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Short:HTML/LaTeX for LigaManger
Author:steigies at (Christian T. Steigies)
Uploader:steigies physik uni-kiel de (Christian T Steigies)
Version:1.07a (small corrections in the guide, .info files added)
Requires:ARexx, LigaManager (registered version!)
Download: - View contents

LM2xxx is a set of ARexx macros to convert LM_output files to HTML/LaTeX.
Currently "Tabellen" and "Ergebnisse" can be converted.

This readme is outdated! Since LigaManager is german only, I have
written a german guide. I will not change this readme (until Ligamanager
goes international ;-) but most of the points mentioned here
should remain valid.

You ask, what is LigaManager. Hmm, have a look on aminet and find a
demo version in biz/dbase. I extracted the intro from the dok file:
(german only, perhaps Marcus will write an english version some day? ;-)
I heard that even outside germany people play soccer, icehockey, ...

-------------------- \begin{Werbung} --------------------
LigaManager ist ein Programm zur Archivierung von Spiel-Ergebnissen und
-Terminen aus Sportligen. Tabellen und Statistiken können erstellt und
ausgedruckt werden oder als Text in einer Datei gespeichert werden.

LigaManager wurde ursprünglich für Fußball-Ligen geschrieben. Inzwischen
ist das Programm aber so erweitert worden, daß es für viele andere Sport-
arten benutzt werden kann, die im Ligamodus ablaufen.

Und das hat der LigaManager zu bieten:
Bevor nun die eigentliche Anleitung folgt noch ein Wort zum Sprachgebrauch.
Es wird häufig die Rede von "Toren" sein. Wenn in Ihrer Liga keine Tore
erzielt werden, sondern Körbe, Punkte oder lila Wattebällchen,
lassen Sie
sich davon nicht abschrecken, sondern denken Sie sich einfach den für Ihre
Liga passenden Begriff.
--------------------- \end{Werbung} ---------------------

If you have a make utility available (GNU make, smake), just do a:
"make install" to install the LM_xxx2HTML macros.
If you (also) want to convert to LaTeX, you have three options to
install the files with the makefile:
1.) install by copying the files there "make install_copy"
2.) install by creating softlinks "make install_soft" ("ln" required)
3.) install by creating hardlinks "make install_hard"

If you don't have a make utility, you have to copy the rexx files to
REXX:, set the links if you need them and copy convert.bat to s:
See the makefile for further info (or install GNU make ;-)

Why using links? Well, the files converting to HTML are the same which
convert to LaTeX, so you will save some space on your precious harddisk
by using links.

In LigaManager select in Optionen/Drucken "in Datei" and deselect
"Steuerzeichen", display a "Tabelle" or "Ergebnis" and press Right-Amiga P
to print it in a file (usually to RAM:LM_output).
To convert this type (from a shell):
> rx LM_xxx2HTML ram:LM_output
> rx LM_xxx2LaTeX ram:LM_output
The converted file ends up in ram: as
ERG.html or TAB.tex or...
I tested the output with AWeb-Demo, Voyager-NG Demo, Netscape (MAC) and
PasTeX/LaTeX2e. A Voyager problem with centering in tables is circumvented.
If you find a mistake, please send the LM data file to me (MIME encoded).

LigaManager3.1 will support "Druck-Kommandos" before and after printing.
Use this to automagically convert files printed to a file. For the supplied
LM_convert.bat, which is installed in s: by the makefile, enter the following
in Optionen/Druck-Kommandos wählen
vor jedem Drucken: delete %a
nach jedem Drucken: execute s:LM_convert.bat %a %i %z
The converted files will be numbered, so you can convert a number of files
without overwriting the older ones.
Note: I had to include the full path to the "rx" comand in LM_convert.bat to
get things going. If your path to rx differs from mine, change it in

Important (when using the rexx macros by hand):
Save only one "Tabelle" or "Ergebnis" in the outputfile!
Print only as ASCII output, no ESCAPE sequences, please.
Allways call the macros with
> rx LM_ERG2HTML      or
> rx LM_ERG2HTML.rexx
No absolute pathnames, please. They won't work. Even if they would work,
they would not be neccessary, since the rexx files are in REXX:

- more output formats (AmigaGuide?)
- convert "Kastentabellen", "Statistik", "Serien", ...
- switch off DOCTYPE/HTML HEAD with an option? :-(
- LM2xxx as C program (silly idea to do it in AREXX ;-)

Known Bugs:
- You need the registered Version of LigaManager to create LM_output files.
  One might call this a feature ;-)
- "Ergebnisse" with no "Datum" will not be converted, way too booring...

Thanks go to:
- Marcus Stratmann(!) for:
  writing LigaManger,
  asking me NOT to write these macros ;-)
  supplying me with useful information to make these macros work
  and finally allowing LM to call them automagically (convert.bat)
- J and S Göhler for betatesting
- the folks in the newsgroups providing me with useful AREXX information,
  did you ever read the _manual_? Thanx Patrick!
- Martin Gierich for the ZShell, which makes life much easier most of the
  time (but extremely hard sometimes ;-)

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