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Short:A DirUtil with heaps ~70K
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DirWork V1.62 - The Directory Util!

VERY Configurable.  Buttons/Button-keys/Options/Screen Mode/
Screen Colors/Window Size/Window Position/PopKeys/Tools etc can be
modified and the DW executable modified to have these values.
External configuration editor program to make changes easier.

Detaches.  So when you type DW from Shell/CLI you can still use your
Shell/CLI as if nothing happened.  No need to Run!  Paths are kept!

Sleep. Can be put to sleep so it disappears completely until you
select it from the workbench tools menu (kick2.0-) or press left
Ctrl-Shift-Alt-D or whatever keys you configured it to.
Also can be started in sleep mode so "DW -s" in your
startup-sequence will have it there for when you want it later.
You can also place DW in your WBStartUp drawer and add the ToolTypes

Intelligent.  Double click the left mouse button on the filename of
a IFF picture and it will be automatically displayed.  Double click
a text file to display it, press the right mouse button to edit it!
Double Click a .lzh file and you see the contents, right mouse
button on one extracts the contents to the destination dir and then
reads in the new entries.  If you have a middle button then pressing
it on the .lzh will extract the files in the background so you can
continue doing other things.
As well as many other instant actions on different types of files
and the instant types are configurable.

The inbuilt text viewer, picture viewer and disk functions
run as separate processes on separate screen so you can double
click a text file and then continue working with DW then swap
the screen and the text viewer is still there.  Your diskcopy
can be going on one screen while you a copying files with DW as

A show built in that loads in the next picture while your looking
at the last.  Does icons, SHAM and some DHIRES pictures.  You can
of course set up a button to use your own show utility.

Buffered directories.  Press the right mouse button over the dir
text gadget and you get a menu of previous directories which you
can instantly go to.  Parent buttons that will use the buffered
dir when appropriate to save you heaps of dir loading time.

A completely mouse controlled type/hxtype which will automatically
decrunch powerpacker crunched text files.

Both memory and BootBlock virus checking.

Inbuilt Diskcopy/Format/Install with multiple destinations etc.

PopKeys.  Define keys to start up programs. eg make Amiga-P start
your paint program.  Amiga-Escape start a NewShell etc etc etc
Also adds these programs to DW's menu and your workbench Tools menu
if using Kick2.0-.

ScreenBlanker so that the phosphors on your monitor get a rest.
AutoPoint option so that the window the mouse is over is selected.
MouseAccelerator with selectable threshold.

Copy & move cloning so that the date/protection/filenote is same.

Fast and Smooth Floppy Dirs!  Getting a directory off a floppy
is up to 2 times faster.  And your drive doesn't grind back and
forward anywhere near as much as normal.

Size.  At less than 70K uncompressed it makes mince meat of most
of those huge memory hungry utilities.

Contents of util/dir/DirWork162.lzh
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[generic]                36507   70968  51.4% -lh1- 994e Jun 13  1992 dw
[generic]                  237     738  32.1% -lh1- a5ed Jun  2  1992
[generic]                16304   42130  38.7% -lh1- f8b1 Jun 13  1992 DW.doc
[generic]                  242     463  52.3% -lh1- 8b9c Jun  2  1992
[generic]                17951   41468  43.3% -lh1- 8fb9 Jun 13  1992 DWEdit
[generic]                  282     738  38.2% -lh1- 21c7 Jun  2  1992
[generic]                11732   30751  38.2% -lh1- 531c Jun 13  1992 DWEdit.doc
[generic]                  242     463  52.3% -lh1- b8a0 Jun  2  1992
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 Total         8 files   83497  187719  44.5%            Aug 15  1992

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