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Short:Replays file demos of a playback queue
Author:dissident.68k at (dissident)
Uploader:dissident 68k web de (dissident)
Version:1.6 beta
Architecture:m68k-amigaos >= 2.0.4
Kurz:Spielt File-Demos einer Wiedergabeliste
Required:MC68020+, OCS-chipset+, OS 2.04+
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Amiga Demo Launcher (ADL) by Dissident of Resistance

The ADL is a shell application completely written in assembler to replay
executable file demos from a playback queue which was created with the
Arexx script "Create Demo Playlist". So both programs work hand in hand.

Some featues of the ADL:

- replays many old OCS file demos on an AGA Amiga with a 68060 CPU,
  because it downgrades the machine if desired

- single playback queue entries can be also created directly

- survives a reset and stays resident in memory

- supports a reset device created by Yulquen74 which is connected at
  the serial port of your Amiga, it counts down a given playtime and
  does a hardware reset if it reached the end value. After that, the
  next demo will be fetched out of the playback queue and gets played.

- supports a large amount of arguments to control the replay of a demo
  like setting the playtime, sequential or random replay of entries,
  looping a whole playback list and many more...

Hence the ADL allows you to use your Amiga as an entertainment machine
which plays each demo out of the playback queue automatically while you
and your audience can lean back and enjoy the demo show.

Create Demo Playlist by Yulquen74 of Resistance

The playlist format of the ADL is text based, and although it is fully
possible and not too difficult to make a playlist manually in a text
editor, it is less time consuming to create it with the help of an Arexx

With the Arexx script described here, it is possible to create a playlist
to be used with ADL, supporting the following ADL features:

- Runmode: "Stock-OCS", "Stock-AGA" and "Fast-OCS/AGA"

- Playmode: Allows demos that lack automatic exit to be stopped after a
            user specified amount of time by the means of a hardware
            reset. Requires an external "reset device" connected to the
            Amiga`s serial port

- Prerun mode: An optional AmigaDOS script can be run before the actual

Furthermore, some global script configuration settings can be defined:

- The playlist ADL features described above can be automatically saved into
  a demo configuration file. If enabled, one configuration file is created
  for each demo, with a filename syntax of _dl.demoname (truncated to max
  30 characters).

- The demo configuration files can be stored together with the demo
  executable, OR in a defined (global) folder (recommended).

- When a playlist is transferred to the ADL playback queue in memory, the
  playlist entries can either be inserted at the top of the playlist queue,
  OR added to the bottom.

- It is also possible to specify the maximum amount of playlist entries
  (1-99) in the ADL playback queue (the more entries, the more CHIP RAM
  will be allocated for this).

For more information, read the AmigaGuide file which is included within the

For any questions, tips & hints refer to our Support Forum:

Contents of util/app/RSE-ADL16b.lha
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[generic]                  204     370  55.1% -lh5- fe4e Mar 17  1980 file_id.diz
[generic]                 1843    2802  65.8% -lh5- 45d5 Jun 14  1980
[generic]                 1840    2802  65.7% -lh5- 52a8 Jun 14  1980 RSE-ADL16b/
[generic]                 8590   37510  22.9% -lh5- 7d3f May 31  1980 RSE-ADL16b/PlayList-Script/CreateDemoPlaylistV0.8
[generic]                  894    1466  61.0% -lh5- 7f60 May 31  1980 RSE-ADL16b/PlayList-Script/
[generic]                 1837    2802  65.6% -lh5- 0416 Jun 14  1980 RSE-ADL16b/
[generic]              2786049 2786049 100.0% -lh0- c122 May 29  1980 RSE-ADL16b/Reset-Device/A1200 RST wire-R116-1.JPG
[generic]              3061717 3061717 100.0% -lh0- af40 May 29  1980 RSE-ADL16b/Reset-Device/A1200 RST wire-SER port pin13.
[generic]              2695045 2695045 100.0% -lh0- 630b May 29  1980 RSE-ADL16b/Reset-Device/PCB top and bottom.JPG
[generic]                 7967   32617  24.4% -lh5- 2efb May 29  1980 RSE-ADL16b/Reset-Device/PIC12F629 Code.asm
[generic]                  892    2237  39.9% -lh5- cb16 May 29  1980 RSE-ADL16b/Reset-Device/PIC12F629 Programming.hex
[generic]                53843   57700  93.3% -lh5- a9e7 May 29  1980 RSE-ADL16b/Reset-Device/Schematic.pdf
[generic]                 7348   14536  50.6% -lh5- 0b64 May 31  1980 RSE-ADL16b/RSE-ADL
[generic]               285727  901120  31.7% -lh5- de3e May 31  1980 RSE-ADL16b/RSE-ADL.adf
[generic]                14261   46393  30.7% -lh5- 12ce Jun 14  1980 RSE-ADL16b/
[generic]                 1354    2725  49.7% -lh5- 101f Jun 14  1980 RSE-ADL16b/
[generic]                 2004    7487  26.8% -lh5- 3ade May 31  1980 RSE-ADL16b/RSE-ADL.nfo
[generic]                 1578    3344  47.2% -lh5- 14c9 Jun 14  1980 RSE-ADL16b/RSE-ADL.readme
[generic]                 1345    2714  49.6% -lh5- eafd Jun 14  1980 RSE-ADL16b/
[generic]                  160     223  71.7% -lh5- 7913 May 29  1980 RSE-ADL16b/RSE-ADL.script
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