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Short:create lha archives intuitively
Author:Bernd Assenmacher
Uploader:b-a keemail me (Bernd Assenmacher)
Architecture:m68k-amigaos; ppc-amigaos; ppc-morphos
Kurz:intuitiv lha Archive erstellen
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This little tool aims to create lha archives intuitively, easy and fast.

See the guide file for details. :-)

LHArchiver is "EmailWare" ;-) and free to use without any restrictions !!

If you use it and like the idea behind it :

Just send an email to : b-a(at)
You will get a reply email with a keyfile registered in your chosen name. :-)
(Just choose any "name" you wish to be shown registered as in your email)

And yes ... it's yours for free ... !! Donations are always gratefully

Btw :
Programming software is a very time intense process so if you want you can
support it/me by sending a small donation here :

Thank you and happy archiving... 

History :

1st April 2022 --- V1.0 - initial release

15th May 2022  --- V1.1 - improved version
changes :

- updated to new version number 1.1
- centred requesters (as accurately as I could ;-))
- gave a default name of "file" for a lha file for creating/modifying
- added requesters when the choice of drawers conflicted with the given
- mapped the drives "Workbench:" and "System:" to "sys:"
- set source drawer to default "sys:"
- set destination drawer to default "ram:"
- fixed some minor quirks

29th May 2022 --- V1.2 - improved version (again ;-))
changes :

- updated to new version number 1.2
- added "alarm" beep/flash when conflicting values entered in requesters
- added possible free registration
- CONsole output for AmigaOS4.x now works
- changed some code to optimise things
- you may donate now ;-)
- added installer script

28th June 2022 --- V1.3  -  improvement continues ...
changes :

- updated to new version number 1.3
- now maps the name of the system drive as "sys:" 
  (no longer needs to be "Workbench" or "System")
- improved CONsole output
- now possible to configure a console window via tooltypes (position and size)
- fixed assign issue that allowed writing of an archive in the source folder
- now catches incorrectly entered values in requesters (stops program crashes)
- entering ".lha" at the end of an archive filename is no longer possible
- optimised requester code
- changed information windows to offer a system standard appearance
- program checks to ensure there is enough space on a destination drive
- small changes to installer script

13th August 2022 --- V1.4  -  next steps
changes :

- updated to new version number 1.4
- english guide file enhanced
- added German and French language
  (depends on adjusted system language in Preferences)
  Default stays English when another language is chosen than the supported
- added german guide file
4th September 2022 --- V1.5  -  the journey is the destination
changes :

- updated to new version number 1.5
- Selection buttons adapted to languages
- added italian language
- added italian guide file
- added tooltype to approach the RAM situation. 
  (if activated the RAM disk will not be checked for enough space available.
  So users which have shown their RAM disk as 100% full nevertheless
  can create archives there. Be informed that in case of not having enough 
  space available there the process will fail. To activate just remove the
  parentheses around the "Ram=1" tooltype and save it to the icon.
  The value "1" must not be changed)
- installer script now creates a subdrawer called "LHArchiver" and copys the
  files to that drawer

22nd December 2022 --- V1.6  -  enhancement strikes again
changes :

- updated to new version number 1.6
- changed progress indicator to show percentage on console output
- lha arguments/options slighly changed for better handling 
- removed requester for lha extension warning.
  Its now handled through lha itself completely to add *.lha extension.
  So if *.lha is entered in the filerequester it is just taken.
- added possibility to archive a whole drive through tooltype setting
  (archive_drive=1). To do so just remove the parentheses around the
  "archive_drive" tooltype and save it to the icon. The value "1" must not
  be changed. Be informed that most Amiga filesystems can only handle a 
  filesize of max 2 GB (MorphOS can do 4GB max with the inbuild SFS). So be
  sure to use a filesystem on the destination drive which can handle more if
  your LHA archive grows bigger than that (e.g.Ice-FS). In generell it is not
  recommended to create archives >2GB. During my tests I realized that LHA
  itself has problems when adding files to an existing archive and it grows
  bigger than 2GB.Older archiving tools could have problems with archives >2GB
  too. If you activate archiving of drives it is also recommended to activate
  the "H2/lh6" tooltype. (see next lines)
- added tooltype to activate H2 and lh6 options. To do so just remove the
  parentheses around the "H2/lh6" tooltype and save it to the icon.  
  The value "1" must not be changed. This should solve problems with longer
  filenames (H2-> header Level 2) and activates the newer and better
  lh6 compression (see lha manual). If you do not activate this header level 1
  and lh5 compression is used.

23rd December 2022 --- V1.7  -  fast fix
changes :

- updated to new version number 1.7
- fixed an issue which caused AmigaOS3.x and AmigaOS4.x to open a second
  (empty) console window (thanks Nikos :-))

24th January 2023 --- V1.8  -  further steps
changes :

- updated to new version number 1.8
- added tooltype "(REQUIREPLUGINS=PLANANARAMA)" to the "LHArchiver_OS3" icon.
  This tooltype activates the plananarama plugin when removing the parentheses
  around and it is then saved to the icon. The Plananarama plugin has to be
  installed on the system before. You can find it on Aminet here :
  or on the Hollywood Project website.
  In particular you need the file : "plananarama.hwp" in "Libs:hollywood"
  This is only for AmigaOS3.x systems without graphics cards since LHArchiver
  was only running on systems with graphics cards.
- added LHArchive as Hollywood applet "LHArchiver.hwa"
  for use with Hollywood player (v9.1 min.). Be informed that tooltypes will not
  work here.
- improved icon handling. The name of the binary and its icon can be changed
  to "LHArchiver" only or just left as it is with the OS specification.


This readme file was made with Aminetreadmemaker from Thomas Igracki


Contents of util/arc/LHArchiver.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ ----------
[generic]                 1922    2218  86.7% -lh5- 1454 Jan 24 19:15
[generic]                  492    1797  27.4% -lh5- bf2f Jan 24 18:39 LHArchiver_V1.8/Install
[generic]                 1602    2966  54.0% -lh5- 4a2d Jan 24 18:29 LHArchiver_V1.8/
[generic]                 5001    5001 100.0% -lh0- 29ec Jan 24 18:25 LHArchiver_V1.8/LHArchiver.hwa
[generic]                 1853    2058  90.0% -lh5- a902 Jan 24 18:29 LHArchiver_V1.8/
[generic]                 5699   14738  38.7% -lh5- 6c4a Jan 24 19:04 LHArchiver_V1.8/
[generic]                 2338    2959  79.0% -lh5- 60e9 Jan 24 18:29 LHArchiver_V1.8/
[generic]                 6238   16164  38.6% -lh5- 1ad9 Jan 24 19:10 LHArchiver_V1.8/
[generic]                 2334    2959  78.9% -lh5- 5d5a Jan 24 18:29 LHArchiver_V1.8/
[generic]                 6845   17093  40.0% -lh5- 4b17 Jan 24 18:43 LHArchiver_V1.8/
[generic]                 2263    2919  77.5% -lh5- 3287 Jan 24 18:29 LHArchiver_V1.8/
[generic]              1539932 3017317  51.0% -lh5- 2b35 Jan 24 18:25 LHArchiver_V1.8/LHArchiver_MorphOS
[generic]                 1930    2179  88.6% -lh5- f116 Jan 24 18:29 LHArchiver_V1.8/
[generic]              1361331 2628172  51.8% -lh5- cb47 Jan 24 18:25 LHArchiver_V1.8/LHArchiver_OS3
[generic]                 1956    2212  88.4% -lh5- 358e Jan 24 18:29 LHArchiver_V1.8/
[generic]              1882213 3861737  48.7% -lh5- 7ee6 Jan 24 18:25 LHArchiver_V1.8/LHArchiver_OS4
[generic]                 1930    2179  88.6% -lh5- a765 Jan 24 18:29 LHArchiver_V1.8/
[generic]                 1893    2512  75.4% -lh5- 2afe Jan 24 19:19 LHArchiver_V1.8/
[generic]                63179   63179 100.0% -lh0- 0610 Jan 24 19:22 LHArchiver_V1.8/Pictures/LHArchiver_V1.8_MorphOS.jpg
[generic]                 1747    2098  83.3% -lh5- ffa3 Jan 24 20:51 LHArchiver_V1.8/Pictures/
[generic]                54917   54917 100.0% -lh0- 7a16 Jan 24 20:46 LHArchiver_V1.8/Pictures/LHArchiver_V1.8_OS3.jpg
[generic]                 1748    2098  83.3% -lh5- bb53 Jan 24 20:08 LHArchiver_V1.8/Pictures/
[generic]                69822   69822 100.0% -lh0- fbfb Jan 24 20:16 LHArchiver_V1.8/Pictures/LHArchiver_V1.8_OS4.jpg
[generic]                 1748    2098  83.3% -lh5- 6645 Jan 24 20:08 LHArchiver_V1.8/Pictures/
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ ----------
 Total        24 files 5020933 9781392  51.3%            Jan 25 03:10

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