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Short:Module optimizer (shareware, 1994)
Author:Joakim Ögren
Uploader:Crashdisk (aminet aminet net)
Requires:util/libs/ReqToolsUsr.lha; util/libs/pplib16.lha
Architecture:m68k-amigaos >= 2.0.4
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What is OptiMod?

OptiMod is a utility to optimize NoiseTracker and ProTracker modules. All 
modules must be in the 31 instruments fileformat and be a 
ProTracker/NoiseTracker module. ie OptiMod won't accept any StarTrekker or 15 
instruments SoundTracker modules.  To use OptiMod on any of them please load 
them into ProTracker (or some other Tracker) and save it again.

I began to program OptiMod when I saw that most modules were longer than they 
would have to be. And the stupid fileformat of modules doesn't make it 
shorter. Unused samples & patterns exists in almost all modules. OptiMod will 
try to correct these faults. Some other authors have already tried to do this 
but in another way: Azatoth of Phenomena with his ProPacker, but it changed 
the whole format and deleted all instrument names etc. There exists some more 
programs that do the same thing, The Player is one example.

OptiMod will keep all instruments names & not change the format. It will just 
rearrange the patterns & delete unused samples & patterns.

OptiMod will keep the old format, but if you keep all your modules 
compressed/packed I would strongly recommend the NewPM option. By using 
OptiMod with the NewPM option the module will be saved into PowerMusic 
moduleformat. When you crunch/archive them you'll gain about 10% more than 
just crunching it.

YOU'LL SAVE ABOUT 40-50% WITH   NEWPM OPTION + LhA  (by Stefan Boberg)

But now with OptiMod you can optimize modules and they will sound EXACTLY the

OptiMod has also the ability to check who has done the module. If you use the 
Verbose (No option), Short or Name mode you'll see the authors name (if any). 
OptiMod will search thru all sample names for strings.

Rearrange patterns to take less space.

For instance by using pattern 0,1,2 & 6. All patterns in the middle will be 
saved (3,4 & 5) but unused and empty. This will gain 1024 bytes per deleted 
pattern. OptiMod won't delete any used pattern.  As long as it's in the 
'SongPositions' it will be left. Duplicate patterns will be removed.

Delete unused samples.

Every unused but existing sample will be deleted. Why should you keep them?

Cut away zeros in the end of Samples.

If a instrument/sample ends with many zeros they will be cut away. This will 
not affect how it sounds, if the zeros is in a loop they will not be deleted. 
At least 2 zeros is always left to make the sound not 'click' at the end.

Sample data after a loop is deleted. Watch out if you're using the
command to start playing a sample at a certain offset.

Delete Garbage

If the module contains garbage at the end of the module it will be cut away. 
Some rippers save some bytes extra just in case. But OptiMod will cut them. 
Please note that Garbage gain can be negative.  If it is negative the module 
wasn't correct at the start. OptiMod will add some zero bytes were it should 
be. (Load it into ProTracker, and you'll see the same result)

NoiseTracker REPLEN

Old NoiseTracker replen to be converted to ProTracker replen.  This will 
automaticly be done. This will make the module SOUND a lot BETTER. Fixes a 
lot of problems.

Clear unused samples

All empty or unused samples data it will reset and clear: 
FineTune/Size/RepLen/RepPos/Volume but not SampleName.

If the module has used an nonexistant sample it will not sound BAD in some 
badly written players.


This program is SHAREWARE! If you use it you are urged to pay the shareware 
fee! All users who pay the shareware fee will be inserted to the list of 
registred users!

You're allowed to use this program for trial period no longer than two weeks, 
if you find this program usable after that trial period you must register 
yourself. Register yourself by sending 50 SEK or US$10 (1)(by international 
money order/postal money order in SEK, look at Registration Form for more 
info). As registred user you'll get the latest version of OptiMod If a new 
version is under development I will wait until it's ready before sending the 
programs. Please remember that a lot of time and money have been spent on 
OptiMod and other QTech Tools. You SHOULD GET yourself REGISTRED now!

Continuing to use OptiMod without being registred is both illegal and 

Or send the money to Svenska Postgirot PG 9203446-1.

   ---------- Footnotes ----------

   (1)  Please compare the fee with shareware fee's for other prograns,
and you'll find that this is the cheapest & best software you'll ever

Author Info

Happy OptiMod-ing! Please send any bug report or enhancement request to:

        Address:       Joakim Ögren  /Q-Tech
                       Snipgränd 69
                       S-90624 UMEÅ
        NetMail:       2:205/420 (Joakim Ogren)   (No dots above the O)


   Changes for OptiMod

Version 0.1

   Started: 9206??

   * The project started! Wasn't that a good change :-)

Version 1.0

   Released: 920704

   * It could have been the first public release but I wanted to
     Betatest it a while longer.

Version 2.01

   Released: 921107

   * First public release. No known BUGS!!! OptiMod has been Betatested
     for a long period of time now.

Version 2.10

   Released: 921116

   * OptiMod will now optimize about 200-300 bytes more, this was
     accomplished by cutting away 1 & -1 in samples also. This makes no
     noticeable difference but some samplers seems to be a bit untuned
     (eg no sound = -1 or 1 instead of 0).

   * OptiMod is now even more foolproof.

Version 3.00

   Released: 921213

   * Added support for the new fileformat: PM-module. This is a
     moduleformat which is to be used with PowerMusic when it comes.
     Read Main doc.

Version 4.00

   Released: 930129

   * Harddisk crash destroyed my source, I had to restart all my work
     from v2.99. *#&%

   * Added option: SHORT2/S - New listmode.

   * Added option: EFFECT/S - Show all effect commands.

   * Added option: UNWANTED/S - Spot 'bugs' in a module.

   * Added option: NOBUFF/S - No extra buffer. Read Doc!

   * Added option: INSTR/S - Show all instruments.

   * Great enhancement of the author find routine!

   * Now deletes duplicate patterns.

   * Deletes data after a sample loop.

   * These options will allow you to gain a few more bytes.

   * If a sample is empty or unused it will reset and clear:

Version 4.30

   Released: 930616

   * OptiMod seems to be 100.00 % safe now!

   * Added option: NORESAVE/S - Don't save if no gain! (For floppy
     users mostly, suggested by Kalle Kiviaho)

   * Added Time estimation in Short2 mode. Estimates the time it will
     take to play the  module. (Not 100% perfect yet.)

   * Added conversion for old NoiseTracker replen to be converted to
     ProTracker replen. This will automaticly be done. This will make
     the module SOUND a lot BETTER. Fixes a lot of problems.

   * Enhanced the optimization routines, could save more bytes.

Version 4.40

   Released: 930625

   * New routines in v4.30 caused the modules to crash sometimes, I'm
     very sorry for this! * NEVER USE V4.30 AGAIN!!!! *

Version 4.41

   Released: 930627

   * Optimized code, shorter executable.

   * I'm not using MCAsm (assembler) anymore cause of all bugs! It
     generates wrong code!

   * Some 020+ commands (oops) removed to become 100% compatible with
     000 processors.

Version 5.00

   Released: 931215

   * Been a while since last update! Sorry for the long delay!!!

   * Just to be noticed: Over one & a half year since v1.0 :-)

   * New faster PowerMusic decoding routines used, Thanks to Marcus
     Ottosson for sending them to me!!!

   * Instruments that are used without any note, ie in Chip-mods where
     instruments often are used just to change the sound, they're not
     'retrigged'. OptiMod will not optimize away those samples anymore.

   * Routine that optimizes unused samples rewritten  a bit (ie
     rewritten alot :-). A nasty bug removed. Haven't occured for me
     yet anyway, sample 16  could sometimes be optimized away.

   * Nasty bug removed that caused OptiMod to crash if the module was
     corrupted (instrument number>31) OptiMod will now repair those

   * If the instrument names are corrupted they will not trash the
     display when they are displayed with option INSTR.

   * Removed some strange text ('x123x') from the verbose output, it
     was printed at top of sample optimization. I must have used it for
     some debugging?!

   * Added option: REQ - For a small GUI. See REQ, for more info.

   * OptiMod didn't seem to handle the situation if there was no output
     window availble before, it just crashed. Not anymore.

   * OptiMod can now be started from Workbench, it also includes a
     beautiful icon. See Template, for more info.

   * OptiMod can now handle multiple files to optimize. This will speed
     up a lot of things, since OptiMod don't have to be loaded each

   * The DESTINATION option has change a little bit. In previous
     version did it require a filename as argument. It will now instead
     require a directory (due to the Multiple file handling).
     DESTINATION is now a keyword. See DESTINATION, for more info.

   * The documentation is almost completely rewritten. I hope this one
     is better.

   * Documenation is included as AmigaGuide-, Text- and DVI-file. Be
     sure to use a textviewer that supports bold & italic. The DVI-file
     is not 100% finished yet.. I'm sorry for that.

   * It's now possible to pay the registration fee to the 'Svenska
     Postgirot'. See SHAREWARE, for more info.

Version 5.10

   Released: 940103

   * MAJOR BUG: Most of the options that could be specified from Shell
     didn't work!!  Major mistake by me!  THIS VERSION WILL WORK..

   * Niklas Edmundsson found some strange spellingerrors in the
     documents, as usual! Fixed!

   * Happy New Year... Let this be a year with lots of new & great
     software for the AMIGA!

Version 5.20

   Released: 940316

   * OptiMod no longer contains the annoying shareware requesters!!
     This is why:
        * The future of OptiMod is in YOUR hands! You should send me
          the ShareWare-money if use it. I will NOT continue to
          develope OptiMod for the public if I don't get any responce!!
          Think about this!!

        * Registred users won't get the special keyfile, but the will
          be inserted into the list of registred users! Using OptiMod
          without paying the ShareWare fee is both immoral & stupid!!

   * Wanted: A nice MagicWB icon for OptiMod, does anyone feel like
     drawing one?

Contents of mus/misc/opmod520.lha
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[unknown]                 8434   20032  42.1% -lh5- c6eb Mar 16  1994 OptiMod/OptiMod
[unknown]                  353     867  40.7% -lh5- 1071 Dec 14  1993 OptiMod/
[unknown]                  282     523  53.9% -lh5- 8d17 Dec 14  1993 OptiMod/
[unknown]                  248     493  50.3% -lh5- e58b Dec 14  1993 OptiMod/
[unknown]                  266     524  50.8% -lh5- c1ca Dec 14  1993 OptiMod/
[unknown]                  349     867  40.3% -lh5- 9799 Dec 14  1993 OptiMod/
[unknown]                 1525    3504  43.5% -lh5- f1fc Mar  5  1994 OptiMod/SverigeReg.iff
[unknown]                  268     460  58.3% -lh5- 0c10 Dec 14  1993 OptiMod/
[unknown]                  274     628  43.6% -lh5- fef8 Dec 14  1993
[unknown]                10670   29408  36.3% -lh5- 24fa Mar 16  1994 OptiMod/OptiMod.doc
[unknown]                17514   61572  28.4% -lh5- ad8f Mar 16  1994 OptiMod/OptiMod.dvi
[unknown]                13713   43711  31.4% -lh5- ba99 Mar 16  1994 OptiMod/
[unknown]                  224     963  23.3% -lh5- 256b Mar  5  1994 OptiMod/OptiMod.RegForm
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 Total        13 files   54120  163552  33.1%            May 28 21:44

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