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Short:Fastest reader with XPK support
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What is it?

Yet another file reader, you might think, and you are right.  I missed
small XPK-understanding file reader with reasonable feature list, but there
was none available.  Most ( (c) 1992 by Uwe Röhm) can hardly be called
small (but it surely has 'reasonable' feature list!).  I have to admit that
xMore is currently bigger than I planned it to be, but people don't seem to
want small programs, they want features!  So, what do you get?

	+ light speed search! No loss of speed even if case insensitive
	  and/or backwards!
	+ wildcard search. Searching doesn't slow down if only "?" is
	  used (in fact it is FASTER when "?" is used).
	+ hex mode.
	+ FAST scrolling. Should beat Most (pun intended) textreaders
	  using customized Text() function with custom screen.
	+ displays ANSI styles (no colors) and some backspace-styles
	+ variable TAB size! (now you can read those funny #?.c
	  files with too much TABs ;)
	+ can start one of the four possible editors.
	+ freely definable keys!
	+ font sensitivity, user definable font.
	+ definable window dimensions, defaults to display size.
	+ opens on any public screen or opens it's own screen.
	+ multiple files from shell, Workbench and file requester.
	+ pipe support.
	+ clipboard support.
	+ Support for Directory Opus compatibility.
	+ character conversion.
	+ lots of small details like default zoomed size exactly one
	  line high. Small things make the difference!
	+ can be made resident (has been pure from day one, but who
	  remembers to mention everything)
	+ OS 2.04 required (sorry, v36 users. There just is too much
	  functions in RKMs with text 'this function is broken in V36'
	  that I didn't bother dodging them. To pre-2.0 users xMore is
	  Yet Another Reason To Update. Come on guys, do you use CP/M
	  at work or what ? ;)
	+ Can read files containig more than 65535 lines! With hex mode
	  this is MUST (256K+ file in narrow window = lots of lines!).
	  (This would be suitable place to mention certain well-known
	  directory utility and another XPK-supporting reader which both
	  assume no-one has REALLY big files, but that could give offence
	  to JP and UR, so I won't)

	- wildcard search only supports "?"
	- reads whole file into memory (EVERYBODY has min. 1 Meg today)

; 1.4	10.04.94
;	Now recognizes window size changes correctly.
;	Pipe and clipboard support added.
;	Supports reverse character/cell colors. Form feed/carriage return
;	displayed as reverse "L"/"M".
;	Can backspace over one style change, speeds up backspace-styles a lot!
;	Scrolling with left mouse button. Forcequit with right mouse button if
;	RMBQUIT given. This one for DOpus freaks.
;	Menu multi-selection works.
;	Mysterious Software Failure found - I forgot to RemoveGadget() the
;	scroller, leading to wild reads after DisposeObject(). What's worse,
;	CloseWindow() tried to free gadget memory - kaboom 8(
;	Argument parsing rewritten. Now reads arguments from commandline (if
;	started from shell), then fills in non-specified arguments using icon
;	tooltypes and finally from settings file.
;	Interline spacing.
;	Uses custom Text() routine if machine and font permit it (68020+, 8*8
;	font). Disabled on V39 machines if RastPort doesn't support per-plane
;	masking (display boards).
;	Uses project-specific FILEMODE and TABSIZE tooltypes.
;	If you changed tabsize while having scrolled right, titlebar still
;	displayed horizontal offset.
;	Fixed lockup when trying to jump to unset bookmark (yet another
;	"optimization" 8(
;	Tab code changed, hopefully last time.
;	Automagic character conversion.
;	If xMore doesn't have path, copies it from Workbench. Should help
;	when starting editor with activator (CEd, GoldEd ...).
;	If xMore has to determine the screenmode, it takes it from default
;	public screen instead of Workbench.

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