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Short:Arc 5.21 (PPC), including source
Author:(various, see below)
Uploader:Andreas_Kleinert t-online de
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 Recently I've come across some .arc packed
 files and thought it would be nice to have
 a more uptodate version of this archiver...

 Although it's a little bit outdated, it may
 be of some use sometimes - and so, why not
 directly make a PPC version instead of
 fiddling with 68k first ?!

 So, now it is finally available for
 powerUP (TM), too...

 There was some work necessary for porting
 it to PPC - not actually changes to the
 program itself, but additions to replace
 missing/differing functions within the
 compilers' library.

 Within the directory "src" (archived to src.lha)
 you find the complete, unmodified source code distribution.

 Directory "srcpup" (archived to srcup.lha) does include
 a smakefile + SCOPTIONS as well as the three sourcefiles
 that had to be added (scandir.c, getwd.c, rename.c).

 "rename()" had to be changed to be able to perform
 a move() as well. Adjusting "scandir()" was a
 little bit hacky/kludgy/tricky but resulted
 in the nice bonus, that this version of ARC
 is aware of the AmigaDOS "#?" wildcard
 (should not be too difficult to extend readdir.c
  to support the rest of the wildcards as well...)

 The "bin" directory finally does include the
 ELF binaries.

 Those PPC binaries have the extension ".elf" and are
 useable from Shell when being used with ppc.library V46+

 Last not least:

 Set some environment variables, for example as follows:

   SetEnv TMPDIR  TMP:arc
   SetEnv ARCTEMP TMP:arc


   SetEnv TMPDIR  RAM:t

 Note, that the given path must not end with a ":" or "/"

 You MUST do these settings as described, otherwise
 archiving won't work (because otherwise the unix-code will
 produce something like "foo:/tmpfile" or "foo//tmpfile).

 How to call the program:

  1. Archiving:    ARC.ELF a archive file1 file2 file3
                   ARC.ELF a archive pattern1#? pattern2#? file1

  2. Dearchiving   ARC.ELF e archive

 P.S.: If the author did not forbid modifications in the
       source code itself, this port would have been MUCH easier.

 P.P.S: Late changes: with the newest SAS/C PPC version,
        make sure, that tmclock.c (and only that one) is
        compiled with BSD=0

 ARK, 27/Aug/98



  In the past, some guy called "SPH" took most of my free PPC ports
  (those where the sources have been included) and ported them to WOS.

  While I've nothing against WOS ports, an other point is very distasteful   and
unfair in my opinion: removing all references to my name and initials   and
simply replacing those with his own, while also removing all references   to
PPC-Lib/ELF and replacing those with WOS references and usually some flames   or
even offenses against the competing kernel and porter - without actually  
rewriting the readme text itself in a major way (for example, if I describe what
  *I* specifically did for the port - and what he didn't have to do a *second*
time,   of course - he does not even remove/change *those* notes and/or give me

  This leads to the strange situation, that I hereby have to copyright this
  .readme text, to claim its authorship and forbid changes which aren't
  clearly marked as being changes to the original: While quotes may have
  been derived from other parts of the distribution, the whole .readme as
  such now is (C)opyrighted by Andreas R. Kleinert in 1998.

  Copyrights to the other files remain as such. Nevertheless I'd ask anyone
  to give me credit for the changes which I did myself and which of
  course have been labeled/marked/documented as such. Even free software
  lives from respecting the intellectual work and property of others. Thank you.


Contents of util/arc/arcPPC.lha
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[generic]               211467  211467 100.0% -lh0- 55f5 Apr  8  1998 arcPPC/src.lha
[generic]                 4069    4069 100.0% -lh0- c59d Apr  8  1998 arcPPC/srcpup.lha
[generic]                 1926    4136  46.6% -lh5- ea8e Aug 27  1998 arcPPC/arcPPC.readme
[generic]                55899  133320  41.9% -lh5- d3a2 Aug 27  1998 arcPPC/bin/arc.elf
[generic]                34345   78913  43.5% -lh5- 14a7 Aug 27  1998 arcPPC/bin/marc.elf
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 Total         5 files  307706  431905  71.2%            Aug 29  1998

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