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Author:Maurice Randall
Uploader:polluks+aminet sdf lonestar org (Stefan Haubenthal)
Version:1.0 (January 24, 1996)
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      ** GeoWriteImport **

Copyright 1996 by Maurice Randall
Version 1.0 Release January 24, 1996


This program is useful for those that use GEOS on a 64 or 128 and
also have a need to transfer their GeoWrite wordprocessing documents
to their Amiga into a format that is usable by an Amiga wordprocessor.
The program expects the GeoWrite document to be in a 'converted' format
which is a format that can be uploaded and downloaded over a modem.
This format is also easily manipulated by copy programs outside of

GEOS users who are also familiar with telecommunications are already
familiar with converting GEOS files using Convert 2.5 or geoSHELL's
convert command. Either method will put the GeoWrite document into a
format that GeoWriteImport can work with. Once converted to this format,
the file can then be transferred from the 64/128 to the Amiga through
a modem, or by using Big Blue Reader on the 64/128 to put the file
onto an MS-DOS formatted disk and then using the disk on the Amiga with

GeoWrite files which are also found on online networks can also be used
by GeoWriteImport since they are already in the convert format.

GeoWriteImport will strip all the unnecessary GeoWrite control codes as
well as the file header and the convert header which are both at the
beginning of the file.

The resulting file on the Amiga will be in plain ASCII format with all
carriage return characters found at the end of paragraphs changed to
linefeed characters. TABS are saved as real TAB characters instead of
being converted to spaces. Keep in mind that the linefeed characters
will only be at the end of the paragraphs and not at the end of a
screenwidth line. For this reason, you will only want to load the
documents into a true wordprocessor, rather than a text editor. Text
editors normally will allow lines wider than a screenwidth and so the
text will end up displaying in an undesirable method causing you to
scroll the screen to read it. A wordprocessor, on the other hand, will
format the text within the margins that you choose to display or print
the text in.

Requirements: Any Amiga should work with this program, however since
it makes use of ReqTools, you will need to have the reqtools.library
in your LIBS: directory.

(Note: ReqTools is Copyright (c) Nico François)


Using GeoWriteImport is very simple. It may be run from a CLI/Shell
or from the Workbench. From the Shell, simply enter GeoWriteImport.
From the Workbench, just click on the GeoWriteImport icon.

A file requestor will come up asking you to select a GeoWrite file.
Once you have done so, the file will be analyzed to make sure it is
a GeoWrite file. If not, then the program will end after displaying
an error message.

If you have chosen a valid GeoWrite file, then another requestor will
pop up asking you for the path and filename to save the new document
under. You will notice that the original name of the GeoWrite file
will be listed with an extension of '_gw' added to it. The extension
is added to avoid any conflict with the source file should you save
the new file into the same directory. You may change the filename
if you'd like as well as the directory you wish to save the file to.
Just be careful with the spelling so as not to overwrite the original

Once you have selected a path, and clicked on 'OK', the conversion
process will begin.

When it is finished, the requestor will pop up again in case you wish
to convert another file. If you do not wish to convert another, simply
click on 'CANCEL' and the program will end.

In order that you may test this program, I've included a GeoWrite
document within this archive. It is actually a copy of this same
documentation that you are reading right now. The main difference
is that the file does not have end of line characters at the end
of each line, but only at the end of each paragraph. It is also
named a little differently for obvious reasons.


You also have the choice of importing more than one file at a time.
From the file requester that allows you to choose the source file,
hold down the SHIFT key while making more than one selection. When
you have selected all the files you wish to import, click on OK. The
main difference now is that instead of being allowed to choose the
destination directory as well as the name you would like to save the
file as, you can only choose the destination directory. All the files
that will be created will automatically have the '_gw' tacked on to
their filenames.


Thanks for trying this. This is my first 'real' Amiga program. It is
written using Amiga E by Wouter van Oortmerssen, a very nice programming
language for the Amiga. I hope you can make some use of this with any
GeoWrite files you might want to download and use in the Amiga.

As time goes on, I might add additional features to this.

For comments or suggestions, I may be reached at:

On GEnie as:  M.RANDALL2
On Delphi as: ARCA93
On the Internet as: arca93 at
On my own BBS, The Speed Zone: Email to Maurice Randall
Or using the slow mode:  Maurice Randall
                         P.O. Box 606
                         Charlotte MI 48813

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