which contains them all.
    (See "Download" below)



    IMPORTANT: If you do not already have UAE-App 0.1.4 and its optional files  
  on your system, you should download the "fat" version of UAE-App, since it    
contains all necessary compression utilities with a common installer script,    
doing all in one go. (see "Download" section above). The fat version is not    
spread through aminet, so if you got this archive from aminet you should go    
to to get the latest fat version of UAE-App.
    1) Mount a new volume "ADF:" using the UAE-GUI or UAE commandline-arguments.
    This must be a native-filesystem harddisk emulation, no harddisk image!
    Put all your ADF images there and start UAE to check if the new volume
    appears on your workbench.
    2) Unpack the UAE-App archive in a temporary folder and double click the    
"Install" icon. The installation script will prompt you to anwer two questtions 
   about the new volume "ADF:" which you have mounted before. First you will get
    asked for the path of the mounted directory within your host filesystem.
Sample     answer is "D:\amiga\adf\". Make sure that this path ends in a
delimiter!     Next you will have to enter the slash character used in your host
filesystem     to divide directorynames from filenames within pathes. Sample
answer is "\".
    That's all. Once installation is finished UAE-App will be launched
automatically     so you will not have to reboot.
    Note: The installation script automatically shuts down your old UAE-App
server     (if it is running). Whenever you want to change the settings of your
UAE-App     installation you just need to run the installation script again. You
do not     need to enter all information again, since it will be retrieved from
your     current settings.

GUI Usage

    UAE-App normally hides its GUI until you call an ADF disk insertion function
    by one of the interfaces described below. The GUI will pop up, showing you
the     path of the ADF image you want to insert, enabling the buttons "Insert
0" to     "Insert 3". Click one of them and the virtual disk will be inserted in
the     appropriate drive. Or click "Ignore", and the last insertion event will
be     ignored. ADF disk insertion is limited files matching the insertion
pattern     within the volume "ADF:". Anything else you may attempt to insert
will just     flash your workbench screen.
    UAE-App enables the complete Workbench App-Interface to trigger ADF disk    
insertion and removal operations. Dragging an ADF image file in the Workench-   
 App-Icon or the Popup-GUI or activating the file and using the App-MenuItem    
will call the disk insertion function (ADF file does not need to have an icon   
 for this). Dragging a disk icon associated with a DFx: virtual floppy drive    
in the Workbench-App-Icon or the Popup-GUI or activating it and using the    
App-MenuItem will call the disk removal function in turn.
    You may create Project Icons for your ADF image files, pointing at "c:ua" as
    default tool. This will enable you to insert ADF images by double-clicking  
  at them, and MAY be the future interface to store UAE settings within the    
Workbench tooltypes of each ADF image. (TODO?)
    You do not want to do this, do you? OK! Use Commodities Exchange, or use
"Quit"     in the GUI's "Project" menu, or send a Ctrl-F to the ua process to
shut down the     server. This will disable all functionality of UAE-App, even
the shell interface     and the default tool interface. Relaunch UAE-App to
enable all features again.

Shell Usage

    The executable is called "ua" and resides in your C: directory. It has an
easy to     use shell interface to all functions the GUI provides. The syntax is
very simple,     all keywords are the same ones as used in the GUI. The shell
interface runs from     a separate process, controlling the server in remote.
The GUI, part of the server,     may be used as a realtime monitor to all
actions you trigger. All UAE-APP shell     operations which provide a
destination drive (eg "DF0:") WAIT for the action to be     finished. The GUI
(if opened) shows an asterisk (*) in front of the filename display     of each
drive to monitor the wait state. If the wait state blocks for some reason    
(eg a bug) you may use the PRELIMARY menu "beta hacks->clear wait flags" to
unblock     it again. Please try to find out what happened and send me a bug
report. Here's the     complete list of shell commands:
    ua insert <adffile> [<drive>]
    ua remove <drive>
    ua create <adffile> [<drive>]
    ua delete <adffile>
    ua gzip <adffile> [<drive>]
    ua unpack <archive> [<drive>]
    ua test <archive> [<drive>]
    ua reset
    ua hardreset
    ua debug
    ua quituae
    ua popup
    ua hide
    ua quitapp
    ua startup

Technical info

    UAE-App is a hybrid single executable solution. The first instance is
launched     from your user-startup. It acts as a server to handle all uaelib
functions, the     GUI, the AppInterface and a remote message-port in
asynchronous way. Any further     instances of UAE-App (as launched by the
filerequesters, the default tool interface     or the shell interface) send
their results to the server, to be inserted in the     action stream.....


    - No character translation in filenames yet (except slashes)
    - Disk images are not locked yet when mounted
    - Don't run multiple scripts at once!


    990423 uae-app_015.lha 4th aminet release.
    - ADDED:   "fat" version which includes all optional files.
    - ADDED:   installer script, 7 clicks and 2 questions to setup all.
    - ADDED:   server now can be started from shell. (c:ua startup)
    - ADDED: = Help function/button/menu.
    - CHANGED: configuration comes from environment vars now. (env:uae-app)
    - CHANGED: executable is called C:UA launched from user-startup (c:ua
    - CHANGED: uae-app homepage relocated to     -
CHANGED: icons renamed to def_*.info. def_dms added, moved all to env:uae-app   
 - FIXED:   uae-app.readme now contains download links and no more CRLFs.
    990411 uae-app_014.lha 3rd aminet release.
    - ADDED:   most buttons in GUI now have hotkey equivalents.
    - ADDED:   Scans for c:gzip, c:xdms, c:unzip, enabling compression functions
in GUI.
    - ADDED:   GZip/UnPack compression/decompression commands (handle
    - ADDED:   Delete command.
    - ADDED:   Disk-Image menu with all disk related commands
    - CHANGED: more realistic window limits now (resizes 1.5 times min-xsize).
    - CHANGED: removed tooltype UAE-DEVICE and its display in about window.
    - CHANGED: exchange-(in)activation does nothing now, didnt make any sense.
    - CHANGED: realtime sync now comes from timer.device, not from cxfilter any
    - FIXED:   now properly handles changing defpubscreen (closes+reopens on
    - FIXED:   appicon now has no_icon_position (dopus5 wb replacement
    - FIXED:   initial opening of gui doesnt flicker any more (exept drive
    - FIXED:   major bcpl string misinterpretion (worked, but ouch).
    - FIXED:   major nil pointer bugs in shell interface (ouch).
    990401 uae-app_013.lha second aminet release.
    - ADDED:   CX_POPUP and CX_PRIORITY to commodities broker.
    - ADDED:   error message if used from shell or default tool without server
    - ADDED:   relaunching from workbench now shows popup window.
    - ADDED:   improved shell interface, added wait feature.
    - ADDED:   device name display (DHx:) in about/amigapath section.
    - CHANGED: improved error check.
    - CHANGED: improved tooltypes.
    - CHANGED: only 2 tooltypes are required in from now on. others
are optional.
    - CHANGED: cleaned up the whole source, rewrote each routine.
    - CHANGED: entire GUI works 100% asynchronous from now on, no more blocking
of GUI and eventstream.
    - CHANGED: filerequesters spawn own process now. Multiple filerequesters
possible now.
    - FIXED:   zero pointer bug in command dispatcher (ouch).
    - FIXED:   appicon bug which sometimes called the guru (ouch).
    990319 uae-app_012.lha first aminet release.
    - ADDED:   about window, button and menue.
    - ADDED:   status display line, displaying all operations in gui.
    - ADDED:   pattern gadget to filerequesters, including adz and adf.gz files
    - ADDED:   emulator menue to call softreset/hardreset/exitemu/debug.
    - ADDED:   Create function, creates blank 880K adf image.
    - CHANGED: checks AMIGA-PATH for uae.device now, fails safe on hardfiles and
real amigas.
    - CHANGED: enhanced asynchronous GUI filename refresh.
    - FIXED:   cx_popkey bug with CX V37 (cx_popkey installation now properly CX
    - FIXED:   filerequesters to work with v36+ os (oops, called v39 stuff
    990312 uae-app_011.lha first usable version.
    - ADDED:   AppMenuItem.
    - ADDED:   prelimary shell argument handler.
    - ADDED:   ADF project icon default tool interface.
    - ADDED:   Project menue.
    - ADDED:   ASL filerequester.
    - ADDED:   ignore button.
    - ADDED:   CX_POPKEY tooltype and function (defaults to ctrl alt u).
    - CHANGED: simplified gui.
    990306 uae-app_010.lha initial alpha release.

Legal Stuff

    (c) 1999 Ralf Steines aka Hippie2000, FREEWARE, must not be sold, may be
    distributed as original archive by any medium, may be included in any UAE
    distribution, even commercial ones. PROVIDED "AS IS", NO WARRANTY OF ANY
    The fat version has an additional folder "3rdparty", wich contains some    
binaries from GNU or Freeware utilities downloaded from the following locations:
    Geek Gadgets boot archive (gzip/ixemul.library)

    UnZip-5.32 (unzip/unzip.doc/COPYING)
    xDMS-1.3 (xdms/xdms.txt)
    All data in the 3rdparty folder is NOT the property of me, the author of
    Look at the copyright notices in each program's manual to find out more.


    If you don't read this doc online you should go to to     find the latest version of UAE-App. (Current
release frequency: once each 2 weeks).
    It's impossible for me to test this program with all ports of UAE, so I need
    your feedback to make it work best. Email to metamonk at or use the
form below     and provide at least your email and a message. Please use the
form if you want     to report bugs, and answer all questions about your system
carefully then. Thanks.

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