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Short:Cut Aminet index to your specification
Author:Chris Eburn <ceburn at>
Uploader:Chris Eburn <ceburn midcoast com au>
Optional:flashfind by Frank Würkner
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   This program is public domain and I accept no resposibility for
its suitability, reliability or fuctionality on any computer.

   the (rexx) programs are presented as thought material and while
operational on my own Amiga they may require editing to refelect the
environmental conditions on your machine.

   WARNING: Any script or program here HAS NOT been BETA tested and
should possibly be used with some care. They are released in good
will and do work for me, please let me know if you like them (or
otherwise). Should you decide to use or change code please let me
have a copy as a good idea is worth using twice :)

   Long Live The Amiga!
              Cheers Christopher      <ceburn at>
    __///            Christopher & Dorothea EBURN
    \XX/amiga           ceburn at
                            NSW  Australia


   This script produces a split up version of the AMINET index

   The index is devided on the basis of directory names into
   any location defined by the user (Index_short). All sub-
   directories are also user selectable (save YES or NO)

   These smaller, user defined, indexes are easier and quicker
   to read, search and store. I use flashfind by Frank Würkner

   To use: You need to edit several lines of text ......

   *  edit the User Defined Paths to suit your system names

   *  edit the many YES's and NOs to save or skip Dirs/Subdirs

   If you are using an unaccelerated machine a small speed gain can be
found by removing comment lines. This will be a very minor reduction in
loading time, the time taken for the creation of the short indexs will
not be affected. (The same for those silly rexx compression programs)

   *  after editing save file into "rexx:"

   *  shell> rx shortIdx.rexx <return>      and wait :)

   The time taken to edit the many YES or NO entries will be rewarded by
short indexs tailored to your own computing intrests. It is important to
edit the user choices as I am interested in Programing, Hardware and Midi
while this is unlikly to reflect your own intrests.

   It is possible to remove all the user choice lines and this script will
simple devide the full index into smaller sub indexes. Remember to edit
the paths below. (it will still not be much quicker)

/**************  User Defined Paths ***************************/

 Index_long  = 'home:aminet/index/INDEX'
 Index_short = 'ram:'


                Index_short == out path ... ram is fastest :)
                  ram: also produces less disk thrashing
                      but you will need SEVERAL MEGS

           Index_short MUST be a fully qualified path
   This script appends the Aminet directory name directly to Index_short

                outpath = Index_short || DirName

        examples: Assume the current aminet directory is "devs"

     1) Index_short = 'ram:'   the file "devs" will be produced in "ram:"
                 note: the trailing COLON

     2) Index_short = 'ram:Index.' the file "Index.devs" will be produced in
                 note: the trailing DOT

     3) To produce files in a named directory (which must already exist)
                there needs to be a trailing BACKSLASH

               Index_Short = 'device:directory/subdirectory/'
               Index_Short = 'device:directory/subdirectory/stem.'

     4) etc etc etc  (ram: is still fastest :)

      NOTE: If you decide to keep a catagory it is still possible to leave
            out any or all sub_catagories from the short index.

              "Keep.pix = YES" allows you to set "Keep.pix.anim = NO"

            Setting a main_catagory to NO always removes ALL sub_catagories
            from the short index. There is strictly no need to set any
            main_catagory [or sub_catagory] to YES as this is the DEFAULT.

            please note the dot (.) syntax for sub_catagories as use of the
            backslash (/) will generate divideby errors. :b

 Keep. = YES           /* set default action - you might change the default
action */
                       /*   this is the main reason to use the "Keep." stem name

         A few examples of user choices = YES = NO = NO  = NO = NO = NO  = YES = YES = NO

 Keep.demo = NO

    Keep.etc.etc   = Your_Choice_??

   I use this script by merging every weeks aminet uploads with my main
index then recreating all the short indexes. The short indexs directory
is searched with FlashFind via the use of an alias (in shell-startup)

         alias AMI flashfind home:aminet/index/subidx/ [] quiet

   At any shell prompt I type

         shell> AMI searchstring <return>

   and the screen fills with lines of aminet index. I stop the scroll to
read or power snap the entries of intrest for later downloading. The
search is several times quicker as there is no need to search areas that
are outside my intrest ie if I search for 'rexx' I dont need to know there
might be several pics of a big lizard :)

   Have very much fun, cheers.

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