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Short:GUI for MPlayer for OS4
Author:Daniel Westerberg
Uploader:Daniel Westerberg (daniel onyxsoft se)
Requires:OS4, ReAction, MPlayer
Architecture:ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.0
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This is a stand-alone ReAction-GUI/launcher for all MPlayers for AmigaOS4.

The GUI is pretty straight forward. Hold you mouse over any gadget
to get a short explanation of what it is for. If still uncertain;
see the MPlayer documentation or type "MPlayer -help" in a shell.

News & Changes
* FIX * Revert a change made to how CLI output was handled.

* FIX * Properly set NP_ProgramDir after NP_HomeDir was made obsolete.
        This cause MPlayer to not find its font or config.

* FIX * Fixed a bug that saved the prefs everytime Stop was clicked.

* NEW * Added "crashed on me" when pressing stop again after 4 secs.

* FIX * Fixed the help-popups and made them more similar in style with the
argument first.

* FIX * Renamed a few tabs and moved a few settings to better locations.

1.53 (141031)
** Added a chooser for dvd/dvdnav since newer MPlayers work better
   with dvd instead of dvdnav.

** Added the new comp_yuv and comp_yuv2 video outputs for the new
   RadeonHD v2-enabled mplayer.

** Added webm file type and reordered the file pattern list.

** Reinserted the old cgx_vmem in case someone has a machine where
   this works best.

** Moved the "Show MPlayer output" setting to the main page for
   easier access.

** Added "# = Switch language" to the key help page.

* New modern banner and icons by Tommysammy. Thanks! :)

* Added X1000 sb600*.devices for CD/DVD.

* Fixed the Control panel Full screen menu item.

(Note: The volume control has to be fixed in mplayer itself it seems.)

1.51 (140406)
* Added cgx_wpa and comp video modes.

* Added skiploopfilter for faster HD playback.

* Fixed XML encoding for reserved chars.

1.50 (100912)
* Made it possible to drag'n'drop files to the playlist.
  Dropping a file on any other page than the playlist page would
  put the file in the normal file field.

* Created a way to queue dropped files. If you drag'n'drop a file
  while another file is playing it will be queued to be played
  when the current file is finished. This requires that the "Auto
  play on drag'n'drop" is enabled.

* Added a Next button. Clicking this button will try to find a
  number in the current file and increase this number. It will
  automatically play the new filename if "Auto play on drag'n'drop"
  is enabled.
  Very useful when watching a series of files but without having
  them in a pre-made playlist.

* Added an OSD setting so MPlayer can be started with a specific
  On-Screen Display.

* Updated file patterns a bit.

* Changed arexx handling and allocation of argstrings.

v1.47 (091211)
* Made use of application.library which now also takes care
  of sending the filenames to an already opened MPlayer-GUI.

* Found a cool feature in intuition. Have compositing enabled
  and you can't miss it ;-)

v1.46 (091119)
* It is now possible to start MPlayer-GUI with arguments from
  CLI, or shift-clicking from Workbench and instead of opening
  another MPlayer-GUI, the file name(s) will be set in the
  MPlayer-GUI that is already open.

* Added a Stop button. Very useful if you started an audio-stream
  which doesn't have a window that you can close.

* Added #?.flv to the default file pattern.

* Now sets default values if prefs could not be loaded.

* Fixed the requester that shows if MPlayer couldn't be found.

v1.45 (090302)
* Added a Load and Save function to the playlist so it can be
  saved and loaded.

* Using expat.library now instead of linking it in. Cut the
  executable size in half :)

* Fixed a few incorrect default values.

v1.44 (090120)
* Added a few aspect parameters to be able to force the display
  driver into displaying any movie with correct aspect in full
  screen even if the monitor is not the same aspect as the movie.

  Set the Expand Filter to the aspect of your monitor to fix
  full screen for the default (p96_pip) video driver. This does
  not work with the SDL driver.

  Set the Monitor Aspect parameter to the aspect of you monitor
  if you are using the SDL video driver. The p96_pip driver
  ignores this parameter.

* Added a Movie Aspect parameter that can be used if the movie
  itself has the wrong aspect to force it into having another

* Added start volume and max volume settings.

* The MPlayerprocess is now called "MPlayer main process" instead
  of "[New Process]".

* Added a few new video modes and removed some old. Also updated
  audio modes.

* Fixed the scroller in the Control Panel somewhat. It still needs
  to be fixed in MPlayer which reports the time incorrectly.

* Fixed the crash on exit. Two gadgets used the same variable,
  classical cut'n'paste error..

* Found the correct way of compiling with NewLib so I shaved
  60kB off the executable.

* Added .mov .xvid and .3ivx to the default file pattern.

* Added a switch to stop the Control Panel from activating and
  moving itself.

* Through a joint effort MPlayer.OS4 now has arexx support, and so
  has MPlayer-GUI. Therefore MPlayer-GUI now has a control panel to
  ba able to control MPlayer while it's playing, just like a "normal"
  media player :-)
  Do you want to see the control panel skinned?! Then make a skin :)
  Please make it one image per button and I'll see what I can do...

* Thanks to Hyperion and some new power of ExecSG, MPlayer-GUI now
  knows when MPlayer is running and when it quits and will therefore
  uniconify itself and behave better in general.

* File patterns for the movie file-requester. You set the pattern
  on page 4 - System.

* Key-help is now visible again.

* Removed some debug output when quitting.

* Now actually added those p96_vmem and cgx_vmem_scale video modes
  despite afxgroup's recommendation. I will keep them until OS4
  final with overlay is out so people who want to use older versions
  of MPlayer can do so. I'm also leaving the AHI modes against
  afxgroup's recommendations for people (like me) who thing AHI is
  faster than SDL.

* Added p96_vmem and cgx_vmem_scale video modes.

* Added the new upd3 SIL devices to the VCD and DVD device choosers.

* Now 8-bit can be used in all string without the upper character
  being turned into UTF-8 by the XML parser.

* The Country Code (CC) field only accepted two characters because
  I thought only two were possible. I was wrong.

* Recompiled the expat XML lib with -O2 and made it and MPlayer-GUI
  90kB smaller!

* Added a new nice banner I got from Tony "Toaks" Aksnes.
  (If you think it makes the GUI too big, then rename or move
  the image.)

* Added an "Auto play" switch so that files get started
  immediately when you drag'n'drop a file on MPlayer-GUI or
  when you start MPlayer-GUI with a file as argument from
  CLI or shift-click from WB.

* Added a file list.

* Now MPlayer-GUI wouln't leak memory when starting MPlayer,
  It appears as if NP_FreeSeglist does not default to TRUE as
  the SDK (dos/dostags.h) says. I had to explicitly set
  NP_FreeSeglist,TRUE for it to actually free the memory used
  by the MPlayer exe. Hope it works now.

* MPlayer-GUI can be shift-clicked with media files and have then
  start immediately.

* Now MPlayer-GUI starts MPlayer with its own drawer as current
  directory so that it finds its fonts easier.

* Got a nice PNG icon from Tony "Toaks" Aksnes. I made a glowicon
  of it as well, but it's not as nice as the real PNG icon, but
  it's got glow :)

* Added the -forceidx switch.

* Added -vo jpeg, png, sdl and -ao sdl options.

* Ported to OS4. The GUI part was made by Dave Norris who
  kickstarted the port. Thankyou very much!

* As ReAction doesn't have a built-in way of automatically
  saving prefs like MUI does, I had to do it manually,
  and the result was XML :)

* Fixed and added proper VCD/DVD switches.

* Added a help page for the MPlayer keys.

* Added appicon and appwindow functions (you can drop files
  on MPlayer-GUI).

* You can start MPlayer-GUI with a file as an argument.

* The movie filename only got a '"' in the beginning if it
  had spaces in it, but only one '"' at the end if it did
  not have spaces in it. How stupid ;-)

* Also the subtitle file had the same error, but applied for
  the Additional parameters string! The sustitle never got
  any quotes even if it had spaces.

* "Send output to default console" didn't work quite ok when
  started from WB.

* Added the possibility to get the GUI iconified when playing.
  (It does not uniconify itself when the movie is finished though,
  as there is no communication between MPlayer and the GUI.)

* The quit warning when one has played with output to the
  console had the buttons reversed.

* Added a lot more settings, most of what "Mplayer -help" outputs.

* Initial release

Thanks to
Andrea Palmatè for porting MPlayer to OS4!

Dave Norris for the ReAction-GUI which kickstarted my porting.

Restore2003 for making the nice MPlayerbanner.png and PNG icon!

Other programs by Deniil 715! can be found on OnyxSoft homepage at:

Feel free to mail me if you found bugs or have suggestions:
  daniel / onyxsoft se

NOTE: Please, NEVER publish my e-mail on a web page or similar
      unless spam-encrypted like above! Thank you.

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