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Short:Translates TeX/LaTeX documents into HTML
Author:hutch at (Ian Hutchinson), Ported by: chwalek at (Pawel Chwalowski)
Uploader:chwalek poczta onet pl (Pawel Chwalowski)
Requires:m68020-60, ixemul.library, optional converters[*]
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           TtH  Version 3.54 (c)1997-2003 Ian Hutchinson
            TtH (TeX-to-HTML) translates TeX into HTML.

TtH translates TeX documents that use Plain macro package or LaTeX, into
HTML.  It  is  extremely  fast  and completely portable. It produces web
documents that are more compact and managable, and faster-viewing,  than
those from other converters, because it really translates the equations,
instead of converting them into images.

The program is a filter by default: it reads from stdin  and  writes  to
stdout.  But a non-switch argument specifies the file[.tex] to translate
to file.html. Diagnostics concerning unknown or untranslated  constructs
are sent to stderr.

Obtain USAGE & switch information by:   tth -?
Obtain QUALIFICATIONS by:               tth -?q

TeX including mathematics; Plain TeX; LaTeX (2e).
Limitations and special usages:
 \input searches TTHINPUTS not TEXINPUTS. Counter operations are global.
 \catcode changes, tabbing environment, \usepackage: not supported.
 \epsfbox{file.eps} links or inlines the figure file, depending on -e switch.
 \special{html:stuff} inserts HTML stuff. \iftth is always true.
 \href{URL}{anchor text} inserts a hypertext anchor pointing to URL.
 %%tth: ... passes the rest of the comment to TtH (not TeX) for parsing

USAGE: tth [-a -c ...] [<]file.tex [>file.html] [2>err]
 A non-switch argument specifies the input file and the implied output file.
   -h print help. -? print this usage.
   -a enable automatic calls of LaTeX: if no aux file exists, attempt to call.
               picture environment conversion using latex2gif. Default omit.
   -c prefix header "Content-type: text/HTML" (for direct web serving).
   -d disable definitions with delimited arguments. Default enable.
   -e? epsfbox handling: -e1 convert to png/gif using user-supplied ps2png/gif.
       -e2 convert and include inline. -e0 (default) no conversion, just ref.
   -f? limit built-up fraction nesting in display eqns to ?(0-9). Default 5.
   -g remove, don't guess intent of, \font commands. Default guess font/size.
   -i use italic font for equations (like TeX). Default roman.
   -j? use index page length ?. Default 20 lines. -j single column.
   -Lfile tell tth the base file (no extension) for LaTeX auxiliary input,
      enables LaTeX commands (e.g. \frac) without a \documentclass line.
   -n? HTML title format control. 0 raw. 1 expand macros. 2 expand eqns.
   -ppath specify additional directories (path) to search for input files.
   -r raw HTML output (omit header and tail) for inclusion in other files.
   -t display built-up items in textstyle equations. Default in-line.
   -u unicode character encoding. (Default iso-8859-1).
   -w? HTML writing style. Default no head/body tags. -w -w0 no title.
     -w1 single title only, head/body tags. -w2 XHTML.
   -y? equation style: bit 1 compress vertically; bit 2 inline overaccents.
   -xmakeindxcmd  specify command for making index. Default "makeindex"
   -v give verbose commentary. -V even more verbose (for debugging).

For LaTeX2gif conversion you need LaTeX, dvips and ps2gif.
For ps2gif conversion you need Ghostscript and pbmplus utilities.
For ps2png conversion you need Ghostscript and netpbm utilities.

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