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Short:Australian TV Guide program (REACTION)
Author:"Michael Trebilcock" mickjt84 at
Uploader:"Michael Trebilcock" mickjt84 gmail com
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* This is a work in progress with some debug code still remaining *


YTVGuide connects to and displays the TV schedules
for all channels Free To Air in your area for the time you choose.

If you find any bugs or anything that "doesn't seem right",
please email me.


- AWNPIPE: (For GUI. WDIGEST option disables GUI)


Simply extract to anywhere, and type RX YTVGuide in a Shell/CLI window.

What's new:

- Changed guide location to as EBroadcast uses new
  javascript code to encrypt all of the guide information which uses
  many CPU cycles. YourTV encrypts the timecodes only.


The following is taken from
as of the 20th of December, 2007.


Copyright Information

The TV program listings remains at all times the property of the copyright
owners and that the end-user must not in any way challenge the copyright owners
claim to copyright in the TV program listings;

The TV program listings are not, in any way, downloaded or used in conjunction
with any device, such as customer equipment or a set top box, which permits
manipulation of the TV program listings, or which permits scheduled program

The end-user may only use the TV program listings for the purpose of viewing
online for the end-user's personal use, and must not sell, supply or otherwise
provide the TV program listings to any third parties;

The end-user agrees not to adapt or alter the TV program listings;

The end-user must not copy, publish, exploit, split, record, re-encode,
redirect, relay, alter, retransmit, resell, redistribute or otherwise offer or
supply the TV program listings (including all or any part of the TV program
listings) in any way including via the Internet or any other means of
communication; and

The end user must not exhibit, or permit or facilitate the viewing of the TV
program listings (or all or any part of the TV program listings) in a public
viewing area.


You are the end-user.

1) Everyone has the right to challenge a copyright claim. This point is
   therefore null and void. Nevertheless, YTVGuide does not challenge
   any copyright owners.

   Mere facts cannot be copyrighted. Specific aggregations of facts
   however can be.

2) YTVGuide does not permit/save in any format that can be used in
   conjunction with any other device such as a set top box that permits
   manipulation of the data or allows scheduled recording.

   To be technical, a "device that allows manipulation",
   "such as customer equipment" could be a computer.

   Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox allow you to save to a format
   (.html) that be be opened up in a program that can manipulate it
   (Dreamweaver), therefore Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox are
   breaking this rule because it permits the saving of the .html code.
   Merely visiting the website would then be "using" the data with a
   program that allows this type of saving.

   In general, and what YourTV's 2nd point is trying to cover, is that
   YTVGuide doesn't save in a way that's compatible with any other
   TV equipment.

3) As the end-user, you agree not to save the guide data to
   the computer.

   This means that only in countries where these laws are not
   applicable, are you able to use the "weekly digest" feature of this
   program, as it automatically saves the guide data to a text file.

   As a technical point again, all types of viewing are "offline"
   because it's already been downloaded and saved to your browser
   cache. Unless they mean "viewing while online". If your Amiga has no
   monitor connected, and you use this program to automatically
   download the guide and print it out, then dispose of the paper once
   you are finished with it, this is no different to any other
   "online" viewing.

4) YTVGuide is a BROWSER, and all browsers interpret the raw HTML code
   to display the information in a presentable way to the end-user. If
   this is "modification" or to "adapt" the listings, then all browsers
   are guilty. The difference is that YTVGuide is specific only

5) All browsers copy to a cache, whether in memory or the hard disk
   drive. YTVGuide does not publish, exploit, split, record, re-encode,
   redirect, relay, alter, retransmit, resell, redistribute or supply
   the program listings.

6) YTVGuide is for private use only.

Again, you are the end-user. If you believe these points are invalid,
it is still you that it applies to.

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