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Short:Powerful multi-file renaming tool (MUI)
Author:Daniel Westerberg
Uploader:Daniel Westerberg (daniel onyxsoft se)
Requires:MUI, TextEditor.mcc, NList(view).mcc, BetterString.mcc
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This program is for easily renaming many files using specially
designed tools to do the dirty work for you! And you can also
manually step through the list and fine tune filename and comments
in a very comfortable way!

 *** This program has been successfully tested on AmigaOS4!

 - Rename hundreds or thousands of files in just a few seconds.
 - It supports filenames of up to 512 characters!
 - It uses MUI!
 - You can save the list for later perfection and final renaming!
 - You can export the file list as a completely customized textfile!
 - Many ways to automatically renames the files the way you really want!
 - Supports plugins for custom file data extraction for use in filenames!
 - You can number files if you want to make file series of some kind!
 - You can edit and customize the file comments of your files!
 - It's great to use when managing playlists or things like that!
 - Think ugly MP3 file names, think ugly digicam file names - No more!

The tools you can use in MultiRen is:
>> Adaptor          - Make all you filenames have the same length, smart one..
>> Extension Editor - Change/add/remove/clean up your filename-extensions..
>> File Cleaner     - Clean your filenames from unwanted characters and more..
>> File Comment     - Edit your file comments AND filenames anyway you like!
>> Numberer         - Number your files, or remove numbers. bin/dec/hex/alpha..
>> RenPlacer        - Advanced *wildcard?-based rename/replace/find-functions..
>> Sort             - Sort your files anyhow, or shuffle them for saving as a

Two useful things that I didn't classify as tools..:
>> Export list as text.. - Save the list as text for use in f.ex
                           a script or as a playlist or just as a
                           structured and easy to read textfile..
>> Import a text file..  - Import new filenames from a textfile..

One of the more useful features of MultiRen is that no files are
actually renamed during your work, but only when you decide so
and press Rename in the main window!

Another great thing is that you can save the list of filenames
and their states if you want to continue the next day or maybe
just to save the list as a backup so that you can undo your
work at a later state if a tool didn't do quite what you expected.

You can use it to create playlists, perhaps sorted or shuffled
if you want. You can also edit file comments in a flexible way,
like adding date or filelength to them or so.

And not to forget: MultiRen supports plugins that can extract
information from different files to use when renaming!

* NEW * Made the File Cleaner "Initial letter upper" restart after a period "."
or opening paratheses.

* NEW * Added some more extensions to the extension editor.

* FIX * Fixed a crash when adding an extension in the extension editor.

v1.70 (100810)
** Made it possible to sort by date.

** Added possibility to show date in the list.

** Fixed garbage being inserted as date in File Comment tool
   when a file didn't exists.

** Some spelling.

v1.69 (091119)
* Fixed drag'n'drop of directories in Ambient. Ambient reports
  dropped drawers in a different (albeit more logical) way
  than WB.

* Added some stack.. AGAIN, since the NListview.mcp seems more
  stack hungry than ever.

* The MUI preferences now only list the external classes actually
  used by MultiRen, unless you have an older version of MUI.

v1.68 (090802)
* Fixed the initial file in the Add File requester.

* Fixed FileCleaner that converted the '.' on extensions even
  when extensions were set to be excluded.

* Some of the File Cleaner settings wasn't reloaded from prefs.

* When saving or exporting the list of files the file requester
  would sometimes not display files and silently use the file
  pattern filter hiding files incorrectly.

* Added an ID3v2 plugin! Now it is possible to extract a few tags
  from not only ID3v1 tags, but also the more extensive ID3v2 tags.

* Now all requesters will open on the same screen as MultiRen.

* Fixed the MP3-Info plugin. It sometimes couldn't skip an ID3v2
  tag correctly and was unable to read the MP3 info from the file.

* Added the ability to see the total file size of all files in the
  Info window. You can find the Info window in the Project menu.
  Very useful when collecting many files from different directories
  to transfer to a limited storage such as a CD-R or MP3/USB stick.

* The file size for each file can also be selected for the list
  just as the filename lengths can.

* Exporting to a textfile using the Custom way with columns (using %t)
  on multiple lines did not work correctly.

* The tools list has been reorganized in alphabetic order.

* Went over all help-bubbles and corrected spelling and made them a
  bit more understandable. Please also remember that the documentation
  is quite extensive.

* Added the menu option "Renamed files are Changed" in case you
  edit some filenames, renamed, save the list, then undo
  rename and then reload the saved list. Now all files would
  look renamed, but they are not, since you undid the rename.

* Fixed typo "Lenght".

* Added some stack.

* Fixed a bug which caused Unsort to malfunction if a list was
  loaded, sorted and then unsort was attempted.

* Removed the requester asking to save a v1.0 compatible list.
  There is no need for this requester. MultiRen can still load
  v1.0 lists though.

* While borrowing code from MultiRen to TheMPegEncGUI I
  noticed a small bug that when picking a percent char to a
  format string only one percent char was copied, which kind of
  counteracts the whole point of having it as a special char :)

* All european charactes had disappeared from the popdown menu
  in preferences. This was most likely cause by the texteditor
  past inability to handle 8-bit ASCII.

* Apparently I had to re-introduce that stack-hack I removed
  in the last version, but this time with a version check so
  that it doesn't get executed if running V50+ (OS4).

* Added a few more options to the File Cleaner.

* The FileCleaner now makes it possible to change space and
  underscore to the special white space character which is
  slightly longer than normal space in some fonts. It has
  ASCII value 160 and can be typed with Alt+Spacebar.

* The FileCleaner now makes it possible to change normal hyphens
  (-) to a dashes (­) which has ASCII value 173 and are slightly
  longer than hyphens in some fonts which can make the files
  look better. Dashes can be typed with Alt+n.

* Now sorting has been extended to include more ways to sort
  file comments and paths.

* Removed some kind of stack-hack proposed by someone. This
  hack doesn't work on OS4, or with EC3.3, which caused MultiRen
  to crash on exit.

* Removed an astonishing amount of hits revealed by OS4's
  memory-protection :-)

* Now it's possible to sort by the value of numbers, not
  just by characters. This means that "9-.." will come before
  "10-..". With the old (still available) character sort
  10 would come before 9 because "1" comes before "9".

* Now you can sort the memo list in the Renplacer tool.

* Some tools could hange with the gauge open if used on an
  empty list, like f.ex. the "Import a text file" feature.

* Adding files shuffled only worked when adding files
  explicitly, not when adding a directory or recursive

* Now it's also possible to load a list and get the files
  in the list shuffled with themselves or also with the
  files already in the list!
  NOTE: These shuffle functions are very handy when you
        want to have random playlists, or random picture
        lists or something. Just add files, shuffle, and
        export as text.

* I forgot one allocation object when I made the list
  adding and clearing faster in v1.53. Now I put the last
  object in the memory pool too and clearing a list of
  6000 entries is now made in a fraction of a second on
  a 060/50 compared to several seconds in v1.53 and almost
  halv a minute in v1.52 and earlier.

* Now there's a function for deleting duplicates of files.
  Useful when dealing with paths and files during creation
  of scripts for example.

* When fixing duplicates with ".. add ~N .." an actual
  number is added, not just a character.

* When using custom strings in the Text Export window or
  the File Comment tool you can not specify  how much of
  the end of a string you want to skip. Ex: %o[10,-3]
  would start to read the Old name at character 10 and
  read to the end but exclude the last 3 characters.
  Useful to remove extension on filenames with variable
  length when using a custom string.

Other programs by Deniil 715! can be found on OnyxSoft homepage at:

Feel free to mail me if you found bugs or have suggestions!
  daniel / onyxsoft se

NOTE: Please, NEVER publish my e-mail on a web page or similar unless
      spam-encrypted like above! Thanks.

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