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Short:16Bit HD-Edit Sample Editor
Author:post at (Rainer "No.3" Müller)
Uploader:post rraaiinneerr de (Rainer "No.3" Müller)
Requires:OS3.0, ReqTools.library, mpega.library & lame (for reading/writing MP3 files)
Architecture:m68k-amigaos >= 3.0.0
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Well, I am still working on SampleZ V1.0 final (see SampleZ History below), but
the progress is extremly slow. Beside the rewrite of the programs backbone,
some functionalities were improved and could be easily implemented, so here is


This time the file-io and audio-io libraries were reworked.

1) sz_aio_paula.library is much smaller now and very much faster as the most
CPU intensive part is now written in Assembler! :-D That means, for HD-editing
AHI is no more mandatory as sz_aio_paula.library is now HD-edit capable! :-D

2) audio playback is faster in general, therefore the smallest possible audio-
buffer is now 1/20 second. The audiobuffer setting now affects not only
HD-editing but also memory-editing.

=> the new SampleZ_Prefs program considers these changes

3) the save sample file format selection window was completely overworked, I
hope you like it! :-)

4) the possibility to save a mono sample as stereo and the other way round was
removed (a relict from the time when SampleE/Z was just a sample converter)
=> the file-io libraries are much smaller now! :-)

5) the sz_fio_multi.library is now named "raw" instead of "multi" representing
what it really is

6) NEW: sz_fio_dtype.library !  yes, SampleZ now supports loading samples via
datatypes i.e. if SampleZ loaders can not load a file, SampleZ tries to load
the file via datatypes. The new OS 3.2 datatypes.library is supported i.e. the
possibility to load a sample as 16 bit (if the appropriate file format datatype
is 16 bit capable).

7) sz_fio_mpeg.library is now named sz_fio_mp3.library aaaaaand is able to SAVE
as MP3 using the "lame" encoder!  :-D

Some important words to feature 7):

for now: copy the lame encoder executable to "sz-libs" !

I use the (very old) lame version 3.20 (Aminet:mus/misc/lame.lha) because I
can not get the newer version working!?? If you use a new lame version it
should also work fine.

There are four possible options:

1) Fixed "CBR" or variable "VBR" bitrate, the former is the lame standard
setting. Selecting VBR activates "-v" in the lame options.

2) CBR: bitrate, VBR: minimum bitrate. This sets "-b n" in the lame options.

3) channel mode: a) automatic, b) (force) mono, c) stereo, d) joint stereo:

a)     use the lame standard setting, see lame manual in which case which
       setting is the default setting
b,c,d) these set "-m m", "-m s", "-m j" in the lame options. See lame manual
       for details.

4) VBR quality: sets "-V n" in the lame options.
   normal:  lame default (n=4)
   highest: n=0
   high:    n=2
   lowest:  n=9


- some small improvements in the Paula player and one big one: the maximum
  possible replay rate is no more "guessed" but calculated on the timings of
  the screen mode:

      SuperPlus    27928 Hz
      A2024        28603 Hz
      Euro36       28603 Hz
      Film24       28603 Hz
      NTSC         28603 Hz
      PAL          28603 Hz
      HD720        32540 Hz
      XTREME       33148 Hz
      HighGFX      38976 Hz
      Super72      40768 Hz
      DblNTSC      47291 Hz
      DblPAL       47291 Hz
      Euro72       49956 Hz
      Productivity 49956 Hz

- the new optional intuition.library V45 from OS 3.1.4 allows windows to be
  dragged out of the screen. This feature has to be requested by the screen and
  SampleZs own screen does so.

- beside the OS 2.0 style icons I added NewIcons and GlowIcons in OS 3.1.4 and
  3.9 style. Many thanks to Philip A. Vedovatti, Martin "Mason" Merz and Jaakko
  Oranen! (and the built-in AppIcon now shows SampleZ and no more SampleE)

New in V0.13alpha

I wrote a new sample-highlighting function for the final SampleZ. But it was
no problem to implement this function into V0.12alpha. So I did and here it
is for you!

How the new highlighting funcion works:

1) there is no area marked

a) as before, click the left mouse button in order to mark from left to the
b) new: click the right button and mark from right to left

2) an area of the sample is already marked

a) click the left button to edit the left end of the marked area
b) click the right button to alter the right end of the mark

3) double click with left or right button in order to unmark the sample

-------- SampleZ History --------

After over 4 years of SampleE, the program got bigger and bigger and the code
got more and more messy. So a major code cleanup is neccessary. Because that
and the reason that the current SampleE hasn't much in common with the first
Aminet version I decided to stop SampleE and start a new project called

SampleZ was meant to base very heavy on SampleEs code. But after some smaller
code cleanups/changes I came upon several things which to change in an existing
and working program is nearly impossible. So I decided to stop SampleZ at his
point (V0.12alpha)  and COMPLETELY REWRITE 50-75% of the code! Only the
sample-editing parts of the code will be taken from SampleE.

As this rewriting of the code will take much time and SampleZ has already some
new working features, I decided to share SampleZ V0.12alpha with you.

But keep your eyes open for the Final-Version of SampleZ !

NEWS and CHANGES compared to SampleE V4.08

 - better implementation of the progressbar -> needs less cpu
 - new and better moving bar during playback + display of the time
  -> AHI:   bar + time update now 8 times per second (instead of 4)
  -> Paula: bar + time update now 4 times per second (instead of 2)
 - read (WAVE-) MPEG-Audio files using mpega.library V2+
 - read uncompressed AIFC files
 - opens its window on Workbench-, Own- and new: Default-Public-Screen
 - moved several, often needed functions into a "support"-library
   -> main-program and io-librarys are much smaller now

and several internal changes, which won't be recognized by the user :-)

SampleZ should be as stable as the latest SampleE, afterall its a alpha version!

Use SampleZ at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damage which may be
caused by using this program.

I included the last SampleE-Guide as the usage of SampleZ is exactly the same.

Contents of mus/edit/SampleZ.lha
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[unknown]                 1535    2067  74.3% -lh5- 359f Nov 17  2018 SampleZ_V0.15alpha/
[unknown]                 1504    1793  83.9% -lh5- 41ab Nov 17  2018 SampleZ_V0.15alpha/GlowIcons3.9/
[unknown]                 1454    1803  80.6% -lh5- 8ff6 Nov 17  2018 SampleZ_V0.15alpha/GlowIcons3.9/
[unknown]                 1661    1966  84.5% -lh5- 6e0c Nov 17  2018 SampleZ_V0.15alpha/GlowIcons3.9/
[unknown]                 1284    2206  58.2% -lh5- 3e78 Nov 17  2018 SampleZ_V0.15alpha/
[unknown]                 1279    2003  63.9% -lh5- 78d9 Nov 17  2018 SampleZ_V0.15alpha/NewIcons/
[unknown]                 1403    2470  56.8% -lh5- 3bb1 Nov 17  2018 SampleZ_V0.15alpha/NewIcons/
[unknown]                 1521    2392  63.6% -lh5- 4beb Nov 17  2018 SampleZ_V0.15alpha/NewIcons/
[unknown]                 1606    2453  65.5% -lh5- 9cbc Nov 17  2018 SampleZ_V0.15alpha/NewIcons/
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[unknown]                  264     512  51.6% -lh5- 3352 Nov 17  2018 SampleZ_V0.15alpha/
[unknown]                  389    1081  36.0% -lh5- c57f Nov 17  2018 SampleZ_V0.15alpha/
[unknown]                 5719   19256  29.7% -lh5- e97a Jul  1 00:20 SampleZ_V0.15alpha/SampleZ_Prefs
[unknown]                  394     626  62.9% -lh5- 37b4 Nov 17  2018 SampleZ_V0.15alpha/
[unknown]                 1414    2259  62.6% -lh5- 92da Nov  9  1998 SampleZ_V0.15alpha/sz-icons/
[unknown]                 1802    3164  57.0% -lh5- 896f Jun 30 22:34 SampleZ_V0.15alpha/sz-libs/sz_aio_ahi.library
[unknown]                 2372    4452  53.3% -lh5- 2ed0 Jun 30 21:14 SampleZ_V0.15alpha/sz-libs/sz_aio_paula.library
[unknown]                 3116    9268  33.6% -lh5- 7173 Jun 30 21:14 SampleZ_V0.15alpha/sz-libs/sz_fio_16sv.library
[unknown]                 5695   20936  27.2% -lh5- 8ff6 Jun 30 21:14 SampleZ_V0.15alpha/sz-libs/sz_fio_8svx.library
[unknown]                 4186   12704  33.0% -lh5- d089 Jun 30 21:14 SampleZ_V0.15alpha/sz-libs/sz_fio_aiff.library
[unknown]                 2326    4740  49.1% -lh5- d05a Jun 30 21:14 SampleZ_V0.15alpha/sz-libs/sz_fio_dtype.library
[unknown]                 6476   19568  33.1% -lh5- 8af0 Jun 30 21:14 SampleZ_V0.15alpha/sz-libs/sz_fio_mp3.library
[unknown]                 5623   20172  27.9% -lh5- 584a Jun 30 21:14 SampleZ_V0.15alpha/sz-libs/sz_fio_raw.library
[unknown]                 3697    9888  37.4% -lh5- a2a3 Jun 30 21:14 SampleZ_V0.15alpha/sz-libs/sz_fio_wave.library
[unknown]                 5216   14416  36.2% -lh5- 5885 Jun 30 21:14 SampleZ_V0.15alpha/sz-libs/sz_support.library
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