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Short:GNUTar 1.11.2(+)
Author:FSF, (various), Andreas R. Kleinert (port)
Uploader:info ar-kleinert de
Architecture:m68k-amigaos >= 2.0.0
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 GNUTar AmigaOS 68k port of V1.11.2 (no ixemul)
 (originally dating back to 25 Mar 1993)

 AmigaOS 68k port release version: V1.8
 Release Date:                     03.12.2006
 1995-98 rework, SAS/C V6.58 recompilation, GNUTar V1.11+ adaption,
 and 68030, 040, 060 version by Andreas R. Kleinert (email below).

 Original port of GNUTar V1.09 done by Ed Berger (email below).

 NOTE: Under MorphOS instead please use the "tar" program coming
       with the Developer SDK, if you have it. 

 When extracting TAR archives on the AMIGA there always had been a problem:
 the only available GNUTar port was hard to find and if you got it
 finally, it was quite old and just unoptimized for higher 68k CPUs.

 On the other hand, a simple recompilation wasn't easy for most people,
 since the GNU-C (GCC) Compiler isn't very widely used and adaptions
 for other compilers aren't that easy (as I finally found out ;-)

 My first step to solve this problem was porting the nice, small and
 handy "DeTar" utility from MS-DOS to Amiga (still on Aminet as
 util/arc/DeTar.LHA and util/arc/PPCDeTar.lha).

 The usage was really simple and easy, since you'd just had to call
 "DeTar [archive]" and the whole archive would have been unpacked.
 While searching for Bugs within DeTar (thus using the available GNUTar
 port) I decided to port GNUTar directly (since there actually appeared
 some effects I thought of as bugs of DeTar, but as well possibly
 could have been bugs of the Amiga version of GNUTar ;-)

 So there suddenly was a new SAS/C V6.55 port of GNUTar for the Amiga,
 which wasn't perfect at all, but was thought as a base for further
 actions by other people (or me :-)

 People greatly reacted on this new GNUTar port and reported bugs
 as well as requested updates, which should make use of features
 of newer GNUTar versions.

 So I dropped the old V1.09 sources ported by Ed Berger and began
 porting V1.11.2 (a beta test release) to the Amiga. Later other
 code fragments from different people have been added to improve
 the code quality, also parts of V1.16 have been ported and merged
 into it.

 Source (of all original GNU versions):
 GNUtar website:

 Known Problems
 Please note:

  - SAS/C did report about some actually uninitialized variables
    and such a stuff. I did not fix that, since perhaps the concerned
    routines are not often used, and since it might soon become too
    much work actually digging in that code. Maybe it has been fixed
    for newer versions - if not, one perhaps should report it to
    the authors...
    (they don't seem to have so attentive compilers ;-))

  - some of the defines and/or functions, which hadn't be present
    for the GCC are actually available for SAS/C and vice versa.
    So there are still some dummy-functions or (hopefully)
    equivalent replacements for such things.
    See the files "sas_amiga.c" and "sas_amiga2.c" for code-replacements
    and the headers within "sasinclude/" and "sasinclude/sys/"
    for additional defines.
    I went this way, since this prevented me from changing _much_
    within the original source - altough sometime it looks a little
    bit like a hack.

    But the most important thing to be done was setting definitions
    and compiler options in the best way and then fill in the missing
    parts (sounds easier, than it was %-)

    See source/CHANGES.AMIGA for more actual changes to the source.

  - automatic compression/decompression as follows won't work:

      gnutar -c --block-size=16 --block-compress -z -f ram:x -v T:

    This is because the source in rtape_lib.c (rtapelib.c) isn't aware
    about the special Amiga environment. There's no "/dev/...", there's
    no "rsh", no "fork" and so on - that's why the pipe() function has
    been disabled. It will always return -1 which means the user will
    get an error reporting "can't open pipe" or similar.

    There's another non-ixemul GNUtar port on Aminet, which claims
    to have solved this problem: it's called GNUtar-1.11.8.lha and
    can be found in the same directory as this one.

  - while compiling there occured several problems
    (warnings, missing functions, which had to be substituted
    by well-enough-dummies, etc.). So remember: it works, but
    there's really no guarantee for anything !

 There's no guarantee or responsability taken for anything.

 I.e. the porter does not take any responsibility for any kind of
 damage, data loss, inconvenience, headaches of your girlfriend
 or anything potentially being annoying whatsoever...

 For the rest, please take a look into the included GNU license.

 Who did the port
 Andreas R. Kleinert, info at

   - Ed Berger              - Stefan Becker        - Christopher P. Parris
   - Kjell Irgens           - Osma Ahvenlampi      - Regis Rampnoux
   - Christian Bauernfeind  - David Balazic

 Port Version History
  V1.8  (3.12.20006):  - removed PPC/powerUp code
                       - replaced regex code with version
                         from GnuTAR 1.16
                       - added some new header stubs etc.
                       - updated .readme and other
                         documentation files

  V1.7  (12.4.1998):   - recompiled with SAS/C 7.00 beta 21
                       - added note about pipe problems
                       - removed temporary/redundant files
                       - merged 68k and PPC version again
                       - renamed archive
                       - fixed some minor bugs and problems
                         (mainly makefile related)
                       - removed 060 version since there wasn't
                         actually a noticeable difference to the
                         060 version
                       - moved all binaries to "bin" directory,
                         source directory renamed to "src"

  V1.6   (7.2.1998):   - recompilation with SAS/C for powerUP (TM)
                         PPC boards; hopefully everything still
                         works as with the V1.5 version for 68k

  V1.5   (23.8.1997):  - completely recompiled with SAS/C V6.58
                       - better optimization
                       - updated eMail adresses
                       - there's another version on Aminet,
                         check it out (maybe it's better ;)

  V1.4   (12.11.1996): - completely recompiled with SAS/C V6.57
                       - now different versions for
                         68000, 030, 040 and 060
                       - optimizing for time, not size
                       - new GST
                       - updated eMail adresses

  V1.3   (19.04.1996): - V1.1/1.2 had a serious bug in archive creation,
                         since I did not insert the "#ifdef AMIGA" code
                         fragments, which Ed Berger added to access
                         devices and paths in an AmigaDOS-conformeous way
                         (-> Stefan Becker, stefanb at,
                          who seemed to be the only one actually
                          *creating* archives with GNUtar ?!)
                         Fixed by adding the specific parts of 1.09-create.c
                         to 1.11.2.-"create.c" only
                       - GNUtar could not extract any files containing
                         ":" in their names, since AmigaDOS would think
                         these were actually devices (or bad device-names
                         containing more than one ":").
                         Fixed within "extract.c" where these additional
                         ":" will be replaced by "_", also giving a
                         warning message.
                         (-> Christopher P. Parris, CPP1233 at

  V1.2   (11.03.1996): - fully recompiled with SAS/C V6.56
                       - added Osma Ahvenlampi's fix for the
                         1.0.2 protection bit problem (archive appeared
                         as "util/shell/GNUTar-fix.lha" on AmiNet).

                         I adapted it to the new 1.11.2 source and
                         changed the way binding it into the source
                         (fully via REDEFINES.WTH, no changes to tar.h,
                          thus had to call lstat() from sas_amiga.c instead
                          of stat() to avoid recursion).

                         Here's what Osma originally said:

                         'This patch makes an attempt to translate Amiga
                         protection bits to the closest UNIX equivalents.
                         When extracting UNIX archives, it also sets the
                         group and world bits as specified in the archive,
                         for those with multiuser filesystems.
                         When creating an archive, these bits are
                         unfortunately not retained, since SAS/C's stat()
                         function ignores them.'
                         (-> Osma.Ahvenlampi at

  V1.1   (16.09.1995): - did change version counting: it's too
                         confusing the old way.
                         The original version number of the GNUTar
                         we base on, still is mentioned at the top of
                         this documentation
                       - completely redid the port: we now do use
                         the original GNUTar 1.11.2 (a so-called beta
                         test release) instead of the AMIGA/GCC-adapted
                         GNUTar 1.09.
                         Kind of an update: I simply copied the new
                         source over the old one, changed the compiler
                         settings, added some more include files and
                         resolved all inconsistencies - of course
                         *without directly changing any piece* of
                         the original GNU C-Sources!
                         (-> Regis Rampnoux, ...)
                       - README and GNU-License (COPYING) also have been
                         updated - old GNU license replaced by newer one.
                         There was no update to - sorry
                         (but I added a specific note to it, to cover this).
                       - removed some GCC-addon's, which Ed Berger had
                         designed for V1.09, but which won't work with
                         V1.11.2 any longer. You may take them from
                         Amiga release V1.0.2 (23.07.1995) and adapt them
                         - if you like or need them for GCC.
                       - again did change chmod() - there was a mysterious
                         effect, which caused it to be restored to the
                         old, wrong way
                       - replaced 68030 and 68040 versions by a combined
                         68030/040 version, since SAS/C does not
                         actually make any differences for our code.

  V1.0.2 (23.07.1995): - hey, found out that the base version actually
                         had been released as V1.09.
                         Added note to this readme.
                       - two people complained, that my GNUTar port did
                         not set correct flags out of "hsparwed" for the
                         amiga files when extracting from archives, as the
                         old GNUTar did.
                         Well, foudn out, that the old one just _did_ _not_
                         _change_ the default flags (always "rwed") and
                         we're now just doing the same, since the mode
                         field of unix TARs is either broken ("hpw" always
                         after conversion Unix->Amiga) or SAS/C's definition
                         for the S_IREAD (and so on) flags aren't compatible.
                         Now "rwed" will be set always.
                         You may change this behaviour within "sas_chmod()"
                         in "sas_amiga.c".
                         (-> bussjaeg at;
                          Christian Bauernfeind,
                          crisbf at
                       - mkdir(), which needs only one argument with SAS/C
                         had been called with two (got warnings).
                         Now we're doing this:
                           #define mkdir(x, y) mkdir(x)
                         Well, it works ;-)

  V1.0.1 (07.07.1995): - re-compiled with SAS/C V6.55
                       - added 68040 version
                       - removed object files from archive due to size
                       - fixed bug note in documentation; was not a bug
                         (-> David Balazic, david.balazic at

  V1.00  (23.03.1995): - first release, compiled with SAS/C V6.51

Original Docs
Following is, what Ed Berger originally wrote in "readme.1st"
for V1.09. As with Amiga release V1.1 (GNUTar V1.11.2, first port release)
I re-switched to the original GNU-sources in combination with some
of the old code-workarounds:


I was looking for a tar program for the Amiga, since the gcc distribution,
and minix distribution files are often in this format.  Tarsplit from an
old fish disk was not sufficient.  I kept hearing about gnu-tar, but
never saw it archived anywhere, until now.

Since I was not able to find gnu-tar, under any separate archive on the
fish disks, or on my favorite ftp-sites, I pulled this out of the UUCP
distribution from uunet.  The binary and man page were on disk 2, and
the source files were on disk 3.  I hope that I didn't miss anything
important.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  If in doubt
go back to the UUCP distribution.

-Ed Berger
 eb15 at


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