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Short:AmigaDOS emulator for Unix SVR4
Author:ford at yoda.UUCP (Mike "Ford" Ditto)
Uploader:jacob gate net (Jacob Ellis)
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Here is an AmigaDOS emulator for Unix.  It's written for Amiga Unix
SVR4, but would probably work on any m68k SVR4 system.

To compile it, you need the AmigaDOS include files.  I used the
AmigaDOS 1.3 includes that came with a version of the Aztec C
Compiler.  Some tweaking may be required for other versions.

Before you get too excited, note that the program emulates a *very*
small subset of the Amiga operating environment.  It does not support
graphics at all.  It currently emulates enough of exec.library and
dos.library to allow the execution of simple text-only programs, the
same sort of program that can be run entirely in an AmigaDOS CON: CLI
or AUX: CLI.

For example, I have successfully used it to run the Aztec C Compiler
and related utilities under Unix and develop AmigaDOS programs from C
source, entirely under Unix.

Although it is useful for a fairly small set of tasks in its current
form, it is extensible, and could form the basis for a "real" AmigaDOS
emulator.  Basically, since I created the basic structure, I've been
implementing a new function whenever I try to execute a program that
fails because it needs that function.  In some cases, I implmented
only enough to get the program in question to run.

I haven't worked on it in a while, but I am familiar with the
code and would be willing to help anyone who wants to hack on it.

	Usage: arun [-v verbosity] amiga_program args ...

	-v1 allows the display of some warnings and other marginally
	useful information when invoking the program.

	-v2 adds to the above a message for every AmigaDOS library
	function called.

	The "args ..." are concatenated separated by spaces and
	passed to the AmigaDOS program.

	If any unimplemented library function is called, the program
	is aborted with a cryptic message.  The sorts of things that
	would cause the Amiga OS to "guru" will cause the process to
	dump core.

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