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Short:CyberGfx-ScreenBlanker with DPMS
Author:stefan.robl at (Stefan Robl)
Uploader:stefan robl tirnet de (Stefan Robl)
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  CGXBlanker is a small ScreenBlanker for computers equipped with a
  CyberGraphics/Picasso96-supporting Gfx-Board.

  The blanker currently has the following Blanker-Modules:
  - Black  : just a black screen... ;)
  - Moire  : the classic colorful moire-blanker
  - Forest : colorful fractal trees
  - Spiral : an incredible rotating spiral
  - Flower : a very nice blanker which draws several elliptic objects
  - Pipe   : a interesting blanker which lets you fly trough a 3D pipe
  - Random : one of the blankers above is randomly chosen (except Black)

  CGXBlanker also supports the DPMS energy-saving methods of modern
  monitors. You can enable/disable this option and control the delay
  before the blanker switches to the DPMS mode(s).

  This blanker is a system-friendly commodity and you also have
  keyboard shortcuts for immediate blanking, immediate DPMS and quit.

  The blanker settings are easy to adjust with the CGXBlankerPrefs
  program - this is much simplier than changing Tooltypes by hand.

  Starting with V1.25, there is an ARexx port with allows the full
  control of CGXBlanker by external applications (for example: deactivate
  it before starting CDBurner-Software...)

   o supports (or better: needs) CyberGraphics or Picasso96
   o is small
   o has a prefs program with GUI
   o is fast (available for 020+ and 040+)
   o is a Commodity
   o has an ARexx interface
   o supports all three types of DPMS
   o is fully configurable
   o is systemfriendly designed
   o is freeware

  o AmigaOS 3.x+ (successfully tested with OS 3.1)
  o GfxBoard running with CyberGraphX or Picasso96 and a
    Workbench/DefaultPublicScreen running in >=256 Colors

  CGXBlanker is FREEWARE. I would be happy to get an eMail if you like/use
  it or if you have any questions about this tool.

  - More blanker modules
  - All of your good ideas
  - Modular blanker modules

  V1.00: (27.03.1999)
         ** first public release **

  V1.10: (05.04.1999)
         - Added a Prefs-program with GUI for a simple configuration of
           the large number of blanker parameters. The Prefs-program
           now made the Tooltypes useless.
           There where also a lot of changes to the blankers:
         - Moire:
           o Selectable amount of lines
           o Full controlable random/fixed sped-settings
         - Forest:
           o Selectable number of trees to draw until clear-screen
           o Changeable colorstep which controls the colors used
             for every tree.
         - Spiral:
           o The spiral of the Spiral-Blanker now can rotate in both directions
             (controlable: random, clock wise, counter clock wise)
           o Selectable startangle (random or zero)
           o Three point styles: pixel, lines and blocks
           o Adjustable amoutn of points/elements
           o Controlable speed of the gradient
         - Added support for all three types of DMPS energy saving methods.
           (the old version only supported the OFF-mode)
           Thanks to Paul "ExiE" Strejcek for this suggestion!
         - Now you can control what blankers the random module can choose.

  V1.20: (15.11.1999)
         ** second public release **
         - Added a nice new blanker module "Flower". Many thanks to
           Roland Menzel for providing the very nice idea!!

  V1.21: (16.11.1999)
         - Made a mistake in the V1.20 release: I only included a 040
           optimized version. This will surely crash on machines with
           older CPUs... sorry... now there are two versions:
           One for 68020 and above and one for 68040 and above.
         - Added a installer script for easier installation...

  V1.22: (17.11.1999)
         - Removed a small bug in the installer script in expert mode.
           Thanks to Rico Schreckenbach for reporting the problem!

  V1.25: (03.03.2000)
         ** third public release **
         - CGXBlanker now blanks immediately again if another screen or
           window was brought to front by another application.
           Thanks to Ingo Musquinier for reporting this problem!
         - Added the ARexx-Interface to allow the control of CGXBlanker
           from external applications.
           Thanks, Andrew Bruno, for your initial idea (env-variable)!
         - Removed a problem with time-measurement. Now everything should
           be accurate!
           Thanks to Bill Ceaser for reporting this problem!
         - Added the "Don't blank if mouse is over titlebar" option.
           Thanks to Andrew Bruno for this idea!
         - Removed a compatibility problem (color-selection) with P96.
           Thanks to Rico Schreckenbach for reporting this!
         - The CGXBlankerPrefs program now informs the CGXBlanker
           immediately, if there is a new setting to use. You now
           also can immediately test the settings for each blanker by
           clicking "Test Blanker".
         - Added the Blanker "Pipe".
         - Added an AmigaGuide documentation.

  Stefan Robl <stefan.robl at>
  More infos about ArtecScan, PPCjpeg, the QBox and my other Projects?

  Just visit my Homepage:

Have fun!

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[generic]                25306   56876  44.5% -lh5- 5a04 Mar  3  2000 CGXBlanker/CGXBlanker020+
[generic]                  888    2470  36.0% -lh5- 9faf Nov 17  1999 CGXBlanker/Install
[generic]                 1886    2726  69.2% -lh5- 2248 Mar  3  2000 CGXBlanker/
[generic]                88775  224116  39.6% -lh5- 3887 Oct 26  1999 CGXBlanker/libs/wizard.library
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