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Short:RexxArpLib.library - open up some OS functions to REXX programs
Author:Willy Langeveld and Joanne Dow
Uploader:http://home earthlink net/~jdow/indexamiga html
Version:3.7 repackaged 20 Apr 2002
Desired:iff.library (23.2) or later
Contents:Executable only
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nb: This is repackaged. Some old files seem to have found their way into
the original 3.7 archives. {^_^}

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                    RexxArpLib.Library Version 3.7


                          W.G.J. Langeveld
                 Stanford Linear Accelerrator Center

             Copyright (C) 1988, 1989, 1990, 1992, 1993, 1994
           The Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University

                        All Rights Reserved

                  Modifications to version 3.6 by
                            Joanne B. Dow
                          Wizardess Designs
                   Modifications Copyright © 1998-2000
                 Joanne B. Dow and Wizardess Designs
                         All Rights Reserved

	RexxArpLib version 3.7 source release

	This version adds two entry points and optional function prefixes.
The functions SetPubScreenMode() and GetDefPublicScreen() have been added
to allow additional screen manipulation for public screens, whether or not
they were opened by rexxarplib.library. And any function name will also
be matched when preceeded by "RALP_". This RALP_GetDefPublicScreen() will
work the same as GetDefPublicScreen().

	RexxArpLib version 3.6 source release

	This version has been ammended to use SAS C version 6.58 or later.
It was compiled the 26th June 1998. As stated below in Willy's version
3.3 transmittal letter the source code is *not* public domain, but it
is freely distributable through BIX immediately and through other means
after the first of January 1999.

	This version corrects some excessive stack usage problems that cause
failures and "hits" when run with Picasso96 (and no doubt other) graphics
accelerator drivers. The ASL requester handling placed too large an
automatic variable burden on the stack leading to stack overruns and hard
to trace crashes.

	This version also includes some fixes to the screen handling pen
designations. Also attempting to open a screen that already exists is now
safe. The old code would close the already existant screen on exit
leading to deferred crash problems. Note that you can call the CloseScreen
Function on an existing screen that rexxarplib.library did not open and
cause it to close. This is a dangerous use so be careful with it.

	RexxArpLib version 3.3 source release

	This is the same version as below, except with source. The last
time this version was compiled was around 20 april 1994, with Lattice C
version 5.2 (I think). The makefile reflects this. Since it has been
four years since anything changed, I'm releasing, herewith, the source
code. Note that the source code is *not* in the public domain, but it
is freely distributable. The source is in the src directory and it and the
makefile will need some work before it allows compiling with a modern
compiler. Before linking the rexxarplib objects, you also need to compile,
and put in a .lib file, the sources in the subdirectory sreq. It is not
quite clear to me if the makefile is correct: it builds xsreqr.lib, rather
than sreqr.lib. The latter is called for by the rexxarplib link file
ral.lnk. The difference between sreqr.lib and xsreqr.lib is that the
latter does not include the "simpmenu" object file, which may be needed
by rexxarplib. I can't remember if rexxarplib 3.3 uses GadTools menus, in
which case xsreqr.lib would be a better choice...
	If you want some history, have a look at the todo.txt file...
Have fun... 8^)

	RexxArpLib version 3.3

	This version of rexxarplib is a minor update from version 3.0. The
only reason to release it is because it adds one useful feature (a list
requester) and fixes two small bugs. It has been sitting around my disk 
forever, and I might as well release it. This may well be the last version
that will ever be released.

	RexxArpLib version 3.0

	This version of rexxarplib makes use of a lot of AmigaDOS 2.0
features and has various bugs fixed and a few other enhancements. Yet, it is
smaller than previous versions because it is now completely compiled using
SAS/C version 5.10a.

	RexxArpLib version 2.52

	This release was necessary to fix problems with AmigaDOS 2.0
shared screens.

	RexxArpLib version 2.5

	This release has a few enhancements and bug fixes, some documentation
corrections, and some stuff related to AmigaDOS 2.0. New function: ShowTitle.
The Area... functions are now quite different. For an example, see

	RexxArpLib version 2.3

	A few small bug fixes, an additional feature to FileList(), and the
AmigaDOS or ARP 'version' commands now display the rexxarplib version number

	RexxArpLib version 2.2a

	I corrected a small problem with IffImage(). No other changes. The size
of this version is 41520 bytes. By the way: get the latest version of
iff.library (version 16.1). Brushes now work!

	RexxArpLib version 2.2

	There are a few new options in a couple of the functions. A few
documentation deficiencies were fixed. The rexx directory only contains a
few new examples. Updates to the SLAC rexx programs that were in the previous
releases may be forthcoming in a separate archive. The screenshare library is
now included in the libs directory, since rexxarplib needs it. Previous
archives assumed that you had it already. See rexxarplib.doc for details.
The size of this version is 41516 bytes.

	RexxArpLib version 2.1

	A couple of new functions, a few were extended, and one or two were
slightly modified. The nicest new feature is the ability to display IFF files.
For this you will need Christian Weber's iff.library, though. It is available on
BIX as iff153.zoo: I have not included it in this archive. Have fun.

	RexxArpLib version 2.0

	For further information, read the documentation in the docs
subdirectory. I have also included a large number of ARexx macros that were
written by Marvin Weinstein here at SLAC. These should serve as examples of how
to write some things, not as ready-to-be-used applications: most of them are
very system dependent, and may require some modification before they run on your
system. Read the ReadmeFirst file in the rexx directory.
	As usual, comments about the library should go to me on BIX,
either by mail to langeveld, or in the amiga.user/arexx topic.
	Also as usual, the library is NOT public domain, but freely

	Have fun!


Contents of util/rexx/ral3p7a.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                19388   60163  32.2% -lh5- e506 Apr 10  2000 docs/rexxarplib.doc
[generic]                  957    1780  53.8% -lh5- c91e Mar 16  1991 libs/screenshare.library
[generic]                  570    1471  38.7% -lh5- 0def Jun 20  1998 rexx/addlibs.rexx
[generic]                  525    2132  24.6% -lh5- af4f Jan 21  1990 rexx/AreaTest.rexx
[generic]                  763    2278  33.5% -lh5- 715b Jan 19  2001 rexx/BIGREDBUTTON.rexx
[generic]                  207     352  58.8% -lh5- b548 Feb 24  1989 rexx/Dofor.rexx
[generic]                  291     537  54.2% -lh5- 6864 Apr  1  1989 rexx/Editall.rexx
[generic]                  117     140  83.6% -lh5- 9954 Jun 19  1998 rexx/expunge.rexx
[generic]                 2519    8851  28.5% -lh5- e91c Apr  1  1989 rexx/Graph.rexx
[generic]                  300     542  55.4% -lh5- 9e92 Apr 20  1994 rexx/ListTest.rexx
[generic]                 1113    2689  41.4% -lh5- aaf7 Jan 18  2001 rexx/MakeScreen.rexx
[generic]                 1052    2279  46.2% -lh5- 4364 Jun 26  1998 rexx/MouseTest.rexx
[generic]                  583    1109  52.6% -lh5- 1560 Jun 26  1998 rexx/ReadmeFirst
[generic]                 1011    3343  30.2% -lh5- 2648 Apr 25  1991 rexx/Requesters.rexx
[generic]                 1237    3267  37.9% -lh5- 3c39 Jan 18  2001 rexx/Rexxcalc.rexx
[generic]                 2010    6399  31.4% -lh5- fe43 Jan 18  2001 rexx/ScreenTest.rexx
[generic]                  153     290  52.8% -lh5- 8504 Mar 23  1989 rexx/TestGraph.rexx
[generic]                24994   43988  56.8% -lh5- 2810 Jan 21  2001 libs/rexxarplib.library
[generic]                 3352    8421  39.8% -lh5- dcab Jan 21  2001 Readme
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total        19 files   61142  150031  40.8%            Apr 22  2002

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