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Short:The Player playroutine, E1x/E2x fix.
Author:Photon,NoName,Platon42,Tolkien,The Dark Coder
Uploader:photon scoopex1988 org
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                      The Player 6.1A 610.12 / 01.15.15
                      Copyright 1992-95 Jarno Paananen
                            Guru / Sahara Surfers
                        A Sahara Surfers Product 1995
        Fixed 1998-04 by NoName, Platon42, Tolkien and The Dark Coder     
          Optimized, bugfixed, improved 2010-2015 by Photon/Scoopex

    Packaged single-include easy-to-use archive with examples and comments.

New in 610.12
- E1x/E2x fix

New in 610.11
Tutorial here:
Put it in your demo:

For more help, read docs and sources. I leave development of P61 as of this 

- fixed EDx command
- fixed an unwanted feature in legacy init/exit code (CIA poked when p61cia=0)
- Dxx was never implemented, except for where xx=00. Implementing it will cause
spikes in rastertime. See sources for the technical details.
- E8x and 8xx work identically. E8x will cause filtered loops in non-legacy 
trackers if the module is ripped. 8xx recommended therefore.

New in 610.10
- fixed E6x command bug introduced (by me) in 610.8. See notes in P6110-Play.i.
- new option: visuctrs=1 for easy visualizers (demonstrated in P6110-Example.S)
- final cleanup and passed all tests.

New in 610.9
No functional changes from P6108. Cleaned up version for ease of use and 

- 'start' define replaced with P61_InitPos. Works the same way but at runtime.
- Cleaned up, easier to include and use.
- A few of the options have been prefixed with "p61" to avoid common name 
- Fixed remaining case sensitivity and Label: issues.
- More compatible directives and operators. NOTE: this means you will only be
  informed of FAILs in AsmOne/AsmPro.
  (only checks channels and splitchans for insane values, so don't panic.)
- Assembles in AsmOne, AsmPro, Devpac, PhxAss, and vasm. (Optimize jmp(PC) must
  be off in vasm.)
- new option: p61bigjtab=0 to save 480 bytes and lose max 56 cycles.

New in 610.8
This is also not a minor update... but the numbering has been kept for
historical reasons. In short, SLen variable in P61_Init always wrote
SongLength+1. It was bugfixed, so PosJmp to last track works, for example. If
you have any code that subtracts 1 from songlength, you need to unfix it for
this version.

Also, the playroutine has two "big" optimization options, splitchans and split4.
Split4 doesn't work with songs with speed F03 or faster, obviously. To split
decrunch over 4 frames requires at least 4 frames per notestep ;)

Splitchans works with all speeds and splits decrunch in half, basically. There 
are no speed restrictions. Both Split4 and Splitchans works with CIA and Vblank.

Non lev6 mode added for the first time, as "poke DMAs to a byte address". You
can for example set a copper wait 11 scanlines after Vblank and load DMAcon, and
give the address in a4 to P61_Init. (If you run the playroutine at Vblank of

All measurements done with 68000 running at full speed without interfering 
bitplane or blitter DMA, when used 'in action' the raster time gained might 
be greater, but still 25 percent.

Timing measurement and testing done on >12 random modules, with the above
results. Optimization has been made only with regards to the maximum raster-
time consumed, as it is this which affects a demo's or game's performance.
But gain should be near to the above also for average time consumed.

(I have no idea what the gain will be if you set use=-1. Set it to the value 
in the P61.#? file comment! All modules have been tested with use=-1, of 
course, so laziness is not a problem, just a raster time loss.)

It has also been tested in 68040 mode on my accelerated OCS A500, and WinUAE 
2.0.2b15. Not that it means anything. I've made no changes that would work 
differently on any Amiga.

- restructuring changes, all based on the used new options.

- removed the usage of A2, so 16 cycles saved if called in an interrupt :)

- none. Everything worked when SLen was corrected :)

- none. Everything worked when SLen was corrected :)
- actually, I added an improvement for click free soundoff/posjmp and soundon...
- split4/splitchans option handling added for correct functioning. Read

- anal optimization on everything that affects maxtime. I dare an alien from an
advanced civilization to gain more than 16 cycles on the maxtime. See it as a
challenge, not as arrogance. A warning: You will become obsessive compulsive...
like me...
- oscillo option added. This will give you extremely exact sample windows of the
samples played each frame, exact enough to allow you to mix channels while Paula
is playing the samples... or you can make the best oscilloscope effect yet...
I wrote a separate demopart oscilloscope effect to test it, let me know if you 
want the example source.

- see options in P6108-MaxTimeOptiOptions.S. Use them wisely. For example by 
reading their comments!

- See extensive comments in P61-Play.S and P61-Example.S.

- I am confident every module that works in P6107 works in P6108. I've tested 
even more modules this time :)
- If you find a module that doesn't or want to give feedback, email photon 
scoopex1988 org.
- If you want me to answer questions about P61 playroutines in general, ask me 
soon, before I forget. Best before date is 1 week from release date. :P

- 2-channel cross-Pan/Echo/Delay. Will be in next version. Or you can make it
yourself, see plugin comments in P6108-Play.S - 1-2 Extra synth or sample
channels. You can do this with P61_Osc. But buffered is more effective.
Framework is there, see plugin comments. An example buffered mixing routine will
be in next version.

Released during Amiga Demo Compo on BP2010. Haujobb rulez :) Greetings to 
NoName for finding me at the party :)

Contents of mus/misc/P6112.lha
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[generic]               188826  304200  62.1% -lh5- e36d Jul 23  1980 P61.Dolphins-Dreamquest-by-Esau
[generic]                94116  141324  66.6% -lh5- 89ca Jul 23  1980 P61.new_ditty
[generic]                  761    1310  58.1% -lh5- 79e4 Jul 23  1980 P61.sowhat-intro
[generic]                 5467   12697  43.1% -lh5- 3454 Jan 15  1980 P6112-Example.S
[generic]                13398   64236  20.9% -lh5- dbb4 Jan 15  1980 P6112-Play-stripped.i
[generic]                24189   88343  27.4% -lh5- 9c27 Jan 15  1980 P6112-Play.i
[generic]                 3097    6239  49.6% -lh5- 1da2 Jan 15  1980 P6112.readme
[generic]                15805   31724  49.8% -lh5- efbe Jul 23  1980 P61Con
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