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Short:V0.91: Freeware Textviewer (MorphOS)
Author:chris at (Chris Perver)
Uploader:chris prophecynews co uk (Chris Perver)
Requires:MUI 3.8, BetterString MCC
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The Amiga operating system is well designed, but for some reason it has always
lacked a decent textviewer. Commodore developed the More tool for reading plain
text, and Amiga Guide and MultiView offered more enhanced features, including
datatype recognition and such like. I wanted a textviewer which would look good
and blend in with all my other Workbench patches. I started developing EvenMore
in 1996 as a hobby. It started off fairly basic as textviewers go, but now
EvenMore offers functions such as proportional font support, multi-coloured
text, file conversion plugins, and more. EvenMore is entirely programmed in
AmigaE/ECX, which is an excellent programming language developed by Wouter van
Oortmerssen and Leif Salomonsson.

 Here are its main features

 o Plugin system for viewing many different file types, such as AmigaGuide,
   HTML, WordWorth, MSWord, RTF, directories, etc.
 o Supports ANSI escape code sequences for text formatting, including full
   colour text for certain file types.
 o Extended set of ANSI escape code sequences for additional font styles.
 o True colour text rendering on systems with graphics cards.
 o Links are clickable in HTML, AmigaGuide, directories and other file types
 o Drag and drop files on the window to open them.
 o ARexx port for remote control.
 o Search function.
 o Configurable menus for frequently used documents.
 o Clipboard support.
 o Locale support.
 o Unlimited bookmarking system.

 and more...

 Here are the recent changes

 o MorphOS version now uses PNG images from Ambient/Ed for the GUI.
 o Images for MorphOS version are now loaded using MUI 4's DtPic class.
 o Fixed bad bug. Line printing routine was not checking for empty lines, which
   was causing bad crashes when using the file conversion plugins.
 o Preferences window title now uses translation catalog string.
 o Iconify icon will now be the EvenMore program icon rather than the default
   MUI icon.
 o File information routine was not checking for empty lines, which could cause
   a crash.
 o Stefan Haubenthal has very kindly updated the German catalog.
 o S. Hawamdeh has also very kindly supplied an Italian catalog translation.
 o Made a basic EvenMore png icon for MorphOS and OS4.
 o Text highlighting is now stored for each opened file.
 o Updated catalogs with extra strings for gadget help bubbles.
 o Linked lists now keep a record of how many nodes they have, which saves
   counting them when opening a file through the plugins.
 o Optimised menu code and directory colour code, removing the need for strings
   for checking menu items and converting hexadecimal to decimal.
 o S. Hawamdeh has updated his Italian catalog translation.
 o Added some escape code sequences that were missing. ESC[8m will make the
   text colour the same as the background and ESC[28m will return it to normal.
 o ESC[39m will set the text to the default colour. ESC[49m will set the
   background to the default colour.
 o Created a Pipe2Text plugin for the PIPE: handler, so you can load files from
   the PIPE: device. This required alterations to the main executable code.
 o EvenMore AmiKit GUI is now based on the MorphOS version, and uses datatypes
   to load the icon images.

There are still a few things to be ironed out though. Please read the docs.
Updates available at

I cannot expect to be able to develop this program much further, as I am a
Christian and believe Jesus Christ will return very soon. If I do not reply to
any mail for months and months, then the development of this program has

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