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Short:Tribute to Rob Baxter (2 disks set) of SONIX classical music..
Author:hgammon at
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File name: Dedication1.lha
Requirements: Amiga O/S 2 or above, 1Mb RAM, 2 FLOPPY DISK DRIVES!

A Tribute to Rob Baxter 1957-1996 (RIP)

By Hugh Gammon - July 1996

of The Desktop Music Workshop

By now most of you will  know  of  the  death  of 'ROB BAXTER' early in
1996. In fact this was over 1 year ago now.. This tribute to Rob Baxter
(2 disk set), produced by  Hugh  Gammon,  has  now been archived in LHA
format and uploaded to AMINET for those interested in possessing this..

Simply unarchive each LHA file  to  a  blank  Amiga formatted DD Floppy
disk.. The first disk is required  for booting.. Other requirements are
that you have 2 disk drives for  the  set to boot properly.. Apart from
that hope you enjoy the music..

Some words by HUGH GAMMON
With myself we founded  "THE  DESKTOP  MUSIC  WORKSHOP" (DWM) after his
suggestion that we pool  our  various  talents  together  on  the Amiga
platform. As there was only two  of  us arranging Classical music under
this name, you can imagine how I felt  when I heard the sad news of his
death. Rob was more than just a team  mate with the DMW, he was a great
friend and my inspiration throughout the last 5 to 6 years.

He introduced me to what  could  be  done  on  the AMIGA using just the
Amiga "sound chip", and after  that  I   never  looked  back..  It  was
after Rob had released several disks  into  the  PD scene,  and  I  had
just released "Mozart's Four Horn  Concertos"  that  we decided to form
the DMW.

His death has left a very big gap  in  my life, and I cannot quite come
to terms with  the  fact,  that  he  has  departed..  If  there  is any
consolation at all, it is that Rob  has  left behind a very  many  fans
of his music, and  also  the  thought  that  the  music he arranged and
scored will still live on..

Rob made so many friends  through  his  music,   that they would be too
numerous to mention here, but I'm sure they all  miss  him  as  much as
I do.. There is one thing that I can do, that he would have wanted, and
that is to carry on with  my  Classical  music,  and still keep the DMW

With this in mind  I  have  started  "The  William  Tell  Overture" and
hope to release it by the  end  of   the  year,  my  style of arranging
was very different from Rob's although  we  used the same Musical tools
        SYNTHIA PRO - EZ FM - and SONIX.

I shall continue to use the same format as before under the name of:-

                         "THE DESKTOP MUSIC WORKSHOP"

My thanks go to  all  the  people  that   supported  Rob's  music and a
special thanks to  Kevan  Craft  for  allowing  me  to  make this small
dedication originally on MIDICraft (DISK) Magazine issue #10.

I have produced a 2 disk  set  containing  "MORNING"  and "JESU", which
Rob had asked me to do  about  2   years  ago,  but  I  never  released
them into the Public Domain  until  now...  These  are now available on
AMINET as two x LHA  archives Dedication1.lha and Dedication2.lha, both
files include readme files..

So I thought this would be  the   appropriate  time  to include them on
a double disk set which I've  produced  as a special  dedication to Rob
Baxter, as a Thank you to Rob for all the help he gave me..

Also on this disk set is  the   last   piece  of  music Rob arranged on
the Amiga, which has never been  previously released  and  comprises of
a single piece, the "1st  movement  of  Bach's Violin Concerto in  E"..
This has been included on the dedication disk set in memory of Rob..

If anyone would like actual copie  of  this   2  disk set dedication to
Rob Baxter, then you can write  to  me  at the address below but please
include 2 x Blank  disks  and  enough  costs  to  cover the Postage and
Packing... Or you can Email me if your on the Internet.. Thanks..

Hugh (The Welsh Mozart)

Hugh Gammon
77 Llewellyn St
SA15  1BD

Tel: +44 (01554) 770181

Email: hgammon at
Findonet: 2:259/66.9

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         928     519 44.0% 06-Jul-96 16:04:32
       13184    1809 86.2% 06-Jul-96 15:52:10  Instruments/instrs
       20692   18004 12.9% 06-Jul-96 15:52:26  load.pp
       22476   20763  7.6% 06-Jul-96 15:52:30  menu.pp
       16524    4578 72.2% 06-Jul-96 15:52:24  Scores/Eallegro.smus
        4148    1547 62.7% 06-Jul-96 15:52:22  Scores/jesu.smus
        6942    2370 65.8% 06-Jul-96 15:52:20  Scores/morning.smus
       59776   27344 54.2% 06-Jul-96 15:52:46  ToRob
        1694     278 83.5% 06-Jul-96 16:04:32
        4944    2487 49.6% 30-Mar-97 16:25:40  Dedication1.readme
    -------- ------- ----- --------- --------
      151308   79699 47.3% 30-Mar-97 16:26:56   10 files

Contents of mods/misc/Dedication1.lha
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[generic]                  519     928  55.9% -lh5- 1d25 Jul  6  1996
[generic]                 1809   13184  13.7% -lh5- 965c Jul  6  1996 Instruments/instrs
[generic]                18004   20692  87.0% -lh5- 83e4 Jul  6  1996 load.pp
[generic]                20763   22476  92.4% -lh5- 6706 Jul  6  1996 menu.pp
[generic]                 4578   16524  27.7% -lh5- 449b Jul  6  1996 Scores/Eallegro.smus
[generic]                 1547    4148  37.3% -lh5- 9922 Jul  6  1996 Scores/jesu.smus
[generic]                 2370    6942  34.1% -lh5- b728 Jul  6  1996 Scores/morning.smus
[generic]                27344   59776  45.7% -lh5- 0740 Jul  6  1996 ToRob
[generic]                  278    1694  16.4% -lh5- 32cf Jul  6  1996
[generic]                 2513    5010  50.2% -lh5- e0bc Mar 30  1997 Dedication1.readme
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total        10 files   79725  151374  52.7%            Mar 31  1997

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