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Short:V1.0, Module for GarshneBlanker V3.6
Author:schmiegel at (Ingo Schmiegel)
Uploader:schmiegel eecs rwth-aachen de (Ingo Schmiegel)
Requires:Garshneblanker V3.6, OS 3.0
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Just a new module for the Garshneblanker screensaver.

Ever wanted an aquarium for the Garshneblanker?
Here it comes!

Ever wanted a StarTrek blanker module?
This could evolve to such a module (Hi Steven!)

Ever saw Boris the Cat?
Ever wanted anything moving on the screen?

The possibilities are now all here, use them, provide me with ideas and gfx
and you'll get any animation module you'll like.

With this module you have FULL control over what is shown on the screen!

Now, how does it work?
The module just opens a double buffered screen with the parameters you
specified in the "Display" settings.
Then it reads in a preferences file in which you can put simple commands
specifying what you want to see. Each object you specify loads one or
more animations. (Some simple ones come with the module.)
You can draw your own animations and you can change the prefsfile to
let the module show you what you like.
Currently it's more or less a true aquarium blanker because a fish, a
bubble and a still object are defined. But no one hinders you to load
for example an Enterprise spaceship with the fish object. Try it out!

If you've got any ideas for other movement patterns or if you've drawn
some cute animations for the aquarium or for anything else:
Please email me those!!!!
I'd like to build a huge collection of animations and objects into this
module. (The only thing you can't do with this module is _real_speed_,
I must admit.)

I'd like to thank the four people who emailed me in the past time,
telling me their ideas about my other blanker modules: Cookie,
LivingShuffle and SnowPlants. Special thanks go to Steven Lyon the only
one with a >real< email (longer than 20 lines ;-) and >good< ideas.
Without your email I wouldn't have written this.
(And forget about paying shareware. This is still the Amiga and I've got
lots of fun while programming on this machine!)

Keep on writing emails with ideas, remarks and complaints!

Happy blanking,

P.S.: On September the 24th I'll leave my Amiga for 8 months because
I'll do an industrial practical in Australia. If I receive some emails
with ideas for this module I'll try to find an Amiga owner in the
Melbourne area to continue working on this software. Don't you know
someone living there?

Contents of util/blank/GBAquari.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                  922    3212  28.7% -lh5- f9b9 Sep 12  1997
[generic]                46890  109804  42.7% -lh5- 4a18 Sep 12  1997 GBAquarium/Aquarium
[generic]                 5038   12895  39.1% -lh5- bf24 Sep 12  1997 GBAquarium/
[generic]                  154     237  65.0% -lh5- 17ac Sep 12  1997 GBAquarium/Aquarium.ifc
[generic]                  109    1060  10.3% -lh5- 2da5 Sep 12  1997 GBAquarium/Aquarium.prefs
[generic]                 1276    2517  50.7% -lh5- 9982 Sep 12  1997 GBAquarium/Aquarium.readme
[generic]                  285     421  67.7% -lh5- 831d Sep 12  1997 GBAquarium/Aquarium.txt
[generic]                  126     156  80.8% -lh5- 25e3 Jul 20  1997 GBAquarium/AquariumData/Aquarium.palette
[generic]                  411    2916  14.1% -lh5- b2db Sep  3  1997 GBAquarium/AquariumData/bubble.iff
[generic]                  293    2576  11.4% -lh5- 0329 Aug  2  1997 GBAquarium/AquariumData/fish_guppy-l.iff
[generic]                  281    2576  10.9% -lh5- 487c Aug  2  1997 GBAquarium/AquariumData/fish_guppy-r.iff
[generic]                  268    1216  22.0% -lh5- 692c Jul 27  1997 GBAquarium/AquariumData/fish_guppy-tlr.iff
[generic]                  306    1216  25.2% -lh5- 3f54 Jul 27  1997 GBAquarium/AquariumData/fish_guppy-trl.iff
[generic]                 1989    6334  31.4% -lh5- 2385 Sep 12  1997 GBAquarium/AquariumData/PrefsForTheAquarium
[generic]                  259     286  90.6% -lh5- 29f1 Sep 12  1997 GBAquarium/AquariumData/smallstone.iff
[generic]                  145     236  61.4% -lh5- 768a Sep 12  1997 GBAquarium/AquariumData/
[generic]                 2171    3024  71.8% -lh5- 2d80 Sep 12  1997 GBAquarium/AquariumData/stone.iff
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total        17 files   60923  150682  40.4%            Sep 13  1997

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