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Short:Music player, tons of features. GPL.
Architecture:m68k-amigaos >= 2.0.0
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                             MultiPlayer 1.32

    General-purpose multitasking player for music modules.  Supports over
20 Popular module formats such as Protracker and MED.

    Provides volume, balance, and speed controls (with NTSC/PAL speed
presets), both master and per-module.

    Allows you to build module "programs" which are played in random order,
in sequence, or only when you select them.  Allows you to load and save
these programs and use them like normal modules.

    Allows module selection through two Workbench 2.0 AppWindows and

    Supports 2.0 commodities exchange so it can stay resident without any
windows, and you can pop it up with a hot key.

    Provides four optional, individiually selectable "flashy" windows: a
standard note/volume spectrogram, a stereo waveform scope, a four-channel
scope, and a miniature scrolling note display (looks like a tracker
program, but you can't read the notes).

    Auto-detaches from the CLI and uses a custom overlay system for minimal
memory usage.

    Includes an ARexx port similar to that of RxTracker.

    Compatible with any Amiga model, any processor, multitasks well, no
special memory requirements.

    Freely distributable with full source code under the GNU General Public

                         Supported Module Formats

MultiPlayer currently supports the following module types:

        15-instrument SoundTracker modules (most anyway)
        31-instrument SoundTracker/NoiseTracker 1.3D modules

        Protracker 1.0-1.1B modules

        SoundTracker 2.6 modules

        NoiseTracker 1.3D packed modules (with or without the embedded player)

        NoisePacker 2.01 modules

        Digital Sound Studio modules

        StarTrekker 1.2 AM/FM modules (Extra '.NT' file required)

        MED 3.00-3.21 and OctaMED/OctaMED Pro modules
                Note: Modules (MMD0, MMD1) only - not "Song&Samples" files.

        Oktalyzer 4- and 8-channel modules
                Uses my own 8-channel play engine.  8-channel modules will
                be slightly higher quality on a 68020+ processor.

        SoundFX V1.3 executable modules (Player V2.2)
                Will probably ONLY work with this version, since it does
                some run-time patching to make it play under MultiPlayer.

        Future Composer 1.3 ('SMOD') and 1.4 ('FC14') modules

        JamCrackerPro 1.0a modules

        SoundMonitor 2.0 modules

        SidMon 2.1 modules

        Delta Music modules (two versions)

        Mark II modules

        Dave Whittaker modules

        Face The Music modules (DO NOT COMPRESS!)
                This is very kludgy at best - you must have "PlayFTM:" ASSIGNed
                to the PlayFTM program file.  (Didn't know you could ASSIGN
                to a file?  Now you do!)  The procedure involves loading the
                module, the external player, and then the module again.  Ack!

        Generic embedded-player modules that start with something like
                        jmp init(pc)
                        jmp music(pc)
                        jmp end(pc)
                (Such as NoiseTracker 1.3 packed w/player modules)

        AudioMaster III sequenced 8SVX sounds (mono only)

        'XMOD', 'AMOD', and 'GMOD' formats described in 'Formats.doc'

                           History (since 1.20)

1.32    (R5, 14-Sep-92)
        Fixed a rather embarrassing bug that caused MultiPlayer to crash when
            a program was loaded as a module. (thx Jon Grout)
        Added Yet Another Compatibility Hack (YACH) to the Protracker player
            to deal with old modules that stored repeat start in bytes instead
of words.
        Added "Nasty Audio" feature in Prefs window, which makes MultiPlayer
            auido channels at maximum priority: won't allow "beeps" and such
            the music, and avoids conflicts with certain ill-behaved terminal

1.31    (R4, 23-Jul-92)
        Major source code cleanup; code no longer uses regargs.
        Eliminated overlay support (in preparation for a future
        Added NoisePacker 2.01 support.
        Fixed two SoundMonitor player bugs. (thx Teijo Kinnunen)
        Fixed infinite loop bug caused by "continue on error"
            feature. (thx Jeff Saffold)
        Fixed minor Guido bug that appeared in the program window.
        Added OctaMED Pro 4- and 8-channel module support. (thx Teijo Kinnunen)
        Added Cont gadget in control panel; Play gadget now restarts song. (sug
        Added Digital Sound Studio support (thx Jeff Booker)
        Fixed a nasty several-version-old bug causing hangs by certain
            of actions in the Program window (especially load/save buttons).

1.30    (R3, 25-May-92)
        GNU-ized and released with full source code.

1.21    (R2, unreleased)
        Icon 8-colorized.  (Thanks Barry McConnell!)
        The "Protracker tempo commands" option is now on by default.
        Protracker player now uses the audio.device NotePlayer, so all
            playing is now completely system-friendly.
        Some windows rearranged significantly.
        Other minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Contents of mus/play/MultiPlayer132.lha
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[generic]                  387     464  83.4% -lh5- 7ea1 Jul 23  1991 ChipMunch/ChipMunch
[generic]                 1306    2548  51.3% -lh5- 9396 Nov 19  1991 ChipMunch/ChipMunch.doc
[generic]                  221     383  57.7% -lh5- 5740 Jul 23  1991 ChipMunch/
[generic]                  742    1818  40.8% -lh5- 06ae Jul 23  1991 ChipMunch/src/chipmunch.c
[generic]                   96     132  72.7% -lh5- 1e74 Jul 23  1991 ChipMunch/src/makescript
[generic]                   85     113  75.2% -lh5- a72b Jul  3  1991 ChipMunch/src/sascopts
[generic]                 6993   17982  38.9% -lh5- dc3e May 24  1992 copying-2
[generic]                 4458    7320  60.9% -lh5- 48fe Nov 11  1991 GMOD/DW_Convert
[generic]                  665    1334  49.9% -lh5- ef4f May 25  1992 GMOD/dw_convert.c
[generic]                 1481    3520  42.1% -lh5- 164d May 25  1992 GMOD/dw_gmod.asm
[generic]                11013   29569  37.2% -lh5- c4aa May 25  1992 GMOD/GMOD.doc
[generic]                 1737    4804  36.2% -lh5- bc81 May 25  1992 GMOD/gmod.i
[generic]                  239     390  61.3% -lh5- 2c1f May 25  1992 GMOD/makefile
[generic]                  624    1526  40.9% -lh5- 9c4a Sep 14  1992 NotePlayer/note.i
[generic]                 1653    2520  65.6% -lh5- 7564 Sep 14  1992 NotePlayer/note.lib
[generic]                 1947    6912  28.2% -lh5- 9eba Sep 14  1992 NotePlayer/notehard.asm
[generic]                 7165   19506  36.7% -lh5- 37ab Sep 14  1992 NotePlayer/NotePlayer.doc
[generic]                 5461   21146  25.8% -lh5- 5e47 Sep 14  1992 NotePlayer/notesys.asm
[generic]                51098  100464  50.9% -lh5- 96ce Sep 14  1992 Player
[generic]                25399   70490  36.0% -lh5- 29a7 Sep 14  1992 Player.doc
[generic]                  691    2056  33.6% -lh5- 5bf1 Nov  3  1991
[generic]                  691    2056  33.6% -lh5- 5bf1 May 15  1992
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 Total        22 files  124152  297053  41.8%            Sep 16  1992

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