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Short:Some simple scripts for DrawStudio
Author:odin at (Andrew Elia)
Uploader:odin dcs qmw ac uk (Andrew Elia)
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This is a small collection of some of my first attempts at bashing out
some ARexx scripts for the excellent Drawstudio. They don't do anything
particularly fancy, and the interface is a bit naff, but I they'll be
valuable learning material... even if it does mean that you learn how
NOT to write an ARexx script!

IMPORTANT! Some of these scripts require rexxmathlib.library (available
from Aminet sites at util/rexx/RexxMathLib.lha or on Aminet CD 16).

* Graph -	As the name suggests, a little script that allows you to plot
			a bar graph from a set of values. You can set various options
			such as the scale used for the Y-axis, the length of ticks,
			the inter-bar gap among other things.

* Polygon -	OK, OK, so there are already scripts for drawing various
			types of polygon provided with the program, but this one is
			different. Honest, guv. Whereas the scripts that come with
			DrawStudio only let you do triangles, pentagons, hexagons,
			septagons, and octagons, this script gives you the ability
			to create ANY regular polygon you like! Dodecagon anyone ?

* Flash -   This creates a little star-like flash object not unlike
			those seen in the tackier of supermarkets. However, like
			many other things in DrawStudio, it's a little more flexible
			than that. One of the example images demonstrates how, with
			the aid of the Duplicate tool, you can create a pretty
			flower. Hmm.

* Pie -     This is a bit of a naff attempt at creating pie charts. Due
			to my severe lack of knowledge in all things mathematical,
			I'm not particularly familar with Bezier curves, and so the
			slices tend to look a bit crappy. However, you can still do
			cool things like picking up individual slices and moving
			them elsewhere.

Oh, and if you don't already have DrawStudio and just happen to be
browsing at this ReadMe file for no apparent reason, the go out and buy
it now! Seriously, we don't often get new commercial talent in these
hard times, so please give the demo a try or something.

Andrew Elia

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[generic]                31798   68080  46.7% -lh5- eb59 Mar  8  1997 DSScripts/FlashDemo.IFF
[generic]                  677    1240  54.6% -lh5- 5446 Mar  8  1997 DSScripts/
[generic]                 2279    6510  35.0% -lh5- 1572 Mar  8  1997 DSScripts/Graph.dsrx
[generic]               350457  374588  93.6% -lh5- 672a Mar  8  1997 DSScripts/GraphDemo.IFF
[generic]                  676    1240  54.5% -lh5- 29f5 Mar  8  1997 DSScripts/
[generic]                 1651    4417  37.4% -lh5- cb5a Mar  8  1997 DSScripts/Pie.dsrx
[generic]               122554  146048  83.9% -lh5- 0072 Mar  8  1997 DSScripts/PieDemo.IFF
[generic]                  679    1240  54.8% -lh5- 632f Mar  8  1997 DSScripts/
[generic]                 1206    3215  37.5% -lh5- f515 Mar  8  1997 DSScripts/Polygon.dsrx
[generic]                17652   28110  62.8% -lh5- 19a0 Mar  8  1997 DSScripts/PolygonDemo.IFF
[generic]                  676    1240  54.5% -lh5- 42c7 Mar  8  1997 DSScripts/
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