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Short:The best join- and split-program!
Author:Daniel Westerberg
Uploader:Daniel Westerberg (daniel onyxsoft se)
Architecture:m68k-amigaos >= 2.0.4
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JoinSplitter by Deniil 715! for OnyxSoft

Some features of this program:
 · Easy graphical user interface.
 · It doesn't create or depend on headers in the splitted files.
 · The files don't need to have filenames like f.ex. splfile.001,
   splfile.002, splfile.003 etc. to be joined.
 · You can make it compatible with all joiners/splitters that don't
   crypt files or put a header at the END of files.
 · You have three split-modes, "Fixed size" between 1kB-2GB,
   "DiscOptimizing" where it fills e.g. disks to the limit, and
   "Number of files" where you specify how many files you want
   the file to be splitted into!
 · You can drag'n'drop files from f.ex. Workbench.
 · It recognizes file series when joining.

 *** This program has been successfully tested on AmigaOS4 and MorphOS.

News & Changes:
* NEW * It is possible to have joined files automatically deleted
        after being joined.

* NEW * It is possible to append the files to be joined onto the
        output file instead of creating a new output file. This could
        save a lot of space if joining two huge files for example.

* FIX * Better handling of large files over 2GB, and joining of
        files that will result in more than 4GB.
        Please note that your file system MUST support large files
        if you intend to create such or you may trash it beyong
        validation or repair!
        Also note that the program is purely 32-bit and does not
        actively support files over 4GB, although joining and
        splitting should work anyway due to the small buffers it

* FIX * Fixed a few places where a file would be left opened after
        the process exited with an error or some kind.

* FIX * Fixed some hits that could have occured during startup or
        when right-clicking for a menu.

v1.32 (070912)
** Adding more than three files to the join list using drag'n'drop
   only one file at a time caused a crash after the third file.

* Finally I tracked down that bug that sometimes caused
  hits on start up or switch between Join and Split mode!

* Fixed a bug that caused a crash when using "Skip header
  on Individual file".

* Added "Skip header on All but first file". This makes it
  safer to join Mpegs or other stream-like formats...

* Now you can split a file into an infinite (2GB) size, meaning
  that it is possible to split large image files to make them
  fit on CDs for example.

* JoinSplitter now shows some information, such as how many
  files a file will be splitted into, or how many files and
  bytes in total that is in the join list.

* Fixed a bug that caused a crash when deleting the last file
  in the list in Join mode.

* Fixed a bug that caused a crash when picking an input file
  in Split mode while Multi-select was selected in Join mode.

* Fixed a possible bug when using disc optimizing splitting.
  I can't test this because I ditched the floppy concept
  when I got my AmigaOne :)

* It is now possible to abort a split or join process!
  The progress window has a close-gadget which makes this

* OS4-pre-upd is even pickier about memory-hits which
  means that I have found and removed another hit which
  occured if JoinSplitter was started without an argument.

* Made some small language touch-ups here and there.

* When splitting directly to diskettes or similar, the
  requester now automatically accepts an inserted
  diskette. (This is not tested though as I don't have
  a disk drive in my AmigaOne!) Please report bugs!

Other programs by Deniil 715! can be found on OnyxSoft homepage at:

Feel free to mail me if you find bugs or have suggestions!

  daniel / onyxsoft se

NOTE: Please, NEVER publish this e-mail on a web page or
      similar unless spam-encrypted like above! Thanks.

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