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Short:Editor for BSI Future Composer mods.
Author:bybell at (Tony Bybell)
Uploader:bybell cse psu edu (Tony Bybell)
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One of the shortcomings of the protracker module format is that all of the
tracks are linked together and run in lockstep fashion.  If you're working
on a mod that has a bunch of digitized sounds linked together like a "mix"
mod, it could lead to undesirable gaps and pops in the sound output since
you may need to butt sounds together at different times in each of the
tracks.  This editor/player attempts to address this issue by making the
speed and position of each channel independent of the other three.

Note that although the name is "Future Composer," it is incompatible with
versions 1.3 and 1.4 floating around out there.  I made this six years ago
as an internal tool so I could have unrippable mods in my demos.  Its
inspiration was the version on the C64 with the same name--as such, it uses
common blocks for the music data with indexing inside each of the tracks so
it knows which blocks to play.

Why "BSI?"  It's a holdover from my name on the Amiga when I was in the
demo scene and a precursor to the "BSI Labs" that released Lockpick 1 & 2.
(See on my coder page for info on that and
other Amiga releases during my history..)

Note that this program *is* old.  Six years old.  However, it *does* run on
an A4000/040, believe it or not!  But you have to do the following:

cpu nocache
noaga -f futurecomposer

I know this is kind of dicey having to do this to get something to run, but
I'm really busy doing integrated circuit design this semester (each
homework assignment is 40 hours using the Magic VLSI editor!) so I don't
have time to make an Intuition version as of yet.  I did want to release it
though because I'm back into the whole mod thing again and I've seen too
many mix mods that show limitations of the PT format and want to hear some
*great* ones with no pops!  (Email boris at for info on "The
Weekly Module Review.")

Other stuff..anyone out there is free to do with this what they want and
that includes the sourcecode--it's why I included it all.  So if you want
to rip stuff out and improve it, be my guest.  All that I ask is that you
email me a copy of anything (replayers, correct startup code, etc.) that
you've done with it because I'd like to see it or release it with this
archive if it's neat.  And that includes good mods a lot better than my
attempts in the Songs dir.  =)

Instructions are in the main program itself.  Now have at it!

-tony 16oct96

Contents of mus/edit/FutureComposer.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                 9006    9956  90.5% -lh5- ddd7 Aug 23  1990 FutureComposer/FuCoTitle
[generic]                14355   16292  88.1% -lh5- 1969 Aug  6  1990 FutureComposer/FutureComposer
[generic]                 1381    2599  53.1% -lh5- dd38 Oct 16  1996 FutureComposer/FutureComposer.readme
[generic]               132719  196034  67.7% -lh5- 45cb Oct 16  1996 FutureComposer/Songs/mod.newtek
[generic]                24747   47924  51.6% -lh5- 56cf Oct 16  1996 FutureComposer/Songs/
[generic]                  297     512  58.0% -lh5- 6b49 Aug 22  1990 FutureComposer/SourceCodes/Fusion
[generic]                17597   56823  31.0% -lh5- de3a Aug 23  1990 FutureComposer/SourceCodes/FUTURE2.S
[generic]                 2433    7209  33.7% -lh5- 3cbe Aug  6  1990 FutureComposer/SourceCodes/PLAYER.S
[generic]                10820   32328  33.5% -lh5- 2037 Aug  6  1990 FutureComposer/SourceCodes/RoMuzak.IFF
[generic]                 1024    2731  37.5% -lh5- 0d4f Aug  6  1990 FutureComposer/SourceCodes/SA.S
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total        10 files  214379  372408  57.6%            Oct 17  1996

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