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Short:SnoopDOS-like System Monitor V2.13
Author:Peter Stuer <Peter.Stuer at p7.f603.n292.z2.FidoNet.Org>
Uploader:Steve Bowman (Steve & Ulli Bowman <stevebow hotkey net au>)
Version:2.13 (12/12/93)
Requires:KS2.04+, reqtools.library V38+
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This is the final (AFAIK) DOSTrace ever released.  The upload was requested by
Paolo Marzucco <softinn at>, and it was lying around on my HD, so...

Some excerpts from the guide:

     Chapter 1 Introduction

     1.1 What is DOSTrace ?

         DOSTrace is a program that allows you to monitor what
     AmigaDOS is doing while you are working with your Amiga. You can
     watch which files your programs use, if they find all the files
     they require, where they are looking for them and much other
     activity of that kind.

     If this sounds familiar to you, you must be one of the many
     SnoopDos users in the Amiga community. This tool was written to
     replace SnoopDos. It shows you a lot more information than
     SnoopDos and it does this in a verbose way. SnoopDos is written
     by Eddy Carroll and freely distributable.

     Program History

     ::: Version 2.13 ::: December 14, 1993 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::

     - BUG FIX: Fixed a small bug that caused high-ASCII characters
       in filenames to disappear. Thanks to Stefan Ottosson for
       reporting this.

     - BUG FIX: The session history was not redrawn if there were less
       lines in the session history than could be displayed. Thanks
       to David Nouls & Bart van Assche for reporting this.

     ::: Version 2.12 ::: December 6, 1993 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::

     - NEW: Added trace code for Read(), Write(), FRead() and FWrite().
       Thanks to Preben Nielsen for suggesting this.

     - NEW: LEFT and TOP options let you specify the left and top
       position of the DOSTrace window. Thanks to Preben Nielsen for
       suggesting this.

     - NEW: DOSTrace remembers the position and dimensions of its
       window when it shows it window again after a Hide.

     - NEW: You can use the following keys to control the position of
       the session history:
             Cursor Up/Cursor Down           1 line up/down
             Shift Cursor Up/Cursor Down     1 page up/down
             Control Cursor Up/Cursor Down   top/bottom
       Thanks to Magnus Holmgren for suggesting this.

     - NEW: To avoid using a ridiculously long TRACEMASK parameter
       if you DON'T want to see the trace results of a function, I
       replaced the TRACEMASK parameter with the TRACE and DONTTRACE

     - NEW: Brought the manual up to date and added more links in the
       AmigaGuide file.

     - BUG FIX: Due to register leaking DOSTrace would exit sometimes
       when it reopened its window after another copy of DOSTrace woke
       the original up. Thanks to Rafael D'Halleweyn and Magnus Holmgren
       for reporting this.

     - BUG FIX: DOSTrace ignored the CX_PRIORITY argument. Thanks to
       Rafael D'Halleweyn for reporting this.

     - BUG FIX: The broker name of DOSTrace did not fit completely in
       the provided space by Exchange. Thanks to Rafael D'Halleweyn
       for reporting this.

     - BUG FIX: Fixed a bug that could cause a lock-up of the console
       device during a refresh of the session history. Thanks to Bart van
       Assche for helping me to track it down.

     ::: Version 2.11 ::: Not released :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

     - This version accidentally leaked out as ßeta.

     ::: Version 2.10 ::: November 15, 1993 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::

     - NEW: Added trace code for Close and UnLock.

     - NEW: Removed the annoying delay when quitting DOSTrace. Thanks
       to Rafael D'Halleweyn for the suggestion.

     - NEW: Added up/down gadgets to scroll up/down line by line.

     - NEW: Added the TASK option and Task menu item (requested by
       Jan Dujardin)

     - NEW: Added Clear menu item to clear the history buffer while
       DOSTrace is running.

     - NEW: Added an Active menu item to make activating and
       deactivating DOSTrace on the fly easier.

     - IMPROVED: Optimized some of the core routines.

     - IMPROVED: DOSTrace starts active and with the output window
       open when run from the CLI.

     - IMPROVED: Removed inner border to make DOSTrace more conform to
       the Style Guide.

     - IMPROVED: Execute() and SystemTagList() now show which program
       they are trying to run before the program starts running.

     - IMPROVED: When DOSTrace is unable to determine the filename of
       the object a DOS function is acting on it will use the name
       "Unknown Object" instead.

       You will notice this especially when closing or unlocking
       objects that do not or incompletely support a file system like
       CON:, PRT: or NIL:.

     - BUG FIX: Removed a bug that caused a signal to stay allocated.

     - BUG FIX: Fixed a display bug.

     ::: Version 2.00 ::: August 21, 1993 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

     - Complete rewrite.

     - NEW: added monitoring code for InternalLoadSeg and NewLoadSeg.

     - IMPROVED: Made trace code smaller and faster.

     - BUG FIX: Suppressing Workbench's background DOS operations did
       not work always.

     - BUG FIX: I forgot (again) that some programs still wrongly
       expect that D0 and D1 are equal when returning from LoadSeg.
       This should fix problems with programs that use old overlay

     ::: Version 1.00 ::: June 22, 1993 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

     - First release

     Thanks to Nico François, Johan van Houtven, Hermans Stevens, Jan
     Dujardin, Rafael D'Halleweyn, Stu Churchill, Magnus Holmgren and
     Per-Anders Josefsson for testing DOSTrace.

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[generic]                  559    1046  53.4% -lh5- 1645 Jan 23  1994 DOSTrace/Product-Info
[generic]                  338     602  56.1% -lh5- 5d7c Jan 23  1994 DOSTrace/ReadMeFirst.doc
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