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Short:Define actions to act on clipboard data
Author:Thomas Igracki
Uploader:Thomas Igracki de
Kurz:Reagiere auf Clipboard Änderungen
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With this new SmartClipboard screenbar plugin, you are able to define an action
if you copy text to the Clipboards.

It's  useful  if  you  want to read a document from a newly downloaded program,
using  MultiView,  etc..  Imagine there are links to a website, a YouTube video
or the email address of the author in the text file.

Previously  you  had to mark the text with the link, copy it to the Clipboards,
then open the appropriate program and paste text into it.  Annoying, eh?

Now, you just mark some text and copy it to the Clipboards.  That's all you do!

My  SmartClipboard  compares  the  copied  text  with  the defined patterns and
executes the corresponding command!

Here are some examples, which are handled by its default actions:

- if you copy a http(s) URL (like to the Clipboards, the
  website will be automatically opened in your default browser

- a YouTube URL like

- if you copy "spam at" the default email program will be opened so you
  can directly write a mail to "spam at"

- if  you copy a URL which links to  an image on the Internet, an external tool
  (ViewWebImage)  will  be  opened to display that image without the need for a
  web browser

- additionally, if you copy something  that looks like a filepath, a new lister
  with the filepath will be opened in Ambient

These  are only the default patterns, you can define more if you want to in the
"Action Editor".

If  you  create some useful patterns/command pairs, don't hesitate to send them
to me, and maybe I'll include them in the default config!

To  use these actions you first have to activate the "Clipboard hook" either by
selecting  the menu-item from the popup menu (which opens if you click with the
left  mouse button on the SmartClipboard icon in your screenbar) or by clicking
the icon with the right mouse button.  This toggles the Clipboards hook on/off,
displayed as a small star in the right upper corner of the icon.

There's also a ClipHistory named feature that remembers previously copied text,
so you are able to paste previously copied text too, not just a current 'Clip'!
You can open the ClipHistory window via the popup-menu or with a user definable
hotkey, the default is RAmiga+Shift+V.  Then select the entry you want to paste
via  cursor keys or mouse and press RETURN, double-click with left mouse button
or press the "Close & Paste" button.  The ClipHistory window will be closed and
a  paste  event  (RAmiga/LCmd/RCmd+v) will be inserted to simulate pressing the
Clipboards paste key (RAmiga/LCmd/RCmd+v).

There are other buttons in the ClipHistory window that remove individual or all
entries or make the current entry the active Clipboards content, which displays
it in BOLD and moves it to the top of the list in the ClipHistory window.

If  you  copy  multiple lines at once into the Clipboards or the text exceeds a
limit of 80 characters the listview will only display the first line/characters
followed by a "..." to indicate that there is more text.
You  can see the whole text of the current entry if you hover over the text for
the  preset  amount  of time for MUI bubble-Help to activate, or press the Help
key over the list, which displays the whole text in a MUI help bubble.


 Just copy the contents from the "SYS" folder to your SYS: partition manually
 or execute/double-click the "Install" file to do this.
 Note:- A custom config file will not be overwritten.


 Please visit to checkout my other software and/or make a
 donation to show appreciation for my efforts to inspire me for future updates.


 - the MorphOS team for creating such a wonderfull OS!
 - Neil Pearson for proof-reading and beta testing
 - jPV & Neil Pearson for the disclaimer text. ;)


 This screenbar utility is made available to you as Freeware and you may use it
 in  whatever  way you wish, but the author accepts no liability for any damage
 caused to your system or other connected peripherals by using this software.

03-Jan-2021: v1.3, release
- Recompiled with a new ECX library module code, which fixes a use-after-free

05-Mai-2020: v1.2, release
- now the AskBefore requester only shows the command without the clip content
  because the requester could become very wide, if the content is very large

27-Apr-2020: v1.2, beta5
- fix: if you copy subsequent text to ClipHistory, each becomes bold text
- renamed again the "->Clipboard" button to "Make Active"
- if you have multiple screens open, and the "Clipboard hook" is activated
  in the settings, the "Do action" and "Ask before" menu items were ghosted

26-Apr-2020: v1.2, beta4
- fixed re-opening of the ActionEditor window
- the "Update Check..." menu-item will be disabled, during the UpdateCheck
- the window now re-opens on any new screen, even if it was already open on a
  different screen
- fix: window no longer opened under the mouse, instead it opened out of the
  screen border if the mouse was at the border of the screen, which doesn't
  look good
- renamed the "Copy" button to "->Clipboard" to realise what it's use is for
- if you remove the first entry, copy the next entry to the clipboard
- display the first entry of the list as BOLD style

19-Apr-2020: v1.2, beta3
- added a "Do action" menu-item to specify which actions should be acted on if
  the Clipboard hook is active, if you only want to use the ClipHistory feature
- added a "Ask before" menu-item to query if the user wants an action to be
- the help bubble of the ClipHistory listview could display the wrong entry if
  you remove an entry or all entries
- added some help text to the buttons
- renamed the "Paste" button to "Close & Paste"
- added a "Copy" button to copy the current entry to the clipboard without
  closing the window
  [suggested by NewSense]

18-Apr-2020: v1.2, beta2
- do not warn that there are no actions defined, if you copy something to
  the Clipboards but don't have any actions defined
  [reported by NewSense]
- added a working "About..." menu-item
- renamed the menu-item "Open Window..." to "Action Editor..."
- the Action Editor now re-opens on the new screen, if it was already open
  on a different screen
- fixed a possible crash with multiple screens
- added a ClipHistory window, press RAmiga+Shift+V to open the window, then
  select an entry and press RETURN to paste this entry
- added a "Clip History..." menu-item
- if the copied text contains multiple lines, show only the first line in the
  ClipHistory listview
- up to 5 placeholders (%s) are supported in the command to be replaced with
  the clip contents
- only tries to match clip contents that are a single line
- the command for the pattern to open local files, is smart enough to open only
  existing files

16-Apr-2020: v1.1
- removed some debug output when checking for an update
- fixed some patterns of the default config
- new: clone the search path for the Shell, where the command is executed
- new: The current dir of the Shell is now set to "Sys:",
  so e.g. "Touch bla" works now, before it failed due to its relative path
- new: a "Current Dir" setting, to specify the current dir in the Shell
- new: a "Clipboard hook" setting, to have it active on startup
  [suggested by roschmyr]
- fix: the "Pattern:" and "Command:" string couldn't be activated by the
- new: if you press RETURN in the "Pattern:" string, the "Command:" string
  will be activated
- removed the "About..." menu-item, temporarily

15-Apr-2020: v1.01
- installing failed partially, due to a missing sub-dir

15-Apr-2020: v1.0, first public release

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