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Short:Little Bootblock-Util Installer
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%                NOMAD UTILITY BOOT  V2.0                 %
%             CODED BY  N.O.M.A.D OF QUARTEX              %

Oh no you say !.Not another utility boot !.Well it is one
of the only things that i really enjoy coding!.Squeezing
all that code into 1k is a challenge!.There have been a few
new util boots on the scene since my last one (V1.0).They
are all good piece`s of code so its really upto you which
one you use !.

This boot Detects virus`s ,and will warn you if it thinks
one is present,tell you the current state of fastmem
extra chip mem , drives df0: to df3: ,turns fast memory
on and off , extra chip mem on / off,drives on and off,
performs a true hard reset,kills virus,toggles filter,
will switch between PAL / NTSC  mode and will SAFELY
install itself on any disk.(Unlike one new boot i can
mention!).The docs on each option follow !!!!.

The bootprogram can be exited by pressing the
left mouse button or it will auto exit after approx
20 secs to the cli UNLESS a virus is detected then it
just waits until the left mouse button is pressed or
you kill the virus.

System info (2nd & 3rd lines of display)

FASTMEM:???               Tells you if fast memory is installed
1 MEG CHIP:????           Tells you if extra chip mem is installed
DF1:???  DF2:??? DF3:???  Tells you which drives are enabled

Just some notes about each option..
The keys need to be pressed down firmly.If the option
you chose does not register try the key again...

Key F1 ... Fastmem Off
If your amiga has ANY extra memory installed this option
will make it invisible to the execbase.It does not alloc
all the fast memory like other boots,but actually traps
the reset routine while it checks for extra mem.Then it
fools it into thinking there is only chipmem available.
Because of this the memory will stay off until you use
Memory on-option F3 or any program kills the execbase.
Note: this version will still allow the 1 meg chip mem
to be used,most other boots turn it off as well !!!!!.

Key F2 ... Fast/Chip Off
This option will do exactly the same as option F1 ,except
that only the 512k of chipmem will be available to you.
All extra Fastmem and Chipmem is disabled

Key F3 ... All Mem on
This will turn back on all the extra memory that key F1-F2
(Memory off) disabled.

Key F4 ... Kill Drives
This option will fool execbase in thinking all drives
are off.This saves upto 25k of memory for each drive.Useful
for low mem conditions.Once this option is selected the
bootblock will exit to the CLI.After reseting your amiga
the drives will be available to the system again.

Key F5 ... Hard Reset - Viri Reset
This performs a true hard reset.The equivalent of powering
off your amiga!.All hardware and the amiga will be returned
to the state they were in when you powered up your amiga.
If the screen flashes red and the message
" A VIRUS HAS BEEN DETECTED! " appears just above the credit
This option will alter to VIRI RESET . Using this option
will kill the possible virus in memory.I say possible because
as you may know,reset monitors etc use the same vectors as a
virus.If however you have not installed such a program then
it IS a virus..Kill it!.

Key F6 ... Install Boot
This will safely install the utility boot on any disk that
is inserted in df0: (Do not worry about the screen when
installing).No need for a separate install program once it
is on one of your disks.

Key F7 ... Toggle Filter
This will turn the Low pass filter on and off.Music will
be clearer with it off.

Key F8 ... Tog Pal/Ntsc
This option will toggle between pal and ntsc mode only if
you have the obese angus installed in your machine.Useful
for checking games in either mode.

This boot has been tested on all kickstart versions.
1.0 to 2.0.Because all the routines are LEGAL it should
work on any kickstart....

Please use this utility boot ..

                              Thank you   ..  N.O.M.A.D

                          Q U A R T E X

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