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Short:ASCII/TIS-620 editor/text highlighting
Author:Joerg van de Loo
Uploader:joergloo aol com
Version:0.10011 (-beta-)
Requires:68020+ CPU
Architecture:m68k-amigaos >= 3.0.0
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Simple  but  effective  text  editor  for  editing ASCII/LATIN-1 and TIS-620
(Thai)  letter  sequences with support for text highlighting (currently only
C/C++ (NDK 3.9), AmigaGuide (as demo) and ARexx).

Offers no support for multiple projects nor foldings and macros.

     In  order  to edit Thai characters, you'll need Dr. Lyndon Hill's fonts
     that  can  be  found  either on his web-site ( or on
     Aminet  (text/bfont/thai-lhfont.lha)  and  optionally  his  Thai keymap

- CLI and WB interface
- detachment of the CLI(can be suppressed)
- only hardware dependent limitations
- no rigid defined colours
- cooperates with all Amiga fonts, exception: colour fonts
- will not modify the protection bits of a file careless
- icon backup with alternative icon image support (OS 3.5+ compliant)
- deals with simple and smart refreshing windows
- clipboard support (ten different units)
- block-formatting for normal and AmigaGuide-documents
- keyboard short cuts (although not shown in GUI)
- bookmarks (can be set via keyboard)
- prepared to be multilingual
- quite quick search-function
- ARexx interface
- button interface
- button interface offers to start ARexx scripts
- customizeable status line
- export of archive to IBM (compatible) platform(s)
- simple revision control for authors
- backtracking Undo-functions
- DAC interface (...for plug-ins; plug-ins are normal AmigaDOS programs)
  (plug-ins and their source codes can be found on BareED's homepage)
- text highlighting for C/C++ source codes via plug-in
- built-in colour chooser for plug-ins
- graphical page dumper (monochrome for now)
- native support for wheel mice
- wheel mouse button and mouse movement used for delayed scrolling
- context related menu
- diagonal cursor/block of text shown in case an italic font is displayed
- able to produce better looking fonts at run-time using Catharsis library
- compliant to any known AmigaOS a68k emulation
- does not require initialised system environment (ENVARC / ENV)

- although very stable some minor faults still exist


BareED 0.10011 (August 2010)
  - Fixed  a very ugly bug that led potentially to wait for 138 years before
    BareED returned control to the user:
    If  for the first time a cursor key was used to scroll text lines out of
    the  displayed  area  and the key repeat delay was smaller than the page
    took  to  be displayed, a mathematical subtraction caused BareED to wait
    for 138 years.
    I  assume,  but  that is pure speculation on my side, that no one waited
    that long? ;-)

    Sorry  for what seemed to be the cause for random lock-ups ("freezes" of

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