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Short:Patches for ToolsDaemon to work with OS 3.9
Author:Mikolaj Calusinski <bloelle at>
Version:2.2 (45.005)
Requires:KS V37+, original ToolsDaemon 2.1a package
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Fourth edition. Urgh, while fixing things I've made a very stupid typo which
completely disabled hotkeys. Thanks to Gregory S. Donner and Andreas Kürzinger
for bugreports. Sorry guys.

There are still some problems/incompatibilities but they all are caused by
bugs in workbench.library V45.127:

- some menus may not be layed out properly (especially rightmost ones) - parts
of them tend to be displayed beyond visible area of the screen
- there are memory leaks when reinstalling menus: 58 bytes for each added menu
title and 82 bytes for each submenu; ordinary menu items are not affected
- installing/uninstalling menus is SLOW and it becomes DEAD SLOW for larger
scripts. So folks *DO NOT* try to make menus with 63 items, each consisting of
31 submenus. No, 68060 won't help you here. ;)
- if you load your WB with '-debug' switch, you can still add 27 of your menu
titles even if this gives you illegal overall number of entries (32) for the
screen. The last one will not be selectable of course.

All of these bugs have been reported to Olaf Barthel and some of them
*probably* will be fixed for BB2. Do not ask me when, though.


These patches fix ToolsDaemon 2.1a, written by Nico François, to take
advantage of V45 (OS 3.9) Workbench API. Users of older Workbenches may find
this update interesting too as I fixed a couple of annoying bugs like wrong
pen selection for menus on deeper screens, etc.

You will need the original ToolsDaemon V2.1a files, which can be found on
Aminet: util/boot/ToolsDaemon21a.lha.

This patch is freeware. No warranties: it works for me but 'your mileage may
vary'. ;-)

NOTE: For proper operation you have to patch ALL three files:
toolsdaemon-handler, main ToolsDaemon exe and preferencres editor ToolsPrefs!

Users of OS 3.5: be warned that ToolsDaemon 2.2 will NOT work under
workbench.library V44, revision 1511 or higher (ie. BoingBag2/2a)!!! This
is due to only partial support of new API in these revisions which is not
sufficient for ToolsDaemon. You will need original workbench.library V44.1414
or V44.1479 from BoingBag1. Or - better - upgrade to OS 3.9.


1. Unarchive this package to T: directory

2. Copy following three original ToolsDaemon 2.1a files: 'ToolsDaemon',
'ToolsDaemon-handler' and 'ToolsPrefs' to T: directory

3. Open shell, cd to T: and type:

'spatch ToolsDaemon'
'spatch ToolsDaemon-handler'
'spatch ToolsPrefs'

4. Copy files with '.new' suffix over originals:

'copy TO SYS:WBStartup/ToolsDaemon'
'copy TO L:ToolsDaemon-handler'
'copy TO SYS:Prefs/ToolsPrefs'

5. Enjoy (if you find any bugs, please contact me: bloelle at


Many thanks to Olaf Barthel for sending me up-to-date autodocs of V45 wb.lib.
BIG thanks to Darek whose script helped me to spot cleanup bug.

ToolsDaemon package is Copyright (c) 1991-1994 Nico François 
spatch is Copyright © 1992 SAS Institute, Inc.

*                                                                            *
* Permission is hereby granted to distribute this program's archive          *
* containing the executables and documentation for non-commercial purposes   *
* so long as the archive and its contents are not modified in any way.       *
*                                                                            *
* This program may not be distributed for a profit.                          *
*                                                                            *
* This program is not in the public domain.                                  *
*                                                                            *

Contents of util/boot/ToolsDaemon22.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                 9285   14636  63.4% -lh5- e89d Nov 11  2000 spatch
[generic]                 2860    3820  74.9% -lh5- ee4f Mar  7  2002 ToolsDaemon-handler.pch
[generic]                 1491    1912  78.0% -lh5- 0dd3 Jan 18  2002 ToolsDaemon.pch
[generic]                 1845    4418  41.8% -lh5- 0c27 Mar  7  2002 ToolsDaemon22.readme
[generic]                  159     160  99.4% -lh5- 6c42 Jan 31  2001 ToolsPrefs.pch
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total         5 files   15640   24946  62.7%            Mar 10  2002

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