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Short:Arexx to import 3D mesh into LightWave
Author:Shirdash at (Hossein Shirdashtzadeh)
Uploader:Shirdash www dci co ir (Hossein Shirdashtzadeh)
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What is it?
It is a small arexx script used to import 3d data from a simple text file
into LightWave Modeler. A 3d mesh is created in this manner.

Simply LightWave and Modeler running with RexxMast.

It uses a simple understandable form of 3D data file format and convert it
to a 3D object in the LightWave.

How to use it:
Simply install it in the Arexx scripts of LW Modeler. See its own manul for
more information.

There is little to document. only the data file format is important and I
explain it just here:

 Data File Format:                                                 
    Just the first two lines of your data file must contain the    
    number of X amd Y data points in the mesh.                     
    (See the example data file included)                                 
    After that you must write triples separated by a comma (,)     
    These triples contain three floating point numbers indicating  
    the coordinates of each mesh point in space. Note that each    
    line contains only one triple and at the end of each line no   
    comma is needed. (See the example data file)                   

Why and How:
During my M.S. project about Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) I needed to
draw the weight vectors of ANN when they were learnt and study the manner
they had changed. Because I had developed a new and fast method for learning ANN
and needed to explain its behaviour graphically. So programmed this script to
transfer 3D data from my ANN simulator program (written in Pascal). And there
I could easily watch what happened to ANN.
I think and hope this piece of script be usefull for some other one.

About Pascal:
Most people say that pascal is dead or is not good for system programing, 
but I don't believe that. I think pascal is better than AMOS or BASIC or 
some other languges which do not seem to be dead. I think pascal is oppressed 
just like the Amiga.

I have developed many usefull units for Kick-Pascal. For ANN structure 
programming and 2D data plotting via pascal, and the coolest one is
a unit called "Vijegan.Unit". This unit is a very versatile, easy to use 
GUI maker for pascal. You can program for this unit in a
special, but easy to understand script language and create any groups of
gadgets and windows in any form and color. Then save this script file
somewhere and in pascal only write: 

	Uses Vijegan;
		read_script("you gui script file");

After that there are many functions which let you easily control those windows
and gadgets in any desired fashion.... ;-)

If you are interested please contact me or get "Vijegan.lha" from Aminet
when available. I would like to see some ppl interested and work together.
I have developed it so that one can program a GUI editor for it using
itself! but I have not enough time to do that.

Copyright matters:
(c) 1998, All rights reserved for Hossein Shirdashtzadeh.
"XYZMesh" is a GiftWare, it means that if you like it, you can do anything
with it, change it or include it anywhere, but let this readme and the main
files be intact if you are spreading it, only add yours to it and if
possible let me know. 


Please feel free to contact me and send suggestions to:

	No. 132, Kerdabad,
	Jey st., Isfahan,
	Zip code: 81599

	Email: shirdash at                                              

My sig is:
______"Vajegan" is The First Intelligent PERSIAN Editor For AMIGA_________
              ///                __      {---[   H.  Shirdashtzadeh   ]--{
         TT  ///       *  TT    /<>\      } Proud AMIGA Pascal Programmer }
  _ * _  ||   K       *_* ||    \_ /     { A 1200, 030/50 MHz, 2Meg Chip {
 ((___)) ||___\\   ___//  ||  ___//       } 4M Fast ,HD 3.2G ,19.2K Modem }
 \\___/__((____))_{___/___II_{___/_______{ Iran, Isfahan, Nesf-eh-Jahaun {
   \X//"Every wise man is powerfull"_____{____ Shirdash at ___{

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